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There're various ways to engage in PvP in Ragnarok Online, catering to both casual and hardcore players. See Siege Customizations for the different ways game behaviors and skills are altered in PvP games modes.


Duels can be done anywhere through the following commands:

  • @duel <player> - Invites a player of your choice to a private duel with you. Leaving the map or dying will end the duel.
  • @duel - If you don't mention a player, this will create a duel without restrictions. Then you may use @invite to invite as many players as you wish.
  • @invite - Invites a player to a duel that's already created. If someone leaves a private duel, you may invite someone else, but there'll be a 2 player limit.
  • @leave - Leaves the duel. If your enemy disconnects instead of dying normally, you may be stuck in a duel with no other participants, use this command to leave.

PvP Rooms

Casual PvP. Can be accessed from any town through the PvP Warper NPC. There're various rooms:

  • All Levels - No restrictions
  • Transcendent & Below - For non-3rd Class characters only.
  • Guild Arena - Similar to All Levels, but with GvG mechanics activated. While inside, you cannot harm players of their own Guild.

There's no penalty on death. Upon entering, you're given 5 points, gaining 1 more per kill and losing 5 per death. If a player has less than 0 points, they'll be kicked from the room. The rankings based on the amount of points per player are displayed in the bottom right of the screen.

The top ranked player will see a "Time Attack" message and a stopwatch timer will begin, indicating the amount of time one kept rank 1 for.


See also: Battlegrounds

Structured PvP with random teams, for those who want to fight for objectives and rewards. Battlegrounds makes use of GvG mechanics for its game modes.

War of Emperium

See also: War of Emperium

Structured PvP with premade teams (guilds) that takes place once a week. Specialized mechanics and rules apply for WoE.

Draft War of Emperium

See also: Draft War of Emperium

Structured PvP with drafted teams (guilds) that takes place once a week. Specialized mechanics and rules apply for Draft WoE.

King of Emperium

See also: King of Emperium

King of Emperium (KoE) is a siege game mode in which guilds fight to break the Emperium and conquer the map. Specialized mechanics and rules apply for King of Emperium.