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Warning This guide has not been updated in a while.
Information on this page might be obsolete. Do not rely on it being up-to-date.
Please refer to the author for further information on future updates.
Guillotine Cross
Job Base: Assassin, Assassin Cross
Written By: Suroku
Job Bonuses
8 9 6 5 7 2


The Guillotine Cross (abbreviated as GX) is one of the best Melee Classes in RO; blessed with multiple tools which complement their naturally high damage potential. A GX is smart and cunning, capitalizing on any advantage they can get against their enemy. A GX cleanly makes use of any available tools and skills to get in close range to deliver the final blow. GXs place an importance on precision, since a single mistake from the GX can lead to his own death.

My guide is PvP-orientated since I tend to avoid PvM with my GX. My guide will go through multiple skills and tools available to GXs that will help them disrupt, disable, and/or kill enemies.


  • Able to equip two Weapons at the same time for more Weapon and Weapon Card options.
  • High Mobility with Back Sliding
  • Potential for high amounts of damage with Enchant Deadly Poison
  • Ability to conceal themselves with Cloaking and Cloaking Exceed


  • Expensive class due to usage of Guillotine Cross Poisons, Poison Bottles as well as equipment.
  • Extremely reliant on speed and proper timing of skills


This guide digs deeper into tools available to GX as a class when you can't simply one-shot players.

This guide does not include Dual Dagger Crit Build as I do not have much experience using it.

This is a PvP Guide, therefore I will not focus on PvM. If you would like to learn more about PvM visit Kayle's PvM Guillotine Cross Guide.

Leveling Guide (WIP)

If you are just starting out here's a small Leveling Guide, if you are Maxed, you can skip this section.

Leveling as a Thief and Assassin is extremely tough since you are mainly relying on your Auto Attacks. Assassins don't have reliable tools and skills for the PvM Scene since they're reliant on gear and items which you don't have since you're just starting out. Regardless, with a little patience, leveling as a Assassin is still possible.

That said, Renewal introduces the Eden Group providing an easier way to level through the use of Hunting Quests.


  • Lv 1-10:
    • Starting off your adventure, follow the tutorial in Izlude to get your Job Level to 10 as well as some nifty Novice Potions.
    • Afterwards, head to the Main Office to change into aThief.


  • Lv 10-26:
    • Now that you're a Thief, open your Novice Package, and equip the Ring of Experience.
    • Put half of your Stat Points in DEX and half in STR and start using Pick Stone.
    • After you have around 20 Stones, head to Payon Dungeon 1 (Warper -> Dungeons -> Payon Dungeon) and throw your rocks at a Zombie until it dies.
    • Now that you have some skill points, invest in Double Attack and proceed to continue killing Zombies via auto attacks. Note: Don't forget to use your Novice Potions.
    • Only aim at Skeletons when you have around 220 HIT and Poporings at 240 Hit.
    • At level 26 it's time to join the Eden Group in @go eden.
    • After joining, talk to Instructor Boya to get the Payon Dungeon Quest.
  • Lv 26-50:
    • Follow and complete the quest for levels, but most importantly, equipment.
    • Go back to Instructor Boya and to the Armory to get some basic Eden Equipment.
    • Continue to Payon Dungeon 2 and kill everything aside from Eggyras until you're able to Job Change.
    • Change to Assassin once you reached JobLv 40


  • Lv 50-85
    • Now that you're officially an Assassin, it's a good idea to invest in a better weapon, particularly a Katar.
    • If you have 50,000z, go to Morroc and to the most South East building to buy any Katar you can afford from the Weapon Merchant.
    • If you don't have 50,000z, kill Myst Cases in Warper-> Dungeons-> Toy Factory -> Middle Portal (xmas_dun02) for zeny.
    • After you get a katar, complete the Cautious Village quest.(You can buy Blue Gemstones and Holy Water from the Tool Dealer.
    • After completing the Cautious Village Quest, grab the Eden Board Quests for Evil Druids and Wraiths and go kill them in Glast Heim St. Abbey (Warper->Dungeons->Glast Heim -> Glast Heim St. Abbey) until you are level 85.
  • Lv 85-99
    • Go back to the Eden Group to look for a Gramps Level 85 Party.
    • If one is not available at the moment, farm equipment and cards you'll likely use later or complete any Eden Board Quests available.
    • When you're in a Gramps 85 Party, make sure you grab both of the Monthly Hunts Quests to the left of Gramps where you have to kill 400 of a monster.
    • Your job in the Gramps party is to kill any monster attacking the priest or to lure Monsters to your team if your party does not already have a lure. Your use in the Gramps Party is limited especially as a basic Assassin but don't be discouraged as you'll be a greater asset in the later stages of the game.
    • After your party finishes and you have killed 400 of the listed monsters you should be level 99/50. However, do not turn in your Monthly Hunts Quests yet!
  • Before Rebirthing
    • Before you rebirth, grab and complete the Stapo Eden Board Quests in Veins -> South Portal(ve_fild07). Do not turn this quest in yet either!
    • After you've completed the Stapo Eden Board Quest, head to the Main Office and change into High Novice


  • Lv 1-99:
    • Kill a few Porings around Prontera or Zombies in Payon Dungeon 1 to reach Job Level 10 to change into a High Thief.
    • Once you have changed into High Thief, turn in the Stapo Eden Board Quest you had saved up. This should put you to Job Level 50.
    • Change into Assassin Cross and turn in the Monthly Hunts Quests you've saved up as well. This should put you at Level 99/70.
    • You are now able to change into a Guillotine Cross

Guillotine Cross

  • Lv 100-115:
    • Do Gramps 85 for these levels mostly utilizing Rolling Cutter for damage.
    • You'll want a Thanatos Katar and a Rideword Hat to efficiently solo gramps with your choice of a Loyal Incubus or Succubus Pet to help sustain yourself.
    • If you don't have access to these gears, Rolling Cutter still does decent damage but you'll need a priest to heal you up.

  • Lv 115-145:
    • Gramps 115 is harder and you're unlikely to solo Gramps 115 efficiently without Enchant Deadly Poison.
    • I recommend that you don't waste Poison Bottles on Gramps, so mainly play the lure in your Gramps Party.
    • Around this time you're able to do the Ghost Palace instance to help pay for your Thanatos Katar and other gears.

  • Lv 145-175:
    • Your role in Gramps 145 is essentially the same as it is in Gramps 115 unless you're willing to use Poison Bottles.
    • Around these levels more instances are open to you. I recommend doing Ghost Palace, Sara's Memory, and Airship Assault.
    • You should also be strong enough to Rolling Cutter mobs of Venatu in Juperos to make money.


For this section, I will tell you the what each stat does and let you decide the values you should invest.

If you do not know what some Status Effects do, look here as iROwiki has a nice description of each status. However, some of the information in iROwiki about preventing certain statuses is not accurate to NovaRO. My guide here tells you the correct stats that prevent statuses.

  • STR - Strength is used primarily for increasing ATK and Weight Limit.
    • Reduces the duration of being stuck inside Extreme Vacuum.png Extreme Vacuum.
    • Indirectly decreases the chance of being afflicted by Masquerade Ignorance.png Masquerade because it's success chance is based on the target's Total Weight Limit - Current Weight Limit.

