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Element: Water
Race: Fish
Size: Large

Nyia, the juvenile form of Nysori, is a siren found during High Rank Hunts at the Savage Coast.

It wanders in the Beach biome on the island (zones 1, 2, 3 or 11).

Nyia can spawn on the Blue Areas
Guide to Nyia


Item % Chance (per carve) Description
 Juvenile Mermaid Scale 47% A scale removed from the tail of Nyia.

It smells strongly of saltwater and has the appearance of silvered glass.

 Juvenile Mermaid Cloth Piece 33% A piece of cloth taken from Nyia.

It appears woven from regular cotton fabric.

 Juvenile Mermaid Droplet 20% A droplet gathered from Nyia.

The only thing that can be said about this drop is that it came from a mermaid.

4th carve Quantity Description
 Shattered Rose Gem 5~10 (Random) A broken jewel extracted from Nyia that can at present only be held together

with the help of a very strong and doubly as sticky adhesive.

Every 9 Monster Kills, you'll be able to obtain a Special Carver which will allow you to acquire a Special Drop on your next carve, at 100% chance.

You can also get a Special Carver after any hunt, with a low chance.

Special Carver Special Drop
 Blue Slicer  Juvenile Mermaid Tail


Nyia has 3 skills that players need to keep in mind, as she casts them often during combat.

Phantasmal Wave

Nyia projects an illusion of herself, towards one of the party members. After a short delay, the illusion summons a wave that moves in the direction of the targeted player.
Anyone caught in the wave gets knocked back and takes damage every time the wave touches them.

Siren's Song

Nyia stops moving and spread pink and blue musical notes around her, marking players randomly with the same colors and starting a countdown. Players should Interact with notes that are the same color as they're marked. While interacting with the correct color note, a bell effect is shown. If the interaction is done on an incorrect color note, the player gets stunned for 2 seconds.
At the end of the countdown, players who failed to Interact with the correct notes take about 90% of their maximum HP as damage.

Charming Allure

Nyia summons 2 illusions, each charming and disabling 2 random players, which will slowly walks towards their tethered clone. Upon reaching the clone, it detonates, dealing close to 75% of the player's maximum health as damage. If a clone is killed, the effect stops on that specific charmed player.
While you are being lured, you will be immune to damage.


  • If you get caught in Phantasmal Wave, walk diagonally to exit the wave or straight to the same direction of the wave to prevent taking too much damage.
    • Phantasmal Wave can hit very hard if you get caught and can't escape in time. Using Roll to avoid it or a  Coldproof Potion to take less damage is highly recommended.
  • During Charming Allure, the Healer takes priority in targeting. Focusing your attacks on one clone at a time will ensure you can get both affected players to safety.
  • During Charming Allure, you can use Farcaster to escape back to the main camp, and Phantom Thrust or Covenant to pull people back from the lure.
  • In the case you not see what color you were marked during Siren's Song, interact with either colors anyway, since it is a 50:50 situation and the countdown timer is very forgiving.
  • The best window to damage Nyia is during Siren's Song, as she becomes immobile.

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