Spotlight: Port Malaya

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Welcome to the first Spotlight page, featuring Port Malaya! Port Malaya's most notable feature is the Pintados Festival.


The MVPs hidden in the Malaya memorial dungeons - Bangungot, Buwaya and Bakonawa - are truly formidable enemies. To successfully defeat them, you should get two items: Greater Agimat of Ancient Spirit and the Tikbalang Cute Pet.

The Greater Agimat of Ancient Spirit is an exceptional item increasing damage to all Demon type monsters by 10%, it means it's effective against Bangungot. Furthermore, if you raise your Tikbalang pet to Loyal, it increases your damage to all three Port Malaya MVPs by 10%. If you obtain these two items, you can easily take on these bosses!

Special Items

The crafting NPC.

Greater Agimat of Ancient Spirit


Using this item will increase physical and magical damage against Demon type monsters by 10% for 20 mins.

Talk to Old Man in Dilemma. /navi ma_fild01 167/214

Give her 3 Lesser Agimats and 1,000z.

The crafting NPC.

Tikbalang Cute Pet


Upon reaching Loyal, Tikbalang pet gives 10% damage against Port Malaya MVPs.

Talk to Tikbalang Expert. /navi ma_fild01 238/198

Give him 3 Tikbalang's Thick Spine and 5 Lesser Agimats.

He'll create a Tikbalang Harness.

Lesser Agimat


Lesser Agimats are used for crafting Greater Agimat of Ancient Spirits and Tikbalang Harness.

They are gained through doing Port Malaya quests.


To do any of these quests, Cautious Village has to be completed.

Access quests are listed on their Instance pages respectively (see below).

Daily quests with Lesser Agimat rewards:


Bangungot Hospital
Gain access to an abandoned hospital
and exterminate the evil spirit within!
Required Level: 150+
Cooldown: 7 days
Bakonawa Lake
Track down and hunt the legendary
Devourer of the moon!
Required Level: ???+
Cooldown: ???
Buwaya Cave
Investigate rumors about a treasure
and defeat the elusive Buwaya!
Required Level: ???+
Cooldown: ???

Pintados Festival


The Pintados Festival is the very heart of Port Malaya - players have to collect several resources to open it, but once the festival is ongoing, you can craft special accessories there!

You can find a detailed guide about it on the Pintados Festival page.