  • AGI - Agility is primarily used for increasing Attack Speed and Flee.
    • Attack Speed is important because it affects Animation Delay, which is basically the amount of time it takes your character sprite to stop moving after they finished casting a Skill, and in turn, letting you use another skill.
    • Decreases chance of being afflicted by Masquerade Ignorance.png Masquerade Skills.
    • Decreases chance of being immobilized by Warg Bite.pngWarg Bite.
    • Decreases chance of being afflicted by Sleep and Bleeding.
    • Increases damage of some GX skills likeCounter Slash.png Counter Slash and Cross Ripper Slasher.png Cross Ripper Slasher.

  • VIT - Vitality is primarily used for increasing Max Health.
    • Decreases chance of being afflicted by Poison (not GX poisons), Stun, and Blind.
    • Reduces Freezing(Not Frozen) duration.
    • Decreases chance of being afflicted by Mandragora Howling.png Mandragora Howling
    • Reduces Diamond Dust.png Crystallization duration.

  • INT - Intelligence is primarily used for increasing Max SP.
    • Decreases chance of being afflicted by Silence .
    • Decreases chance of being afflicted by Oblivion Curse .
    • Reduces Marsh of Abyss.png Marsh of Abyss duration.
    • Reduces Deep Sleep duration.
    • Reduces Arrullo.png Arrullo success chance.
    • Reduces Variable Cast Time.

  • DEX - Dexterity is used primarily for increasing Accuracy.
    • Reduces chance to be Stripped.
    • Reduces Freezing duration.
    • Reduces Stasis.png Stasis duration.
    • Reduces Variable Cast Time.

  • LUK - Luck is primarily used for increasing CRIT chance, Perfect Dodge, Accuracy, and ATK.
    • Decreases chance of being afflicted by Curse.
    • Reduces Marsh of Abyss.png Marsh of Abyss duration.
    • Decreases chance of being afflicted by Masquerade Ignorance.png Masquerade.
    • Note that 3 points in LUK increases ATK and Hit by 1 where 1 point in STR or DEX increases ATK and Hit by 1 respectively.


Let me start by saying: You do not need every single item listed here. The items listed help you in certain match ups. However, they are not completely mandatory to success. Also, don't carry all your equipment with you at once. Grab what you need from storage and put in whatever you don't.

The equipment I display focus mainly around Elements. This is because a key mechanic in Ragnarok Online is playing around Elements. The Elements Table can be found here. Some notes to take from this table is that using an Elemental Armor puts you at Level 1 of that Element. This means you will take less damage from the corresponding Element as well as take more damage from its opposing Element. Another thing to note is that since you are using an Elemental Armor, you are no longer Neutral Element; this means that Ghost property attacks will do full damage to you.

When deciding what equipment to wear/switch, always consider...

  • Is it safe to wear this armor?
  • What element should I be trying to reduce?
  • What statuses work on my opponent?
  • Can I switch onto offensive gear?


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Feather Beret [0] Upper Headgear Quest Gives 10% Demihuman resistance.
Gigantic Majestic Goat [0] Upper Sealed Shrine Gives 12% Bonus Damage to Demihumans as well as additional Attack
Oni Horns [1] Upper Cash Shop If you are opting to use Counter Slash you can use this Headgear instead of Gigantic Majestic Goat. +9 is mandatory if you're planning on using an ASPD build.
Blush of Groom [0] Middle Cash Shop Gives 3% Demihuman resistance.
Monocle [1] Middle Drop Any Middle Headgear with a slot would do (get Spiritual Auger found in Cash Shop and apply it to applicable Middle Headgears). However this is the easiest and cheapest to obtain.
Poker Card in Mouth [0] Lower Cash Shop Gives 2% Demihuman resistance.
Gentleman's Pipe [0] Lower Cash Shop Gives 2% Demihuman resistance.
Well-Chewed Pencil [0] Upper Cash Shop Use for the additional Hit.
Card Leaf Cat Card Card Drop Gives 10% Water Resistance.
Card Leib Olmai Card Card Drop Gives 10% Fire Resistance.
Card Giearth Card Card Drop Gives 15% Earth Resistance (Also gives Immunity to Confusion status).
Card Giant Hornet Card Card Drop Gives 10% Wind Resistance.
Card Marduk Card Card Drop Immunity to Silence status. Use if fighting against any class that is actively trying to silence you. (i.e. Priest)


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
WoE Suit [1] Armor Guild Dungeon Investment System Simply the best Armor for reduction, the 15% Ranged Resist at +6 is invaluable as well as the 25% total Demihuman reduction when using the full WoE Set.
Hero Hidden Cloth [1] Armor Prize of Hero Preferred choice for an offensive armor with 10% damage increase to Cross Impact.
Valkyrie Armor [1] Armor Drop Only good because of its Unbreakable status as well as having a slot for defensive cards like Marc Card or Evil Druid Card. Use against classes that actively try to break your gear where you need your Armor Card for survival.
Nab's Cloth [1] Armor Drop Budget Offensive Item, is still useful though since you can Mora Enchant Fighting Spirit on it for additional ATK and Hit.
Card Evil Druid Card Card Drop Changes Armor to Undead property for Immunity to Frozen and Stone Curse statuses and Immunity to Poison property damage.

Note: you can be killed from a Priest's Resurrection and/or Turn Undead skill.

Card Marc Card Card Drop Immunity to Frozen Status as well as additional 5% Water Resistance. Know that you don't change elements with Marc Card so Ghost Property Attacks will not do full damage on you.
Card Pasana Card Card Drop Changes Armor to Fire property notably to reduce the damage of Dragon Breath, Fire Tetra Vortex, and Flaming Petals.
Card Dokebi Card Card Drop Changes Armor to Wind property notably to reduce the damage of Wind Tetra Vortex and Varetyr Spear.
Card Dark Frame Card Card Drop 6% Chance to inflict Stone Curse on the opponent that attacked you. You most likely won't have 77 INT to benefit from Pest Card's increased chance so this is a good alternative in order to Stone Curse auto-attackers.
Card Swordfish Card Card Drop Changes Armor to Water property notably to reduce the damage of Dragon Breath Water, Water Tetra Vortex, Diamond Dust, and Freezing Spear.
Card Sandman Card Card Drop Changes Armor to Earth property notably to reduce the damage of Earth Tetra Vortex, Earth Strain, and Earth Grave.

Note: From my experience most players that use endows only endow Earth or Wind property, therefore Earth armor is a decent armor to use when starting a fight.

Card Cornutus Card Card Drop Makes your Armor Unbreakable (used specifically in WoE Suit) against Royal Guard and/or anyone who uses Mailbreaker.
Card Porcellio Card Card Drop Damage Card
Card Ghostring Card Card Drop Changes Armor to Ghost property giving Neutral resistance for Neutral-element attacks such as Asura Strike.
Card Angeling Card Card Drop Changes Armor to Holy property for Immunity to Holy property damage, as well as gives resistance to Fire, Earth, Water, Wind property. Holy Armor can essentially replace the 4 Elemental Armors if you're proficient enough in switching between elemental resistance garments.
Card Frus Card Card Drop With the popularity of the Doram class in PvP and Intense Telekinesis Warlocks, surviving their single target burst becomes extremely difficult so praying for a magic reflect is usually your best bet to winning a fight against these classes. Make sure to put Frus Card in a high refined armor for increased reflect chance.


