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Element: Water
Race: Fish
Size: Large
Rank: ☆☆

Defense: 250
Magic Defense: 100
LUK: 410

Temperaments: Tactical

Nysori is a siren found during High Rank Hunts at the Savage Coast.

It wanders in the Beach biome on the island (zones 1, 2, 3 or 11).

Nysori can spawn on the Blue Areas


Item % Chance (per carve) Description
 Mermaid Scale 47% A beautiful scale carved from Nysori.

It shimmers in the sunlight, scattering it in many colored hues.

 Mermaid Harp Piece 33% A piece of harp taken from Nysori.

It was once a part of a mesmerizing instrument that could be played underwater.

 Mermaid Bracelet 20% A regal bracelet taken from Nysori.

It is studded with a magnificent jewel not found on dry land.

4th carve Quantity Description
 Rose Gem 5~10 (Random) A gem found deep within Nysori.

This rough cut precious stone would make a beautiful ornament.

Every 9 Monster Kills, you'll be able to obtain a Special Carver which will allow you to acquire a Special Drop on your next carve, at 100% chance.

You can also get a Special Carver after any hunt, with a low chance.

Special Carver Special Drop
 Serrated Scimitar  Mermaid Tail


Siren's Echo

Nysori casts 2426.png Great Echo.


Nysori targets up to three players and casts 15.png Frost Diver on them.


Nysori casts an illusory Sleepring, which behaves exactly like a regular one, exploding after 8 seconds and releasing a sleeping gas. Players caught in the explosion will fall asleep and wake up if damaged, taking increased damage.

Icy Prism

Nysori projects crystals, applying Crystallization on anyone caught in a 3x3 AoE.

Charming Allure

Nysori summons 2 illusions, each charming and disabling 2 random players, which will slowly walks towards their tethered clone. Upon reaching the clone, it detonates, dealing lethal damage to the victim. If a clone is killed, the effect stops on that specific charmed player.
While you are being lured, you will be immune to damage.

Mystical Crystals

Nysori creates two blue crystals which protect her from any attack. While any crystal is unbroken, Nysori reflects part of the damage dealt back to the attacker.
Shattering a single crystal sets a timer. If the second crystal is not destroyed within said timer, the previously destroyed crystal will reappear.
The party must destroy both crystals to disable Nysori's reflect.

Phantasmal Wave

Nysori projects an illusion of herself, towards one of the party members. After a short delay, the illusion summons a wave that moves in the direction of the targeted player.
Anyone caught in the wave gets knocked back and takes damage every time the wave touches them. The wave breaks Freeze status.
This ability becomes stronger after Nysori rages.

Siren's Song

Nysori stops moving and spread pink and blue musical notes around her, marking players randomly with the same colors and starting a countdown. Players should Interact with 3 notes that are the same color as they're marked. If the interaction is done on an incorrect color note, the player gets Stunned and takes damage.
At the end of the countdown, players who failed to Interact with the correct notes are dealt lethal damage.
This ability becomes stronger after Nysori rages.

Aqua Missile

Nysori targets a player with a homing missile for a set duration. After the duration ends, it explodes, leaving behind a persistent damaging area.
This ability becomes stronger after Nysori rages.

Ice Trap

Nysori warps herself and the players to a frozen ring, trapping them. Frozen meteors fall constantly inside the arena, dealing damage.
While the outer ice ring is deadly and cannot be damaged, the arena's inner walls are breakable. Upon breaking a section of the walls, the frozen ring slowly collapses.
If the players fail to break the wall or the entire party leaves the trap, Nysori will restore some of her health.
This ability becomes stronger after Nysori rages.


  • If you get caught in Phantasmal Wave, walk diagonally to exit the wave or straight to the same direction of the wave to prevent taking too much damage.
    • Phantasmal Wave can hit very hard if you get caught and can't escape in time. Using Roll to avoid it or a  Coldproof Potion to take less damage is highly recommended.
  • During Charming Allure, the Healer takes priority in targeting. Focusing your attacks on one clone at a time will ensure you can get both affected players to safety.
  • During Charming Allure, you can use Farcaster to escape back to the main camp, and Phantom Thrust or Covenant to pull people back from the lure.
  • Lining up attacks and using AoE skills during Mystical Crystals is advised, in order to shatter both crystals simultaneously and avoid Nysori's damage reflection.
  • As most damage dealt by Nysori is water-based, high amounts of Water Resistance are recommended.

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