Morse's Cave

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This quest or instance is repeatable.
Cooldown Tickets Available

Resets at 0:00

Solo: No Limit Party: No Limit


Base Level: 160
Starting Point: (moro_cav 48, 59)Copied!
Party: 1 or more players
Prerequisite(s): Bios Island
Experience: -
Items: 1 Token of Hero and 2 Prize of Hero

Morse Cave is part of the episode 14.3 and is the sequel instance to Bios Island. Through Reaper Yanku scheming, Satan Morroc will soon return stronger than ever! It is up to you and your friends to stop him before it is too late!!

You will be able to access this instance if you've completed Bios Island. It is recommended to bring minimal support classes and the maximum number of damage dealer as it will reduce the chances of having no damage dealer during the split in phase 3.

In the event where you end up in an uneven split where one group does not have any damage dealers, you are able to reshuffle the group by having a damage dealer exit the instance using Butterfly Wing and re-entering the instance. He will be randomly placed in one of the two groups. Repeat this process until the damage dealer joins the right group. Speak to Red Flower (moro_cav 57, 65)Copied! to re-enter.

You can re-enter the instance if you die but you only have 1 hour to complete this instance.


To enter this instance, warp to Bios Island under instance tab.

Talk to Senior Tracker (moro_cav 61, 69)Copied! to generate the instance.

Morse 01.png

Talk to the Red Flower (moro_cav 57, 65)Copied! to enter.

Morse 02.png

The instance is divided into 5 phases.

  1. You fight 9 Morroc's Ghoul, kill them all to proceed.
  2. Weakened Morroc will spawn. Kill him and move on.
  3. Your party will be randomly split into 2 groups and be rooted in place. If the split is bad, you can have members re-enter the dungeon and get warped randomly again. Both parties must be alive and have killed all the mobs otherwise the instance will end.
  4. All party members will be teleported back into the same ice room and you'll get new waves of monsters to kill.
  5. Your party will face Morroc Necromancer (ghost form). It is fairly weak and easy to kill.
  6. Once killed, he will morph into his FINAL FORM (necromancer form).

    The MVP itself isn't too hard to deal with, he only spams Frost Joke and Meteor Storm. The hard part is the amount of slaves spawned every 20 seconds which can easily overcome your party if you're not careful. It is recommended to group your party alongside the walls and stick together for this phase.

  7. Morroc Necromancer will drop 2 Prize of Hero upon death.
  8. Talk to the teleportation device to exit the map and speak to Senior Tracker (moro_cav 61, 69)Copied! in order to receive your Token of Hero.


Image Name HP Race Element
Ep14 mors mob1.gif Morroc Ghoul 295,240 Demon Neutral 3
Ep14 mors mob3.gif Morroc's Archer Skeleton 295,240 Demon Neutral 3
Ep14 mors mob4.gif Morroc's Wraith 100,000 Demon Neutral 3
Ep14 3 death c mob2.gif Morroc's Verit 442,860 Demon Neutral 3
Ep14 mors mob2.gif Morroc's Osiris 442,860 Demon Neutral 3
Dead plankton.gif Morroc's Plankton 295,240 Demon Neutral 3
Ep14 mors bossa.gif Morroc Necromancer(First Form) 4,000,000 Human Neutral 3
Ep14 mors bossb.gif Morroc Necromancer(Final Form)
80,000,000 Human Earth 4


Card Type Effects
 Morocc's Minion Card Armor Card
ATK + 100
ASPD + 25%
MAX HP - 20%
[+  Despair God Morocc Card]
MAX HP + 50%

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