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This is a list of commands players can use in-game for their convenience.

Convenience Commands

  • @autotrade/@at: Use this command after using the Merchant class skill Vending to leave your vendor online.
  • @battlestats: Gives detailed information about your current battle statistics including Cast Time Reductions, Damage Reductions, and ATK Bonuses.
  • @cooldown/@cd/@instance: Shows the status of your character's instance cooldowns.
  • @changegm: Changes the leader of your current guild.
  • @channel: Displays all channel commands.
  • @channel join <#channel name>: Joins the channel you specified.
  • @channel leave <#channel name>: Leaves the channel you specified.
  • @channeljoin: Toggles automatic joining of the default channels (#trade, #support, #lfp) on or off.
  • @commands: Displays a list of available player commands.
  • @dailies: Displays the Daily Rewards calendar. The next reward you will claim has a blue highlight.
  • @edenquest: Shows the current status of your Eden Group Equipments Quest chain.
  • @go <town id or town name>: Lists the warp destinations. You can specify your destination by typing the town name or town ID (e.g. @go 22 or @go hugel).
  • @hominfo: Displays detailed information of your Homunculus, including stats and Intimacy points.
  • @homstats: Displays your current Homunculus stats as well as the possible values at max level.
  • @homtalk <text>: Freak out your friends by making your Homunculus talk.
  • @irowiki/@rms/@search: Search iRO Wiki and RateMyServer's databases.
  • @jailtime: Shows your remaining jail duration.
  • @me <text>: Make your character speak without displaying the : between your character name and your text.
  • @missionreset: (For Taekwon Kid characters) Resets your Taekwon Mission so you can get a different mission.
  • @noask: Automatically rejects any trade requests you receive.
  • @noks: Protects you from being Kill-stolen and records the potential KSer's name.
  • @nopickup: Disables picking up item from the floor.
  • @party <partyname>: Creates a party, similar to /organize.
  • @pettalk <text>: Freak out your friends by making your Pet talk.
  • @quotes: Toggles the level up quotes on and off.
  • @rates: Displays the current server EXP rates and item drop rates.
  • @showbuff: Displays party member buffs as symbols in the party window.
  • @showexp: Displays EXP gained (in numbers and percentage), requires Guild Chat Display to be on.
  • @showdelay: Displays the Cast Delay or Cooldown of the skill you're trying to cast, if it is on Delay or Cooldown. Requires Skill Failure Display to be on.
  • @refresh: 'Refreshes' your display. It helps to correct position lag.
  • @time: Displays the current server time.
  • @whosell/@ws <item name or id>: Displays a list of vendors selling the item you specified. You must use the exact item name or ID. Additional information such as refines and cards can be specified with the search. (e.g. @whosell +7 Elven Bow or @ws 15048 4141)

Item- and Monster-related Commands

  • @alootid +<item name or id>: Enables you to automatically loot items specified in this command. You can have 10 different items on @alootid at a time.
  • @aloottype -<item name or id>: You will not loot items specified in this command.
  • @al: Essentially @autoloot 100, see below.
  • @autoloot <any value between 1-100>: Enables you to automatically loot items dropped from monsters that you killed. Entering no value will activate autoloot at 100%.
  • @iteminfo/@ii <item name or id>: Displays brief information of the item you specified.
  • @ii2 <item name or id>: Displays the description of the item you specified. You must use the exact item name or ID.
  • @mobinfo/@mi <monster name or id>: Displays detailed information such as HP, EXP, and stats of the monster you specified.
  • @savealoot/@loadaloot: Allows players to manage their autoloot ID settings.
  • @nopickup/@noloot: Prevents a player from looting items on the ground (useful in Endless Tower).
  • @whodrops <item name or id>: Displays the name of monsters that drops the item you specified and the drop rates of said item.
  • @whereis <monster name or id>: Displays the map name and amount of spawn of the monster you specified (it is recommended to follow this up with the Ctrl + ` command, or use Alt + V then click the Map button).

Duel, Battlegrounds, and WOE-related Commands

See also: Battlegrounds
  • @duel: Enter a duel. This command is also usable in towns.
  • @invite <playername>: Invite another player to duel with you. There can only be two players in an instance of duel.
  • @accept: Accept the duel invitation.
  • @reject: Reject the duel invitation.
  • @leave: Leave the duel.
  • @joinbg: Join the Battlegrounds queue.
  • @leavebg: Leave the Battlegrounds queue.
  • @listenbg: Toggle Battlegrounds announcements on and off.
  • @voteskip: Vote to rotate the Battlegrounds game mode.
  • @battleinfo: Shows your kills and deaths in PvP areas.
  • @guildskill: Usable by Guild Leaders to cast various guild skills.
  • @gcd: Shows the cooldowns of guild skills.


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