Before I start, the way Status Cards (ie. Marina, Plankton Card) work is that each card is treated as its own entity. For example, say I'm using 1 Marina Card. With each hit, my opponent has an initial 95% chance to resist my status. Now let's say I'm using 2 Marina Cards. My opponent now has a 95% chance to resist the first Marina and a 95% chance to resist the second Marina which equals to 95% * 95% or 90.25% chance to resist my status.

Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Glorious Flamberge [0] Sword Battlegrounds Using two Over-Upgraded Glorious Flamberges boasts the highest damage with Cross Impact, but it is twice as hard to get compared to the Glorious Bloody Roar and relatively less flexible as you will have massively low ASPD from using 2 Swords and unable to use Cross Ripper Slasher.
Glorious Bloody Roar [0] Katar Battlegrounds The best Katar for damage if Over-Upgraded.
Guillotine Katar [1] Katar Drop Nice starting Katar. Beats Glorious Bloody Roar in terms of damage around refine 4~9, loses to Glorious Bloody Roar in terms of damage refine 9~20. Flexible with its card slot.
Drill Katar [1] Katar Drop Useful for its +30 hit, its chance to auto cast Full Strip and slot.
Crimson Katar [2] Katar Drop Miles easier to get than an Over-Upgraded Guillotine Katar and Glorious Bloody Roar. While it will be outclassed later by those Katars, a +15 Crimson Katar will still last you for a long time as well as its useful slots.
Chakram [2] Katar Drop Usable as a Katar with High Hit (initial 20 Hit + 2 Fighting Spirit Enchants + Mummy Cards) against those pesky opponents that run high amounts of Flee. Guide to enchanting can be found here.
Thanatos Katar [1] Katar Ghost Palace It's best to leave this katar in the PvM Scene as Crimson Katar outdamages this katar easily and you won't really benefit from its leech effect.
Crimson Dagger [2] Dagger Drop Equipping two does more damage than a Guillotine Katar but, it is a dagger and is therefore less versatile than a katar.
Main Gauche [4] Dagger Drop One of your options for a 4 slotted weapon. You will need multiple 4 slotted weapons for statuses meaning, Knife[4], Cutter[4], Blade[4] etc. carded with 4 Marina Cards, 4 Planktons, etc.
Mailbreaker [3] Dagger Level 4 Weapon Quest One of the best daggers you can get, the break chance is invaluable if you are patient enough to use it, breaking someone's Unfrozen armor and continuously freezing them is stupidly effective since a Frozen opponent usually means a dead one. Usable even if it is Unslotted, can be slotted here.(You can also use a Swordbreaker for maximum BM)
Combat Knife [0] Dagger Drop Additional 10% Demihuman Resistance.
Card White Knight Card Card Old Glast Heim Best Damage Modifier card
Card Sropho Card Card Drop 5% chance to afflict Crystallize status on short range attacks, Crystallize lasts around 2-4 seconds(depending on enemy VIT) where they have 0 Flee and can't use Consumables so try to go for a kill in those precious seconds.
Card Marina Card Card Drop 5% Chance to inflict Freeze. Effective card because the chance to freeze can not be reduced by stats.(only from Equipment)
Card Plankton Card Card Drop 5% Chance to inflict Sleep. Extremely potent but also easily countered by Nightmare Card or with an adequate amount of AGI, typically used on classes you're assuming don't run high AGI. After inflicting Sleep on your opponent, your next move is to inflict them with GX Poisons or go in straight for the kill.
Card Golem Card Card Drop Makes your weapon Unbreakable, only useful against classes that will actively break your weapons like Royal Guard. Genetic, and Mechanic


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Immune Shield [1] Shield Gold Coins, Proofs of Loyalty, Valor Badges, or Monster Coupons Very good shield for Neutral resistance, but is only useful when refined at +7 or above.
Valkyrie Shield [1] Shield Drop Very good shield and the most common shield used due to its availability as well as its ridiculous element resistances. Additional 20% Resistance to notably Shadow, Fire, and Water property attacks makes this shield a solid choice.
Gray Shield [1] Shield Ghost Palace If you don't have Angeling Card, or if you need Holy Resistance. (primarily against Holy Crimson Weapons)
Card Thara Frog Card Card Drop Additional 30% Demihuman Resistance.
Card Orc Warrior Card Card Drop Additional 30% Brute Resistance. With the emergence of Doram viability, you actually need an Orc Warrior Card to survive against them since Dorams are of Brute Race.


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
WoE Manteau [1] Garment Guild Dungeon Investment System Generic WoE Set used for maximum Demihuman resist
Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb [1] Garment Nidhoggur's Nest Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb is a powerful Garment with +7% All Elemental Resistance. However, it is still outclassed by the WoE Set
Giant Snake Skin [1] Garment Faceworm's Nest Generic Offensive Garment with surprisingly high MDEF, you can alternatively use this garment for a high MDEF gear set while still boasting decent stats from its bonuses. (Recommended with STR, DEX, and/or AGI enchants)
Heroic Backpack [1] Garment Gold Coins, Proofs of Loyalty, Valor Badges, or Monster Coupons Another Offensive Garment that works well, but makes your build a bit stricter on stat distribution for bonuses.

The stats you'd want for Heroic Backpack would be STR, AGI, VIT, and DEX. STR and AGI should be well over 90 in any GX Build; The bonus Neutral Resistance for having 90 VIT is always beneficial. Increased Ranged damage on a GX isn't particularly useful except for Cross Ripper Slash; your DEX should be over 90 regardless though to be able to hit opponents with Flee. MATK is useless on a traditional GX therefore having 90 INT specifically for Heroic Backpack is unnecessary. 90 LUK for the CRIT Damage isn't needed unless you're going for an auto-attack CRIT build.

Card Jakk Card Card Drop 30% Fire Resist, see notes on Gear Swapping
Card Marse Card Card Drop 30% Water Resist, see notes on Gear Swapping
Card Dustiness Card Card Drop 30% Wind Resist, see notes on Gear Swapping
Card Hode Card Card Drop 30% Earth Resist, see notes on Gear Swapping
Card Raydric Card Card Drop 20% Neutral Resist, see notes on Gear Swapping
Card Marionette Card Card Drop 30% Ghost Resist, only useful against Warlocks, Dorams and some Archers with Immaterial Arrows.
Card Isis Card Card Drop 30% Shadow Resist for when you assume your opponent is using Cursed Water or to help balance out your Angeling Card.
Card Noxious Card Card Drop 10% Range Resist as well as 10% Neutral Resist, good against classes that use Long Range Skills only, such as Rangers.
Card Wakwak Card Card Drop Best Garment Card for increasing damage.
Card Chen Card Card Drop Invaluable Card that lets you use Call Spirit. The one summoned spirit allows you to inflict 3 damage that never misses with each hit, which makes it much easier to inflict statuses on enemies. You can easily switch onto this card, use Call Spirit, then switch to a different-carded garment. Honestly, there is no reason to not use this card if you can obtain it.
Card Gertie Card Card Drop Close Confine can be used for securing targets in place and killing them with Dark Claw followed by Rolling Cutter.
Card Randel Card Card Drop Lets you cast Auto Guard if you're wearing a shield, which is useful in negating damage. Coupled with Weapon Blocking, this makes it hard for your opponent to successfully hit you. Note that you will lose Auto Guard if you switch off your shield.


