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Various NPCs in Mora has daily repeatable quests that rewards you with  Mora Coins. These coins can be exchanged for Mora Equipment and Enchants.

To begin these quests, first you have to finish the Wandering Guardian quest.

Gathering Quests

Bow Wow, Woof-grrr and the two Dealers.
  • Talk to Bow Wow /navi mora 119/103 and Woof-grr. /navi mora 124/108
  • You will be asked to gather one of one of these following items:
Bow-wow's List Woof-grr's List
 4 Insect Feeler  2 Venom Canine
 5 Immortal Heart  2 Memento
 1 Rotten Bandage  3 Shell
 3 Orcish Voucher  3 Scale Shell
 3 Skel-bone  5 Sticky Mucus
  • Turn them in at the Commodities Dealer /navi mora 127/111 and the General Goods Dealer /navi mora 119/116. The reward is 1 Mora Coin.
  • Talk with the two Dealers in 24 hours to reset the quest.

Hunting Quest

Elephantine & Hotcha.
  • You have to be at least base level 135 to accept this quest.
  • Talk to Elephantine. /navi mora 132/80
  • You will be tasked to kill the given amount of one of the following monsters:
Kill List Recommended Area
6 Little Fatum Bifrost Field 01

(entrance map to Hazy Forest)

7 Miming
3 Pom Spider Bifrost Field 02

(outside of Mora Village)

4 Angra Mantis
5 Parus Inside Hazy Forest
  • Turn in the quest at Hotcha. /navi mora 115/98 The reward is 3 Mora Coins.

Missing Person Quest

Soul Guide.
  • Open the Hazy Forest map.
  • Talk to the Soul Guide. /navi mora 170/101
  • You will be tasked to find a hidden NPC within the Instance. Use the map to find your way to them.
Name Island Coins Extra Coins
Tual Island 2 3 1~20
Chaihokin Island 6 2 None
Tazar Island 8 6 None
Nigel Island 30 5 None
Messil Island 42 5 None
Norit Island 49 6 None
Kunmoon Island 63 4 1~20
Pajama Sin Island 67 5 None
Mendel Island 74 7 None
Milebit Island 75 5 None
  • Note: The NPCs will not always give you the coins.

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