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Summer Festival Gathering Hub

Are you ready for the summer heat? The summer fun has just begun!
Step into our summer paradise and wander around, bask in the sun and explore this fantastic resort.
You might find some familiar faces, hidden treasures or even new activities to take part in!

To join in on the event, talk to the Festival Ferryman in Summer Island during the open hours and hop on for a ride to the Festival Island! @go 53 Once there, you can meet the main event organizer, the Festival King at (summer02 80, 119)Copied!, who is also in charge of distributing rewards in exchange for Summer Festival Coins and cleaning up after every festival.

The NovaRO Summer Festival is open every four hours for the duration of one hour.
You can check the opening times via @events command in-game.

Summer Festival Opening Times (Server Time - PST)
Time End Activity on EVEN days End Activity on ODD days
0:00 - 1:00 Fishing Tournament Summer Concert
4:00 - 5:00 Summer Concert Fishing Tournament
8:00 - 9:00 Fishing Tournament Summer Concert
12:00 - 13:00 Summer Concert Fishing Tournament
16:00 - 17:00 Fishing Tournament Summer Concert
20:00 - 21:00 Summer Concert Fishing Tournament

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Sally - Summer weeklies

Sally can be found in the Summer Resort (summer01 178, 147)Copied!. She will allow you to take the specific summer weekly quests (independant of the regular weeklies given by Valerie in Main Office).

Quest Reward
Summer Festival Attendance: Complete 3 sets of Summer Dailies OR kill 500 monsters inside the King's Grotto. 5  Endeavor Tokens
Festival Games: Play 25 Multiplayer Games 500  Summer Festival Coins

Summer Tablet

When you arrive at Festival Island, a  Summer Tablet magically appears in your inventory!
The tablet has tons of convenient features and exclusive upgrades, such as giving directions, fast travel,  Festival Sandals, and more.

Main article: Summer Tablet

Summer Festival Coins

Summer Festival Coin

The inhabitants of Summer Festival Island trade in a special  Summer Festival Coins currency that is only available on the island.
These coins are widely obtainable and can be exchanged for items, upgrades and experiences.
To help you get started, you will be rewarded with a stack of coins upon your first arrival.
Use these coins to familiarize yourself with the available mini-games and have fun!

Obtaining Summer Festival Coins

You can obtain Summer Festival Coins from the following:

  • First time arrivals will be rewarded with a stack of Coins
  • Participating in mini games on the Summer Island
  • Digging on the Summer Island and King's Grotto
  • Foraging on the Summer Island and King's Grotto
  • Participating in the Fishing Tournament
  • Killing Monsters in the King's Grotto
  • Opening Chests in the King's Grotto
  • Buried Treasure automated event
  • Completing Summer Festival Daily quests on the Frying Dutchman
  • Completing Summer Festival Achievements
  • Exchanging Rainbow Gemstones with the Festival Painter (20 Coins per Gemstone)
  • Exchanging Deep Water Pearls with the Diving Enthusiast (75 Coins per Pearl)
  • Exchanging Crushed Cans with the Festival King (5 Coins per Can)

Spending Summer Festival Coins

You can spend Summer Festival Coins doing the following:


On Festival Island, there is a variety of mini-games you can play to earn coins and have fun!
Mini-games are found throughout the island and can be displayed on the mini-map by using your  Summer Tablet.
If you win, you will earn  Summer Festival Coins. Your reward is doubled if the game is featured in a Bonus Frenzy.

Singleplayer Multiplayer Arcade
Poring Patterns Shellfish Shuck Plushie Claw
Poring Stacker Voltz Clicker Monster Trivia
Dice Challenger Dodgebomb Number Wizard
Crystal Chaos Poolside Panic Patch Notes Parser
Grand Master Seaside Shuffle Monster Mash
Poring Matcher

See also: Singleplayer Games, Multiplayer Games, Arcade Games



While on Festival Island, dig sites will appear randomly around the island.

If you have a shovel in your inventory, you will be able to dig up items from these dig sites.
You can speak to Harry, the Excavation Expert, located at (summer02 222, 250)Copied!, to get your first  Iron Shovel for 5  Summer Festival Coins.

Digging Frenzy

During the festival, there is a chance for a Digging Frenzy to occur. This causes digsites to spawn at a higher rate around the island and in King's Grotto.
During this time, digging will also yield double the amount of  Summer Festival Coins.

Main article: Digging

Exclusive Hats Quests

These quests are only able to be completed while the event is active.