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
WoE Boots [1] Footgear Guild Dungeon Investment System Basic WoE Set essential for maximum Demihuman Resist.
Temporal STR Boots [1] Footgear Old Glast Heim Best Offensive Shoes, recommended with Fighting Spirit and your choice of Bear's Might, Hawk Eye, Speed of Light, or Lucky Day.
Enhanced Variant Shoes [1] Footgear Gold Coins, Proofs of Loyalty, Valor Badges, or Monster Coupons Enhanced Variants are the best pair of boots for increasing Max HP and SP.
Card Matyr Card Card Drop Generic Footgear Card 10% HP and 1 AGI, better than Green Ferus Card because your AGI should be higher than your VIT.
Card Firelock Soldier Card Card Drop The Better Footgear Card, only useful if your Footgear is +9.
Card Outrageous Cookie Card Card Drop Used for increasing your ATK while adversely reducing your Health.


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Glorious Ring [0] Accessory Battlegrounds Good Accessory for the additional 10% resistance to Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water.
Black Rosary [1] Accessory Drop Gives a huge +15 MDEF against magic users. Glorious Ring is better than Black Rosary in terms of damage reduction, but Black Rosary is still useful if you need the slot or the increased Freeze/Stone Curse Resistance.
Pendant of Maelstrom [1] Accessory Nightmarish Jitterbug Best Accessory for damage as well as useful Maelstrom effect against Sorcerers.
STR Gloves [1] Accessory Splendide Coins 10-12 ATK depending on your STR, budget Pendant of Maelstrom.
Card Poisonous Toad Card Card Drop Causes Envenom to knock-back opponents.
Card Horong Card Card Drop Enable use of Sight; useful for revealing Frozen/Asleep targets which happen to be hidden, or revealing hidden enemies in general.
Card Alligator Card Card Drop 5% Ranged Damage Reduction for additional survivability against ranged classes.
Card Gold Scaraba Card Card Drop +20 ATK to maximize damage.


For this section I will give a description of useful applications of multiple skills.

Important Skills

Honestly, you can PvP with most anyone with just these skills as well as properly utilizing the techniques mentioned below.

Skill Notes
Hiding.png Hiding Hiding puts you in an Non-targetable state where you cant be affected by AoE Skills, excluding Earth skills, making Hiding unarguably one of the best skills in PvP. You can use Hiding to dodge/duck skills such as Diamond Dust.png Diamond Dust if you cast it before their skill takes effect.

Hiding can also be used to lose Player Targetting. This means if a player targets you with any Single Target Skill such as Cross Impact.png Cross Impact, you can use Hiding just before they are in range to hit you. The opponent will continue to move towards you. However once they're in range their skill fails. This is your opportunity to unhide and attack them before they get the chance to target you again.

Hiding is one of the safest states you can be in. However you are still vulnerable as you are unable to move. This issue can be partially alleviated if you use Grimtooth.png Grimtooth since you'll be actively harassing your opponent instead of allowing your opponent to wait for you to unhide.

Backsliding.png Back Slide Moves you back 5 squares, pretty basic. Back Sliding is used as general means for evasion, but if you practice Back Slide Turning(mentioned below) you can also use it for movement. Although it will never be as fluid as Snap.pngBody Relocation, Back Sliding is still a useful movement skill to utilize.

Backslide is also used as an efficient bait tool. For example, you can backslide towards an opponent to get into their range effectively baiting them into casting an AoE Skill on you, and continue moving past/away from them effectively dodging the AoE Skill. After a successful dodge, you'll have a few precious seconds before they are able to cast that skill again which you should use to attack.

Cloaking.png Cloaking Cloaking is a rather basic but effective skill that makes you invisible. The neat thing about Cloaking is that it lets you freely use your next skill/attack without having to uncloak first, this allows you to keep the element of surprise and is the reason GXs always have the first hit. While in Cloaking state, even if they can see you via Box of Sunlight or Maya Purple Card, you still can't be targeted by Single Target skills. Therefore your only concern should be AoE skills. Another neat thing about Cloaking is that you can cast Hiding.png Hiding in Cloak to dodge AoE skills and use Grimtooth.png Grimtooth. You should constantly be in Cloaking as it effectively eliminates half of most classes' skills since they are unable to target you.

Note: You can not avoid a skill via Cloaking if your opponent is already casting it on you (use Hiding.png Hiding instead).

Cross Impact.png Cross Impact Cross Impact or CI, will be your bread and butter skill for PvP. Cross Impact effectively is the highest DPS skill available to GX with utilization of the Step Cancelling technique. There's not much to say about this skill other than practice Step Cancelling until you can consistently perform it under pressure.

Useful Skills

Not mandatory to success, however they are still helpful in netting the kill.

