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Monster Hunter Skills refers to a Monster Hunter: The Savage Coast mechanic or behavior. It is only applicable to High Rank Hunts.

Below is a list of all non-standard custom skills used in the Savage Coast.

Basic Skills

All players obtain these skills upon completing the Monster Hunter scenario quest. They are required to accomplish various activities on the Island, from combat to foraging for materials.

Skill Type Properties Description
Mh100000.png Interact Active
  • Max Level: 1
  • Target: Self

Used to interact with various flora, fauna, and minerals in the environment of the Savage Coast. The effect changes based on context for activities such as gathering materials, and fighting Large monsters.

Mh100001.png Roll Supportive
  • Max Level: 1
  • Target: Ground
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds
  • Range: 3 cells

Roll in the direction you cast this skill. For a split second whilst rolling, you gain invulnerability to all damage.


Mh100002.png Choose Bait is only available after learning how to fish with Oscar. For more information, head out to Fishing.

Skill Type Properties Description
Mh100002.png Choose Bait Active
  • Max Level: 1
  • Target: Self

Choose your bait to more reliably lure specific species of fish to you.

Wriggling Bait

  • Slimy Eel, Smelly Fish and Azure Sea Stars.

Jumping Bait

  • Dexterous Fish and Lucky Fish.

Juicy Bait

  • Strong Fish and Intelligent Fish.

Lively Bait

  • Agile Fish and Vital Fish.

Role Skills

Role skills are obtained upon taking one of the four roles available. You can only be one role at a time, but can freely swap whenever you wish.


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