Orc Memory Dungeon

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This quest or instance is repeatable.
Cooldown Tickets Available

2 hours

Solo: No Limit Party: No Limit


Base Level: 30
Starting Point: gef_fild10 242/202
Items: -
Experience: -
Items: Fighting Orc Hero
Others: -

Orc Memory Dungeon is an Instance in which you can fight Orc Hero. It is a short an soloable instance.

For people below level 100, it is advised to avoid getting mobbed and focus on the goal of Step 5.


Map for Step 8.
  1. Go to Warper > Dungeons > Orc Dungeon. Exit the dungeon.
  2. Talk to the Dimensional Gorge Piece. /navi gef_fild10 242/202
  3. Choose "Reserve the Orc's Memory", then enter it. You have 2 hours to complete this instance.
  4. Speak to Kruger /navi [email protected] 180/29 to start the script.
  5. Your goal is to kill the Enchanted Orc in each zone. Be careful, if you kill any other Orcs, it will increase their number at the boss fight.
  6. After defeating all four, proceed to the second area. Talk to Kruger /navi [email protected] 35/169 again.
  7. At this point, you do not have to kill anything.
  8. Click on the Braziers marked yellow on the map on the right. After activating them, a mini boss appears, marked blue.
  9. After killing the third mini boss, the Orc Hero, its adds, Shaman Cargalache and some Anopheles appear in the fourth zone. The amount of the adds is in proportion to the number of monsters you killed previously.
  10. Kill Shaman Cargalache first: it despawns every monster except for the MVP and the Anopheles.
  11. Defeat the Orc Hero MVP (Note: This version of Orc Hero doesn't drop Orc Hero Essence).