Skill Notes
Stone Fling.png Stone Fling Throws a stone at one opponent. Used specifically with status daggers to inflict statuses. Stone Fling has a small innate chance to inflict Stun and/or Blind status. Stone Fling does not go through Cicada Skin Shed.png Cicada Skin Shed. It's extremely funny throwing a rock at someone.
Venom Knife.png Venom Knife Throws a knife at one opponent. Used specifically with status daggers to inflict statuses. Venom Knife has a high innate chance to inflict Poison status. Venom Knife goes through Cicada Skin Shed.png Cicada Skin Shed.
Edp.pngEnchant Deadly Poison Increases your damage dramatically for killing. You can keep this buff up all the time, but there's no reason to if you aren't planning to do damage. The Deadly Poison status it supposedly causes does not work.
Enchant Poison.png Enchant Poison Enchants your weapon with the partially unique Poison property that combos with Venomimpress.png Venom Impress fairly well, also usable if you don't want to use an Elemental Converter. (however it's easy for your opponent to tell if your weapon is poison since it has a giant Enchant Poison!! above your head)
Grimtooth.png Grimtooth Fairly useful skill in Hiding.png Hiding so you aren't just a sitting duck. Your opponent has either step in your range while being harassed to reveal you out of Hiding, or awkwardly run out of your range in which case, you can now safely unhide.
Poison React.png Poison React Chance to auto cast Envenom.png Envenom when you're hit, this will only work against auto attacks (not skills) so its use is limited. The auto casted Envenom can inflict statuses(with status cards) as well as knock back (with Poisonous Toad Card). It's a free buff, so why not get it.
Poisoningweapon.png Poisoning Weapon Applies a GX poison to your weapon and allows use of Venompressure.png Venom Pressure and Poisonsmoke.png Poison Smoke. (More detail on each GX Poison can be found down below)
Venompressure.png Venom Pressure Up to 95% chance to inflict a GX poison onto your opponent if you feel auto attacking or Poisonsmoke.png Poison Smoke will take too long to apply. (Oblivion Curse is a special case as target's INT reduces its success chance.)
Weaponblocking.png Weapon Blocking Up to 20% chance to block an enemy attack making it hard for enemies to hit you, especially if combined with Auto Guard from Randel Card. When Weapon Block occurs, your character will be frozen for an awkward amount of time unless you castBacksliding.png Back Slide,Counter Slash.png Counter Slash, or Weapon Crush.png Weapon Crush. It's another free buff, so why not get it. Sometimes I opt to turn Weapon Blocking off when it's unneeded since it drains SP and the character freezing can get annoying while you're Step Cancelling
Counter Slash.png Counter Slash Extremely powerful attack, can be used for free damage after a Weaponblocking.png Weapon Blocking (Consider using Oni Horns if you plan to use this skill)
Weapon Crush.png Weapon Crush Alternative to using Counter Slash.png Counter Slash, if you prefer to File:Divest Weapon.png Strip Weapon instead of dealing damage. You should only pick one skill (Counter Slash or Weapon Crush) according to your preference.
Darkclaw.png Dark Claw Skill that debuffs your opponent causing short range attacks including Cross Impact.png Cross Impact and Rollingcutter.png Rolling Cutter to deal increased damage for 5 seconds. Dark Claw has a one minute cooldown so use sparingly. However, a minute isn't an extreme cool down timer so you can wait it out with more statuses. If you couldn't kill them before, Dark Claw will usually guarantee a kill if you follow up accordingly.
Venomimpress.png Venom Impress Debuffs your target to let them take 50% more damage from Poison element attacks. Combos with Enchant Poison well since Enchant Poison endows your weapon with Poison element. If you cast Venom Impress, your opponent may suspect that your weapon is Poison Property and wear resistance gears accordingly. Counter this by using another weapon element instead. Venom Impress lasts a while so take your time in deciding what element you want to use against them.

Niche Skills

These skills are very useful in certain situations so having them on standby is a good idea.

Skill Notes
Envenom.png Envenom Weak attack that should only be used with a Poisonous Toad Card
Detoxify.png Detoxify Cures the Poison status.
Sand Attack.png Sand Attack Weak Attack that has a mildly high chance to inflict Blind status.
Venom Dust.png Venom Dust Might be useful in getting your opponent to move how you want to, but if they have half a brain cell, they'll realize Venom Dust can't be used to poison them even if it's under their feet as long as they have 100 VIT.
Meteorassault.png Meteor Assault Mildly long cast time makes it a turn off skill, but being able to safely AoE with a shield gives it some merit as well as causing a variety of statuses to low VIT players.
Soul Destroyer.png Soul Destroyer Might be useful since it goes through Cicada Skin Shed.png Cicada Skin Shed and its damage is increased by EDP, but the delay for it is dreadful, and the damage is not significant enough to capitalize on.
Rollingcutter.png Rolling Cutter Faster AoE than Meteorassault.png Meteor Assault, but you must have a Katar to use. Does decent damage since it is affected by Dark Claw and EDP. Must use this skill before Cross Ripper Slasher.png Cross Ripper Slasher.
Cloakingexceed.png Cloaking Exceed The Successor of Cloaking.png Cloaking however the cast delay before being able to use another skill is a turn off. Is still useful for the bonus movement speed as well as being unable to be revealed by AoE skills for a few hits. A neat thing about this skill is that you can use this skill in Cloaking.png Cloaking without revealing yourself.
Phantommenace.png Phantom Menace Aside from using a Horong Card for Sight, this is your only revealing skill against Hiding as it will hit and reveal hidden targets in a 7x7 AoE around you (Does not hit targets that are outside of stealth). Has a small delay on usage but is short enough to not let your opponent have time to capitalize off of you using this skill.
Poisonsmoke.png Poison Smoke Lays an AoE with chance to afflict your opponents inside with your GX Poison. Is only useful if you're casting it on an area you expect your opponent to walk on. Can be used on Frozen and Sleep targets with certain poisons instead of Venompressure.png Venom Pressure as it will not break the status.
Cross Ripper Slasher.png Cross Ripper Slasher This skill can only be used after Rollingcutter.png Rolling Cutter. Does insane damage at mildly safe range. You can Rolling Cutter off screen and back slide into range for cheeky kills.
Dark Illusion.png Dark Illusion Instantly moves you next to your target, but gives you a small delay so you can't completely capitalize off of it unless you proc its chance for Cross Impact.png Cross Impact. However, the Dark Illusion delay still applies so you can't Step Cancel.
Antidote.png Antidote Used to cure yourself against opponent's poison as well as allowing you to switch the poison you want your opponent to be afflicted with.
Hallucinationwalk.png Hallucination Walk Gives insane amounts of flee as well as a 50% chance to ignore magic. Lets you be reckless for a good 50 seconds before debuffing you for 25 seconds afterwards. Used on occasions where you need to be reckless, like breaking and entering an enemy's defensive formation. However, has a 5 minute cooldown so don't waste your time inside it.

Since these are Niche Skills, and GXs suffer from a lack of skill points, you won't be able to get all the third job skills you want. Notably Rollingcutter.png Rolling Cutter, Poisonsmoke.png Poison Smoke, Cross Ripper Slasher.png Cross Ripper Slasher, Antidote.png Antidote , Hallucinationwalk.png Hallucination Walk.

To deal with this, you can simply use the Build Manager found in the Main Office.


Learning and utilizing these techniques is mandatory to success when playing GX or PvP in general.

Skill Notes
Step Cancelling Essentially, Step Cancelling is a technique used for casting skills after using a skill with long skill animation, but short cast delay. This technique mainly applies to Cross Impact.png Cross Impact.

To perform this technique, cancel your character's animation by moving your character. You will notice that your character moves an inch before going back to finish it's animation; in the small time frame your character is moving, you can freely cast another skill.

This technique is something you must learn in order to increase your DPS dramatically becoming a cut above other GXs that don't Step Cancel. My advice for learning this technique is to take Step Cancelling slowly since you can move anytime while you are still suspended in animation. Know that you can use any skill when you Step Cancel, but I recommend Cloaking.png Cloaking to be safe or another Cross Impact.png Cross Impact since you can chain Cross Impact indefinitely.

Good ping is recommended to perform this technique with high speed and precision, however is not necessary to perform.

Back Slide Turning Backslide Turning is using /bingbing and /bangbang (which you can macro to any key or combination of keys) to quickly turn your character in a facing position to Backsliding.png Back Slide wherever you want. Master this technique to move quickly and accurately around the map similar to a Sura's Snap. Mastery of this technique will also allow you to bait effectively.
Weapon Juggling While not a mandatory skill to have if you plan to play a specific type of Cross Impact GX, Weapon Juggling is essentially utilizing your knowledge on how weapon switches work on GX to efficiently pick out the weapon(s) you want to use. So for the simplified version we will always assume you have something equipped in your Left or Right hand.

