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The Temporal Boots are special pairs of footgear crafted using materials collected in the Old Glast Heim memorial dungeon. The plain boots can be used as a poor man's Variant Shoes, but their true strength can be brought out with its elaborate system of upgrades.

They are also part of a combo with Faceworm Skins, Temporal Armors and the Special Enchants from Fall of Glast Heim.

Flowchart with the whole process


Creating and modifying the boots requires 3 materials, Temporal Crystals, Coagulated Spells and Contaminated Magic. All of these can be freely traded or sold to other players.

Image Name Uses Acquired by
TemporalCrystal.png  Temporal Crystal Creating, Upgrading, Slotting,
and Resetting Temporal Boots.
Talking to NPCs after killing each MVP. 2 Crystals per Player
Monster drops from the 2 MVPs at 100% chance. 1 Crystal per MVP
CoagulatedSpell.png  Coagulated Spell First Enchantments (Stat enchantment) Talking to NPCs after killing each MVP. 2 Spells per Player
Random Drop from all monsters in Old Glast Heim Normal Mode
ContaminatedMagic.png  Contaminated Magic Special Enchantments Random Drop from all monsters in Old Glast Heim Hard Mode

Creating Temporal Boots

Hugin's Butler (glast_01 208, 273)Copied! can craft a pair of  +0 Temporal Boots using 1  Temporal Crystal. There is no chance of failure.

Image Name Effect
TemporalBoots.png  Temporal Boots MHP +300, MSP +30.
For every 3 refine level, MHP +100, MSP +10.


The same NPC is also able to upgrade the boots if they are refined to +7. Upgrading costs 5  Temporal Crystal, and does not have a chance of failure. You will be able to choose from 6 options.

Image Name Effect
TemporalSTR.png  Temporal STR Boots MHP +300, MSP +30.
For every 3 refine level, MHP +100, MSP +10, ATK +7.
If the user's Base STR is more than 120, ATK +50.
TemporalAGI.png  Temporal AGI Boots MHP +300, MSP +30.
For every 3 refine level, MHP +100, MSP +10, Delay after attack -3%.
If the user's Base AGI is more than 120, ASPD +1.
TemporalVIT.png  Temporal VIT Boots MHP +300, MSP +30.
For every 3 refine level, MHP +300, MSP +10,.
If the user's Base VIT is more than 120, MaxHP +8%.
TemporalINT.png  Temporal INT Boots MHP +300, MSP +30.
For every 3 refine level, MHP +100, MSP +10, MATK +10.
If the user's Base INT is more than 120, MATK +60.
TemporalDEX.png  Temporal DEX Boots MHP +300, MSP +30.
For every 3 refine level, MHP +100, MSP +10, DEX +3.
If the user's Base DEX is more than 120, Decrease Fixed Cast by -0.5s, Ranged Damage +5%.
TemporalLUK.png  Temporal LUK Boots MHP +300, MSP +30.
For every 3 refine level, MHP +100, MSP +10, Critical Damage +2%.
If the user's Base LUK is more than 120, Critical Damage +30%.


All of the Upgraded Temporal Boots can be slotted. This step is completely OPTIONAL.

There are 3 ways to enchant a slot into an Upgraded Temporal Boots:

  • Using 50 Coagulated Spells, this method has a LOW success chance
  • Using 50 Contaminated Magic, this method has a MEDIUM success chance
  • Using 10 Temporal Crystals, this method has a HIGH success chance

If you decide to slot a Temporal Stat Boots and if it is successfully slotted, its refine level will remain the same.

If you attempt slotting already enchanted Temporal Stat Boots, the NPC will tell you that all enchants will be removed upon successfull slotting. You may ignore it - all the enchants remain when you successfully slot your Temporal Stat Boots.

Nevertheless Slotting has a chance of failure. Failing will revert the boots into a  +0 Temporal Boots


The Upgraded Temporal Boots (slotted or non-slotted) can be enchanted at Hugin's Magic Master (glast_01 211, 270)Copied!

First Enchantment

The stat enchantment occupies the 3rd hidden slot on the Temporal Boots. This follows a linear process: once you get your desired enchant "type" at level 1 (at random), subsequent enchants will just upgrade it to the next level.

Note: While at 1st level, the enchant can be reset for 5  Temporal Crystals. The boots are not resetable in any way afterwards.

Levels Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Cost 10  Coagulated Spell 30  Coagulated Spell 90  Coagulated Spell 270  Coagulated Spell
Enchants  Fighting Spirit 4  Fighting Spirit 5  Fighting Spirit 6  Fighting Spirit 7
 Spell 2  Spell 3  Spell 4  Spell 5
 Expert Archer 1  Expert Archer 2  Expert Archer 3  Expert Archer 4
 VIT +2  VIT +3  Max HP +1%  Max HP +2%
 LUK +3  LUK +4  LUK +5  LUK +6

Second Enchantment

This can only be applied after the First Enchantment is upgraded to the max level. Occupies the last slot on your Temporal Boots. This enchantment costs 400 Contaminated Magic. You randomly receive one of the six enchantments below.

These enchants can combo with the accessory Special Enchants from Fall of Glast Heim.

Image Name Effect
TemporalEnchant.png Bear's Might Chance when being attacked to receive the strength of a bear,

increasing STR by 200 for 5 seconds while decreasing HP by 500 every second.

TemporalEnchant.png Speed of Light When attacking, has a 2% chance to increase ASPD and Perfect Dodge by 100 while draining 50 SP per second for 5 seconds.
TemporalEnchant.png Muscular Endurance When attacked, has a 5% chance to grant 200 VIT while draining 50 SP per second.
TemporalEnchant.png Runaway Magic When casting magic spells, has a 1% chance to increase INT by 200 while draining 200 SP every second for 10 seconds.
TemporalEnchant.png Hawk Eye When physically attacking, has a 2% chance of increasing DEX by 200 while draining 50 SP every second for 5 seconds.
TemporalEnchant.png Lucky Day Adds a 1% chance when receiving damage or when attacking to increase LUK by 200, and give monsters a chance to drop  Treasure Box for 5 seconds.


The recycling can be done by talking to Hugin's Butler (glast_01 209, 273)Copied! and bringing fully enchanted Temporal Boots.

You'll receive the following catalysts back, at random:

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