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Rage refers to a Monster Hunter: The Savage Coast mechanic or behavior. It is only applicable to High Rank Hunts.
Garronath roaring and raging.

Rage refers to a stance change, where Great Monsters become more powerful for the duration of the rage.

Rage is generated by various means including, but not limited to, damaging the boss, applying status effects and attacking with its elemental weakness.

It is indicated by a red, lightning bolt-esque aura.


When a Great Monster is ready to Rage, it begins a Roar.
After a short animation, the Roar stuns every player standing in its range, for a fixed duration. This duration is reduced exponentially with base VIT.


Once the Rage status ends, the monsters immediately gains Fatigue.
During Fatigue, all sources of Rage generation are ten times less effective and the movement speed of the monster is lowered by 20%.


Rage-related stat changes are based on the monsters Temperament.
Each Great Monster has 2 distinct Temperaments.

Temperaments decide how fast a monster rages, as well as the bonuses it gets for the duration. All these bonuses stack additively.

Garronath is Aggressive and Blood Thirsty.
Nysori is Tactical and Territorial.

Temperament Rage Bonuses

Temperament Damage Dealt Move Speed Damage Taken ASPD
Blood Thirsty +10% +35% +10% +15%
Aggressive +25% +10% +15% +5%
Tactical +15% +5% -15% +7%
Territorial +30% -30% -20% -10%

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