Remember that your shield will always go into your Lefthand Mastery.pngLeft Hand and Katar Mastery.png Katar takes up your Left and Right Hand. Think of using a Katar as your Neutral State where you have the most versatility in Weapon Juggling.

  • Assume you have a Katar Mastery.png Katar equipped.
    • Switching to any 1-Hand Weapon or Shield will automatically place that equipment into your Lefthand Mastery.png Left Hand.
  • Your next position is when you have something equipped into your left hand ONLY, you have 3 options, equip a Shield, a Dagger, or back to Katar Mastery.png Katar.
    • Equipping a Shield will replace the previous Dagger/Shield you equipped on your Lefthand Mastery.pngLeft Hand,
    • Equipping a Dagger will put that Dagger on your Righthand Mastery.pngRight hand,
    • Switching back to Katar Mastery.png Katar puts you back to your Neutral State.
  • Your last equipment position is when you have something equipped onto your Lefthand Mastery.pngLeft Hand, and something else equipped on your Righthand Mastery.png Right Hand.
    • Any further weapon/shield switching will replace the Lefthand Mastery.png left hand slot, (with the exception of Katar Mastery.png Katar putting you back to neutral).

It seems confusing at first because its a lot to take in, but if you remember that from Katar, The first dagger will always be on your Left Hand; the second one on the Right Hand; and any subsequent weapons equipped will replace your Left Hand until you switch back to Katars.

Defensive Gear Swapping As stated in the Equipment Section above, You do not need all your equipment on you grab whatever you need from your storage depending on what classes you are fighting and leave the rest in storage.

Body Armor Swapping is a simple technique to understand: if you can anticipate the element or skill your opponent is about to use, you should armor swap specifically to counter it. Your selection is between Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Undead and Unfrozen armor as well Holy and Ghost if you have it. Note: Elemental Resistances given from wearing an Elemental armor does not stack additively with Elemental Reductions. This means stacking Swordfish Card with Marse Card does not give you 105% Water Resistance, instead you will take 30% less Water Damage given by Marse Card from the already reduced 25% of Water Damage given by Swordfish Card. Note: Wearing an elemental Armor has a downside of being vulnerable to its opposing element. See this Element Chart for more details on elemental properties.

Garment Swapping works the same way as Body Armor Swapping. Something to note is that reducing the same element as your elemental armor is generally a wasted effort. For example, if you already have 75% resistance to Wind property damage from wearing a Wind armor, there is no need to further reduce that damage with an additional 30% Wind Resistance. Instead, use a garment that makes up for the elemental armor's weakness, or your opponent's second anticipated skill.

Headgear Swapping isn't mandatory but it certainly is helpful for surviving. Obviously switch to the element you feel your opponent uses most or Marduk card if your opponent proactively tries to silence you.

Every other type of Gear Swapping should be simple as you should only wear one kind of shield depending on what class you're up against, and you should only switch to offensive gear (like Hero's Hidden Cloth) when you feel you are in a position where defense doesn't matter. Armor swapping is mostly based on experience and class match-ups so as time progresses you will naturally become faster and more efficient at gear swapping. More information on Gear Swapping can be found in the Match-up section below.


Guillotine Cross is a pretty expensive class. However to experience everything Gullotine Cross has to offer, you will need to obtain poisons. I have compiled a list of all the Poisons GX can use as well as their materials and my recommended place to farm them.

Note: Poison Kits and Poisonous Herbs can be bought in Morroc from the Poison Herb Merchant (/navi morocc 191/94)

Note: Poisonous Herbs can also be farmed off of Card Dark Pinguicula Card

Here is the list of materials needed to create Poison Bottles.

Before making Poison Bottles, reset your stats to get 130 DEX and LUK for 100% Success Rate (with Class Bonuses)

Material Used For Obtained From Location
Berserk Potion Poison Bottle Tool Shop Any Town
Empty Bottle Poison Bottle Tool Shop Any Town
Venom Canine Poison Bottle Sidewinders Mjolnir 3 (mjolnir_03)
Dungeons -> Coal Mines -> East Portal
Bee Sting Poison Bottle Hornets Prontera Field 5 (prt_fild05)
Dungeons -> Culverts -> Step Outside Portal
Cactus Needle Poison Bottle Mukas Morroc Field 2 (moc_fild02)
Guild Castles -> Payon Castles -> Bright Arbor -> West Portal
Karvodailnirol Poison Bottle Faceworms
Poison Spores
Faceworm's Nest
Heroes' Trail -> Faceworm's Nest
Poison Spore Poison Bottle Poison Spores Mjolnir 6 (mjolnir_06)
Towns -> Geffen -> Right Warp(gef_fild00) -> Top Right Warp

Here is the list of materials needed to create GX Poisons

Material Used For Obtained From Location
Poisonous Toad Skin Paralyze Poison Toad Amatsu Dungeon 2 (ama_dun02)
Dungeons -> Amatsu Dungeon -> Amatsu Dungeon 2
Anolian Skin Phrexia Alligators
Comodo Field 3 (cmd_fild03)
Dungeons -> Beach Dungeons -> Beach Dungeon 3 -> Right Portal(cmd_fild01) -> Lower or Upper Right Portal
Decayed Nail Disheart Zombie
Ghost Palace Monsters
Payon Dungeon 1 (pay_dun00)
Dungeons -> Payon Dungeon
Izidor Venom Bleed, Oblivion Curse Any Plant Race monsters with Butterfly Hairpin [1] N/A
Sticky Poison Venom Bleed Muscipular, Drosera Veins Field 2 (ve_fild02)
Towns -> Rachel -> Southern Warp
Heart of Mermaid Oblivion Curse Iara Brasilis Dungeon 2 (bra_dun02)
Dungeons -> Brasilis Dungeon -> South East Portal
Medicine Bowl Multiple Poisons Aldebaran Alchemist Guild Aldebaran (aldebaran)
Towns -> Aldebaran -> Lower Left Corner Building

Poison Notes
Paralysis Reduces target's ASPD and Flee by 10%, also decreases Movement Speed by 50%. Great against classes that rely on their ASPD for damage or Flee for survivability. Also incredibly annoying to classes that enjoy moving at high speeds.
Pyrexia Causes Blind as well as a small amount of damage every 3 seconds. Because the Blind portion of the poison can be cured (with Green Potions), this poison is essentially useless (however if your opponent does not carry Green Potions, this poison will do wonders).
Death Hurt Decreases amount healed from Heal and other Recovery Skills. Since it doesn't affect Potions, there are simply better options.
Leech End Extremely annoying poison that causes damage every second. The damage interrupts cast as well as causes hit lag making their movements feel awkward. Leech End's cast interruption is countered by Phen Card, but the Increased Cast Time from Phen Card carries its own risks.
Venom Bleed Decreases target's max Health by 15%. Can be used to reduce damage from Suras as they rely on their health for damage, or on Frozen/Sleep targets for cheeky one shots.
Magic Mushroom Drains a sizable amount of health overtime and auto casts a bunch of buffs for your opponent. The auto-casted buffs do not put any of their skills in delay so you're just essentially giving them buffs.
Toxin Deals a small amount of damage every 10 seconds and doesn't break through uninterruptible cast. Until this poison is fixed to break uninterruptible cast, it's basically a worse version of Leech End.
Oblivion Curse Causes an insane incurable silence for 5 minutes. Look for your opponent to repeatedly /? as your tell tale sign they are under Oblivion Curse. Your opponent is basically dead once this affects them since its very hard to kill someone with just Auto Attacks and running away from a GX for 5 minutes is very hard. Note that Oblivion Curse chance is reduced by your opponent's INT, but even then, they are never completely immune; it'll just take a few attempts before they'll be afflicted by the Oblivion Curse.