Image Name Slot Ingredients Location NPC
 Festival Pride Upper
 Rainbow Wing Ears

100  Rainbow Gemstone
10  Gold
4  Mysterious Dyestuffs
2  Scarlet Dyestuffs
2  Lemon Dyestuffs
2  Cobaltblue Dyestuffs
2  Dark Green Dyestuffs
2  Orange Dyestuffs
2  Violet Dyestuffs
2  White Dyestuffs
250  Light Granule

(summer02 182, 51)Copied!



 Hibiscus Upper
2  Large Hibiscus
150  Witherless Rose
5  Valhala's Flower
100  Mysterious Flower
10  Illusion Flower
1  Hairband

(ayo_fild02 104, 252)Copied!



 Seppl Hat Costume, Upper
1  Ice Cream
400  Fur
150  Blue Hair
50  Tendon
10  Broken Needle
10  Needle Packet
350,000 zeny

(summer02 205, 76)Copied!



Pouring Keys

Summer Festival Pouring Key

 Pouring Keys are an item that can be obtained from various games and activities around the island.
These keys allow players to open locked chests that can be found scattered around the King's Grotto.

Recycling Hats for Keys

Hats can be found on Summer Festival island by doing various activities.
You can speak to Mallory at (summer02 89, 103)Copied! and recycle these hats for  Pouring Keys with a 1:1 rate:
(Please note only their base versions can be recycled, not the recolored versions)

Summer Raffle

There will be a Raffle every time the Summer Festival opens!
Everyone who enters Festival Island will automatically be entered into the raffle.
You can purchase 20 additional entries for 1250  Summer Festival Coins from the Raffle Ticket Seller at (summer02 85, 113)Copied!.

Winners receive a  Summer Glow hat and the exclusive Radiant Glow title!

Titles and Achievements

Title Required Achievement Condition
Golden Golden Touch Receive a golden hat from the Festival Painter.
King Midas Embellished Obtain all Series I Golden/Rare Hats from the Festival Painter.
El Dorado To Xibalba Obtain all Series II Golden/Rare Hats from the Festival Painter.
Gilded Collector Gilded Obtain all Series III Golden/Rare Hats from the Festival Painter.
Certified Diver Diver Training Obtain all diving equipment upgrades from the King's Grotto.
Finders Keepers Salvage Master Open 100 treasure chests in the King's Grotto.
Demolition Expert Bomb Squad IV Win Dodge Bomb 50 times.
Iron Lung Steadfast IV Win Poolside Panic 50 times.
Fleetfooted Fast-Track IV Win Seaside Shuffle 50 times.
Dexterous Nimble Hands IV Win Voltz Clicker 50 times.
What The Shell What The Shuck IV Win Shellfish Shuck 50 times.
King Slayer Overthrown III Kill the Pouring King 25 times.
Culinary Expert Festival Attendee Obtain all 4 Summer Daily Shop hats.
 Clay Poring Jar [L],  Bubbles [L], Blue Eremes Scarf , Blessing Sky Lantern [L]
Radiant Glow Lucky Summer Win the Summer Raffle.
Herbivore Festival Forage Forage 100 times.
Ground Breaking Groundbreaking Festival Dig 100 times.
Angler Festival Angler Fish 100 times.
Hype Bring The Noise Attend Summer Concert 25 times.
Snack Monster Om nom nom nom Cook 100 meals.
Moshed and Found Mosh-star I Achieve Rock On! once.
Hyperbeast Mosh-star IV Achieve Rock On! 20 times.
Vibin Mosh It Out II Achieve Great! 5 times.
Moshterpiece Mosh It Out V Achieve Great! 50 times.
Resplendent Resplendent Obtain all Series V Golden/Rare Hats from the Festival Painter.
OU OU OU OU OU O UOU Quit Monkeying Around! Kill 500 Toto's.
Bloop Bloop Splish Splish You're Dead! Kill 500 Cave Fish.
Asterwoahza Asterozoa more like Asterwoahza! Kill 1500 Asterozoa's in the Summer Grotto.
Swish Swash Swish Swash! Kill 1500 Swashbuckler in the Summer Grotto.
Drawgr Drawwwwwwwgr! Kill 1500 Sea Draugr in the Summer Grotto.
Cross Gripper Slash Cross Gripper Slash! Kill 1500 Gripper in the Summer Grotto.

Summer Shops

You can purchase a wide variety of items using  Summer Festival Coins and  Guitar Picks.

Main article: Summer Shops

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