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NovaExt is a fully customizable extension system created specifically for NovaRO. It includes features such as:

  • Enabling minimalist effects for skills when effects are off
  • Displaying critical information such as gutterlines, dead cells, skill range, monster detection box, and frames per second
  • Enabling the use of custom Homunculus AI on newer clients
  • Fully customizable using an easy-to-use config file
  • In game commands for toggling features
  • Comes built in with the basic NovaRO installation; no need for additional downloads


NovaExt is active by default, and players can start using NovaExt commands as soon as they've logged into their character.

The user friendly interface is located bottom right of your NovaRO Patcher labelled NovaEXT Settings (Yellow Toolbox Icon)

If you are having trouble using NovaExt features, follow this Troubleshooting guide. There is a #NovaEXT located on the NovaRO Discord as well in which you search if your question has previously been asked before proposing a question.


Here are a list of commands you can use.

Basic Command
/helpext Displays list of NovaExt commands in game.
Technical Commands
/fps Displays frame rate at the top right of your screen.
/fps_unlock Toggles on/off the FPS cap limitation of RO utilizing your monitor's refresh rate.
/ping Displays your average ping on the top of your screen in milliseconds.
/autocool # Toggle auto CPU cooling for a particular RO window/client. This is particularly useful for streamers who switches windows a lot.
  • 0 for disabled.
  • 1 for minimized client only.
  • 2 for inactive / alt-tab client.
/vsync May fix window mode vsync issues (rare, but try, may solve screen tearing).
/zbias # Adjust cells whose higher than drawn (this should resolve problems with color cells, increase this number).
Gameplay Commands
/timestamp Adds timestamps (local time) to chat (default off).
/timers Enables status / buff duration indicators.
Displays skill range circle around player.
/circle1_range #
/circle2_range #
/circle3_range #
/circle4_range #
Adjusts skill range circle # around player.
/dead Displays deadcells (non-walkable cells) in black.
/bbe Displays bowling bash gutterlines.
/box Displays a box around the character to show if a monster will detect you or not.
/box_range # Adjusts the box range to #.
/m2e Displays ground AoE skills around you.
/turbo Toggles turbo mode / smart casting for battlemode.
/cull # Enables Model Culling Modes which alters the transparency of 3D models hindering your character's sprite view.
  • 0 for disabled.
  • 1 for half transparency.
  • 2 for full transparency.
/devo_effect Displays devotion effect for when /effects command is off (Must have forcerendereffect.lub with devotion enabled).
/fastrefresh Remove screen face in/out transition effect.
/spheres_effect Displays spirit spheres effect for when /effects command is off.


NovaExt custom.png

NovaExt can be customised by editing the NovaExt.ini file inside your NovaRO folder.

Full notes on customisation can be found Here

Enabling Turbo/Smart Casting

  • Make sure you have /battlemode enabled and set up in-game.
  • Go to your NovaRO folder and open NovaExt.ini file using Notepad or a similar program.
  • Scroll down and find the “Keyboard settings for turbo mode.” Here you can change the behavior of the keyboard button that corresponds to your hotkeys.
    • 0 = Turbo disabled. Manually press the keyboard button and click to cast skills normally.
    • 1 = Turbo enabled by holding down the keyboard button. You still have to manually click the target to cast skills.
    • 2 = Turbo enabled by holding down the keyboard button and hovering the cursor on top of the target. You will continuously cast the skill on the target as long as you hold down the keyboard button and your cursor stays on target.
  • For example, if you would like to enable Turbo mode 2 on your keyboard's Q button, go to the corresponding keyboard setting and change it into 51=2.
  • Save the changes you made after you're done setting up.
  • In-game, use the Pause button on your keyboard to toggle Turbo mode on and off.
    • If you exit the game leaving Turbo enabled and are unable to login, you can use the Pause button here to toggle it off and type normally again.
  • Alternatively, you can use the /turbo text command to toggle Turbo. You can bind this command into an Alt + M shortcut.

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