Class specific tips and tricks, such as certain skill mechanics and special roles in certain environments. To start, you can try to Step Cancel Cross Impact for a kill, but in certain cases you'll need to work harder to secure a win. This section is designed for those situations in which you need to do something more tactical to win.

Class Notes
Super Novice Generally a weak class but their melee damage adds up when combined with their insane ASPD. Try not get too close to them for too long as they'll do respectable amounts of damage insanely fast. Super Novices have low HP and are extremely reliant on their high flee for survivability so Chen Card and/or high Hit gear will do wonders. Make sure you Poison Toad and Backslide often to escape their melee range. Paralyze is effective against Super Novices by reducing their normally high ASPD. Burning and Leech End will do wonders on their low health.
Oboro/Kagerou Pretty easy to predict; wear elemental armor/resistances accordingly when they have Ice Charms or Fire Charms up, Undead Armor if they have Earth Charms up. Horn Card is your only means of protecting yourself against Final Strike (will usually mean death if you're caught without it). Always be anticipating the Rapid Throw with Backslide because it will one shot you no matter what. Have Backslide ready since a Shadow Trampling (Kagerou only skill) will leave you uncloaked and vulnerable.
Rebellion Platinum Alter forces them to have Holy Bullets so you can capitalize off of that knowledge. Their constant weapon switching will ensure endows are hard to maintain for them. Cloaking will help you from getting targeted by Crimson Mark and Auto Attacks. They have low health otherwise and cannot wear a shield when they are on the offensive.
Rune Knight An unexpected Crush Strike will usually lead to death; this can be avoided by keeping your distance and/or Cloaking often. Hundred Spear is also capable of huge damage if you're not wearing a shield so cloak often to avoid being targeted. Dragon Breath RKs are nothing if you wear appropriate elemental armor/resistances. Refresh cleanses GX Poisons so using GX Poisons isn't recommended. Always try to bait out Death Bound with Cross Impact or Dark Claw; take it slow so you don't accidentally proc Death Bound. After you've managed to bait out Death Bound, the RK will be locked for a few seconds where you should capitalize with multiple Cross Impacts. Make sure to never stand in front of an RK's face because Death Bound is dependent on the RK's facing position. Place an importance on being unpredictable to bait Death Bound easier.
Royal Guard RGs are extremely annoying in the regard that Pinpoint Attack will leave at least 5 of your gears broken every fight. They are super tanky and boast respectable amounts of damage. Despite their damage, they don't have any ways to one shot you as long as your armor isn't broken. You will usually never win a straight brawl contest with Cross Impact. So, you should take your time trying to Oblivion Curse them, followed by auto attacking with a Drill Katar until you strip their equipment. Remember to cloak often to reduce the chance of getting hit with Banishing Point and Pinpoint Attack.
Warlock Warlocks have many tools that make them unpredictable. However, having an answer for most of their options is mandatory towards surviving: Elemental Resistances will help you survive their Tetra Vortex, Unfrozen Armor will prevent you from being Frozen, wearing a Neutral Armor will help you survive Soul Expansion, and being cloaked will prevent you from getting White Imprisoned often. Your first priority is to not get hit by the Earth Strain (even if it is instant cast). If the Warlock is sitting inside Safety Wall, you can try to force him out any way you like such as setting up a Cross Ripper Slasher.
Sorcerer Massive amounts of AoE and Single Target Crowd Control makes this job hard to fight, with Crystallize usually leading to death; even with proper elemental reductions, it'll be hard, but not impossible to outlast it. Diamond Dust is usually their set up for victory so try to dodge it at all costs. If the Sorcerer is inside Wall of Fog and Safety Wall, use Hallucination Walk to minimize damage, equip a Pendant of Maelstrom, move on top of them and harass them until you get hit and proc the Pendant to make his fort invalid. Poison Toad is useful for pushing them outside of Wall of Fog.
Ranger As long as you wear reductions, Arrow Storm shouldn't be able to one shot you (without Unlimit). Cloaking will prevent Warg Strike and autos from doing too much damage. Be careful of any traps your opponent lays. Remember that Firing Trap specifically causes Burning status which will uncloak you when it procs (unless you're in Cloaking Exceed). Rangers are typically squishy, they just have high flee so wear your hit gear and/or try to freeze them.
Minstrel/Wanderer Minstrels are annoying in regards to Harmonize. However you aren't affected too badly by it since CI GXs don't rely on stats as much as other classes. Make sure you wear Unfrozen armor at all times against Minstrel. It's very hard for performers to kill you with Metallic Voice or Reverberations when you're on reductions. Try to bait out Deep Sleep Lullaby and Siren's Song by standing near it's max range, otherwise it'll be hard to fight them if you're asleep or unable to hit them. You can't do much about Tarot Cards other than Cloak often to avoid being targeted. Wanderers are the same as Minstrels except they do more damage(shouldn't matter) and have less utility skills.
Arch Bishop Leech End will usually mean they will dispell them self with Clearance or suffer. They have low kill potential even with Adoramus as long as you're not lexed, caught without a shield, or wearing Undead Armor. Arch Bishops are relatively squishy, but their access to Safety Wall and Pnuema still make them hard to kill. Silentium is annoying but manageable with Green Potions.
Sura Pretty hard since the Sura generally doesn't need to try anything fancy to kill you. Body Relocate makes Step Cancelling difficult. Leech End works really well against Body Relocate. Alternatively, you can Venom Bleed to lower his damage, and/or Oblivion Curse to ensure a kill. If they can one shot you with Asura Strike use Leech End to interrupt cast (won't always save you). Watch out for Crescent Elbow. All of Sura's skills are short ranged and/or single targeted so Backslide and/or Hide will protect you.
Mechanic Axe Boomerang hurts and will one shot you if you aren't wearing full reductions. Thankfully, Axe Mechanics will mostly always have low INT making them prime Oblivion Curse targets. Although Mechanics look tanky, they really aren't since they can't use WoE Set or a Shield if they want to do insane amounts of damage with Axe Boomerang. Mado Mechanics run an adequate amount of INT so Oblivion Curse won't be as easy to inflict as it is with Axe Mechanics. Keep cloaking up to avoid being spammed by Knuckle Boosts and use Hide to dodge Arms Cannon. Always be prepared to dodge a Self Destruct.
Genetic Pretty annoying class with many tools. Take care of their Homunculus if it's being too annoying. Fire Expansion is strong but is a little slow to set up against your Backsliding. Acid Demonstration has a relatively slow cast time to make it easy to Hide against. Cart Cannon doesn't do nearly enough compared to your damage. Always be moving to help avoid Hell's Plant. Howling of Mandragora is problematic, but you can still be a threat with auto attacks plus GX Poisons. Neutral Resistance is extremely effective against Genetics since most of their damage is locked into Neutral.
Guillotine Cross Usually gentleman's agreement to not use Enchant Deadly Poison or Oblivion Curse, otherwise it's a matter of who one shots first or who Oblivion Curses first. Test to see if your opponent has Antidote (Some don't run it). Works the same way all mirror matches do. If you can win the Raw Damage Contest try to go for it, otherwise its a matter of luck and creativity with statuses.
Shadow Chaser Try to not have a lot of weight on you to reduce Masquerade success chance against you. Masq. Ignorance, Full Strip, or even Strip Armor means impending death, as well as Strip Weapon ruining all Kill Potential and Statuses. The thing about Shadow Chasers is that they are extremely reliant on getting close to you to do anything so keep Cloaking to prevent Flying Side Kick. Poison Toad and Backslide give you a lot of distance to work with. Oblivion Curse allows you to safely kill them.
Doram Dorams can be tough to kill because of Tuna Party's shield preventing statuses as well as Stoop giving them 90% Damage Reduction. One to two Cross Impacts are usually enough to knock down their Tuna Party if they aren't Stooped. In the situation where their Tuna Party is knocked off, quickly chain Cross Impacts for a kill or freeze/sleep them in between your Cross Impacts before they get the chance to Tuna Party them self again. If the Doram is Stooped with Tuna Party, just cloak/hide until Stoop wears off. Silvervine Stem Root and Catnip Powdering doesn't deter your movement too much if you can Backslide Turn efficiently.

