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Refining Shadow Gear

Example of the Refiner NPC with Shadow Gear to be refined.
As seen here, you don't select the Shadow Orb, it's just to know which one you need/are going to use. The rest is like any other gear.

Shadow Gears can be refined by any NPC that refines normal gear such as Suhnbi at (payon 157, 146)Copied!.

Refining Shadow Gear requires either  Elunium or  Enriched Elunium, a Shadow Orb, and 200,000z.

Like normal armor refining, it is completely safe to refine up to +4. From +4 onward  Enriched Elunium will have a higher chance of success than  Elunium. They don't break however, they get Cursed instead.

Different Shadow Gear asks for different Shadow Orb. Always check where the gear comes from and what Shadow Orbs are used to refine it. You can check the list of places that offer Shadow Gear here. Each page should tell you the needed Shadow Orb to acquire the needed Shadow Orbs. Be aware that Low Rank Shadow Gear can't be refined.

When a refinement is failed using a Shadow Orb, there is a 70% chance to curse the Shadow Gear and 30% chance of it losing 1 refine. These chances have no impact when a refinement is successful.

When a Shadow Gear becomes Cursed, it will be unable to be upgraded until it is purified. It will still be usable, retain its stats and works exactly like a non-cursed version, except it will be unable to be refined.

To purify a Cursed Shadow Gear, speak to the same NPC used to refine and select the purified option to purify the Cursed Shadow Gear. He'll be able to purify it for a fee of assorted identical Ingots, some  Gold Coins, and zeny.

Alternatively, a player can use  Blacksmith's Blessings (BSB) to prevent those curses at 100%. Depending on the refine level, different number of  BSBs are needed. Be aware that the refine can still fail, this doesn't guarantees any success.

Depending on the Refine of the Cursed piece, the cost to purify will change as shown below:

Refine Rate # of  Gold Coins # of  Flamestone,  Aquastone or  Dragonstone Ingots
(only for Shadow Gears obtained from MH)
Zeny Needed
(only for Shadow Gears NOT obtained from MH)
+6 or lower 5 1 2,500,000
+7 or +8 10 2 5,000,000
+9 or higher 20 3 7,500,000

The refinement success rate and the number of  BSBs needed for safe refine are the same for Shadow Gears as for regular armors, as shown below:

Upgrade Success Rate Safe Refine Requirement
 Elunium  Enriched Elunium # of  BSBs
+4 -> +5 60% 90% 1
+5 -> +6 40% 70% 1
+6 -> +7 40% 70% 1
+7 -> +8 20% 40% 1
+8 -> +9 20% 40% 2
+9 -> +10 9% 20% 4

Shadow Orb

Shadow Orbs are used to refine Shadow Gears. They are crafted with Monster Energy, acquired by turning in drops from their respective monsters from where the Shadow Gear comes.

This means that Shadow Gear from Monster Hunter needs drops from Primal or Great Monsters, Shadow Gear from Nightmare Toy Factory needs drops from Nightmare Toy Factory, and so on.

Monster Hunter

NPC Purpose: Armor Spheres NPC
Map: The Wyvern (@go mh)
Coordinates: (2009rwc_03 241, 201)Copied!(241, 201)

Monster drops can be converted to Monster Energy and further into Shadow Orbs by Lisbeth, located at The Wyvern (2009rwc_03 241, 201)Copied!, accessible by typing @go MH.

A Shadow Orb costs 100 Monster Energy.

Each type of loot will give you a different amount of Monster Energy, shown in the chart below:

Savage Coast Expedition Monster Energy
Shadow Orbs 2 pts 50 pts 100 pts 500 pts
 Primal Shadow Orb  Small Monster Bone  Primal Monster Bone  Bone Fragment  Primal Monster Skull
Savage Coast Hunts Monster Energy
Shadow Orbs 30 pts 40 pts 55 pts 100 pts
 Garanth Shadow Orb  Juvenile Dragon Scale  Juvenile Dragon Claw  Juvenile Dragon Heart Piece  Juvenile Dragon Tail
 Nyia Shadow Orb  Juvenile Mermaid Scale  Juvenile Mermaid Cloth Piece  Juvenile Mermaid Droplet  Juvenile Mermaid Tail
 Garronath Shadow Orb  Poison Dragon Talon  Poison Dragon Claw  Poison Dragon Venom  Garronath Head
 Nysori Shadow Orb  Mermaid Scale  Mermaid Harp Piece  Mermaid Bracelet  Mermaid Tail
 Angnar Shadow Orb  Mammoth Hair  Mammoth Armorshell  Mammoth Tusk  Flippy's Tailfeather
 Zaedronath Shadow Orb  Silver Dragon Scale  Silver Dragon Horn  Silver Dragon Spike  Zaedronath Skull


Outside Monster Hunter, this system is simplified.

You simply buy Shadow Orbs with drops from the instances that have the Shadow Gear that you want. This means that Shadow Gear from Nightmare Toy Factory needs Celine Shadow Orb, and so on. Alternatively, you can access the following NPCs at 4th Floor of Main Office.

Name Instance Cost NPC Location
 Celine Shadow Orb

Nightmare Toy Factory

 20 Bloody Cloth Piece
 50 Shard of Nightmare

(xmas 150, 317)Copied!

 Thanatos Shadow Orb

Thanatos Tower [Hard]

 30 Thanatos Sword Fragment
 50 Shard of Wrath

(thana_step 150, 376)Copied!

 Anomalous Shadow Orb

Ancient Laboratory

 10 Ancient Drive

(jup_fild01 306, 344)Copied!

 Juperos Shadow Orb

Ancient Juperos

 1 Research Papers
 5 Juperium Energy

(jup_cave 207, 218)Copied!

 Faceworm Shadow Orb

Faceworm's Nest [Hard]

 10 Shard of Earth

(dali 87, 66)Copied!

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