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Tank is one of the roles you can get in Monster Hunter 2 (MH2) via Role Manager (162, 196) in The Wyvern. Tank role offers the player to support allies with defensive skills and also draw aggro from mobs; only to return the damage taken to surrounding enemies. Tank role is capped at 2 per MH2 party and can be taken by any class.


Skill Skill Type Info
Elemental Aegis Active Gives 10% all elemental resistance to your whole party
  • 15 seconds duration
  • 90 seconds cooldown
  • 2 Fury cost
Defiant Stand Active Absorbs damage taken within the next duration and then unleashes it to surrounding enemies
  • 10 seconds duration
  • 120 seconds cooldown
Climatic Fury Passive & Active Passive
  • When hit, gain 1 Fury
  • Can only gain 1 stack every 3 seconds, loses one every 10 seconds of not being hit
  • Each Fury gives damage reduction
  • 5 max. Fury stack

Consumes all Fury stack to deal damage
  • Disables the ability to gain Fury for 15 seconds
Vanguard Active Enters parrying stance, reducing all damage taken to 1. Gains 15% max HP buff after the stance
  • 1 second duration Parrying, 15 seconds duration buff
  • 16 seconds cooldown
Sentinel Passive Receive 25% less damage, deal 15% less damage