Battlegrounds / War of Emperium

Battlegrounds(BG) and War of Emperium (WoE) are special game modes where each player / class has their own specific role they should fulfill for the benefit of their team.

A few things to note in Battlegrounds(BG) and War of Emperium (WoE) game modes:

  • Back Sliding does not work
  • Damage is reduced by 50%
  • Gameplay is team-based
  • Knock back doesn't work
  • Flee is reduced by 20%
  • Gameplay is fast paced and hectic
  • Survival is based on Max Health, Potions, Reductions, and Positioning

What this means is:

  • You must rely on Speed Potions and Hiding to evade skills.
  • One Shots are less likely to happen.
  • Working alone is generally a bad idea.
  • Poisonous Toad, and any strategies based around knock back no longer work
  • You don't need High Hit Gear.
  • Some status daggers and some Elemental Armors are too slow to use.
  • Always default Resistances and stay close to your team.


There are few roles you are playing: your first role is to use your GX Poisons(mainly Leech End and Oblivion Curse) to disrupt / disable as many targets as you can via auto attacks, Poison Smoke, and Venom Pressure. Your second job is to deal as much damage as possible. Your third role is specific to Battlegrounds; you are playing the tank since you have one of the highest HP mods as well as Hallucination Walk.

Class Synergy/Match-Up

Class Ally Enemy
Super Novice Priest buffs given by Super Novices are always welcomed. Not very useful for you otherwise. No point in killing one since they have little to no impact at all.
Oboro/Kagerou Their highly spammable Lightning Spear of Ice/Flaming Petals can provide you with a pseudo-snare making it easier for you to chain/attack affected targets. Cast off Cicada Shell and Mirror Image is still annoying but doesn't push them back anymore; just use auto attacks to get rid of it.
Rebellion Try to coordinate Anti Material Bullets with your Cross Impact for insane damage. Bound Trap is helpful as a pseudo-snare making it easier to chain/target enemies slowed by it. Even though WoE/BG is hectic, pay special attention to whether a Rebel is targeting you with Slug Shot which you should Hide against.
Rune Knight Rune Buffs complement well with your damage output and ability to tank if your RK is kind enough to give them to you. Use Leech End against RKs to completely shut down their runes and move on to a more important target.
Royal Guard Prioritize targets that have their equipment broken by ally RGs. One of the last targets you focus since it takes too long to kill them efficiently.
Warlock Prioritize targets that have been stripped by Earth Strain or slowed by Marsh of the Abyss. Warlocks in Intense Telekinesis are your main priority since you're able to sneak in without being Soul Expansion-ed. Try to avoid Support Warlocks since they're incredibly tanky and Marsh of the Abyss makes your job extremely difficult.
Sorcerer Striking is always welcomed. Prioritize targets that have been crystallized by Diamond Dust. Try to get them inside their Land Protector since they can't Safety Wall inside it. Very hard to kill otherwise. Be careful of Arrullo and Diamond Dust when you're near them.
Ranger Not very useful to you, but Warg Bite and traps still allow you to pick off enemies. Coordinate your attacks together since both of you have high damage output Wait until their Camouflage is off before attacking.
Minstrel/Wanderer Rolling Cutter becomes a strong damage option with Bragi and Assassin Song. 193~ Attack Speed gifted by Assassin Song is helpful in applying poisons. Performers are generally tanky, but still one of your priority targets since they can't really fight back when they hit you.
Arch Bishop Priest Buffs are always welcomed; notably Expatio and Odin's Power. One of your highest priority targets since their pesky Clearance removes your GX Poisons.
Sura Always ask for Blessing and Increase AGI if they're on your team. Prioritize targets trapped by Cursed Circle. Very dangerous. Generally a target you want to avoid since you're reliant on being in their Cursed Circle range to do anything to them. Your options against them is to use Magic Mushroom to mess up their Cursed Circles, Leech End to make their movements less fluid, or Venom Bleed to decrease their Tiger Cannon and Gate of Hell damage.
Mechanic Whitesmith Buffs are always welcomed; particularly Over thrust. Try to stay away from Mado Mechanics since Magnetic Field will leave you vulnerable. Axe Mechanics are still very easy to kill but are not very impactful to their team. This makes Mechanics not a priority target for you.
Genetic Make sure to always ask for Full Chemical Protection if they're on your team. Focus targets trapped by Thorn Traps. Prioritize genetics since they can't retaliate well towards your damage.
Guillotine Cross GXs don't work well together since they do the exact job and prefer to sneak in solo. Make sure to avoid poisoning already poisoned by your friendly GXs. Not a priority target since it's too hard for you to get them out of Cloaking/Hiding. Always Antidote you and your teammates if they're poisoned.
Shadow Chasers Prioritize targets that have been Masquerade Weaknessed by your SC. You're able to Poison Smoke targets stuck in Man holes. Be careful of friendly SC traps since they can affect you as well. Avoid at all costs, thankfully your cloaking makes it hard for SCs to target you. In the event they are vulnerable, it's your utmost priority to take them out immediately.
Dorams Plenty of Shrimp is always welcomed. Focus targets stuck by Silvervine Stem Root. Not a priority since they're mainly single target DPS and you don't have any tools to deal with Stoop. Try to keep a decent distance away from Dorams to avoid Catnip Powdering.