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Tank refers to a Monster Hunter: The Savage Coast mechanic or behavior. It is only applicable to High Rank Hunts.

Tank is one of the roles you can get before departing in High Rank Hunts, via Role Manager in The Wyvern (162/196). The Tank role offers supportive and defensive abilities to help allies with Aggro management when fighting Great Monsters.

The Tank role has a limit of 2 members per party and can be taken by any class.

Tanks generate 300% Aggro from monsters on the Savage Coast.


Skill Skill Type Info
Elemental Aegis Active Gives 20% all elemental resistance to your whole party and while active increases elemental cap by 5%
  • 15 seconds duration
  • 90 seconds cooldown
  • 2 Fury cost
Defiant Stand Active
  • Grants complete immunity to most damage sources.
  • 15 seconds duration.
  • 240 seconds cooldown.
  • No aggro will be generated while this skill is active.
  • When the duration ends, you will be Emotionally Exhausted (This stops Fury stacks from refreshing or increasing).
Climatic Fury Passive & Active Passive
  • When hit, gain 1 Fury
  • Can only gain 1 stack every 3 seconds, loses one every 10 seconds of not being hit
  • Each Fury gives damage reduction
  • Fury Stack Damage Reduction

    • 1 stack = 3%
    • 2 stack = 7%
    • 3 stack = 12%
    • 4 stack = 17%
    • 5 stack = 23%
    • 6 stack = 30%

    Caps out at 6 stacks

    Consumes all Fury stack to deal damage
    • Disables the ability to gain Fury for 15 seconds
    • Can not be used when "Emotionally Drained".
Vanguard Active Enters parrying stance, reducing all damage taken to 1. Gains A 15% max HP and -20% After Cast Delay buff after the stance
  • 1 second duration Parrying, 15 seconds duration buff
  • 16 seconds cooldown
Sentinel Passive & Active Passive
  • Receive 25% less damage
  • Deal 15% reduced damage to all enemies

  • Taunt your target significantly increasing your aggro

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