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The Tomb of the Fallen, also known as Tomb of Honor or Bed of Honor, is a dungeon and the Nightmare version of the Lighthalzen Biolabs (also known as the Somatology Laboratory). It contains some of the most powerful enemies in the game, whose drops can be used to craft extremely potent headgears for the 3-1 and 3-2 classes.


Getting There

There are no prerequisites to enter The Tomb of the Fallen.

Warper NPC > Dungeons -> Tomb of the Fallen 

Alternatively, you can walk to the main entrance in the slums of Lighthalzen, situated northeast in the city. You'll need to bypass the guard by either constantly talking to him until he falls asleep, or complete the Friendship Quest.


Ohno Tohiro is the NPC responsible for dungeon information and access. He is located at @navi lighthalzen 321/218 (few cells north east of where the Warper drops you). He has three options:

  1. Ask him about the Tomb of the Fallen: Gives background and story information about the dungeon.
  2. Return to the Tomb of the Fallen: Enter the dungeon by paying 100,000z, and appear at @navi lhz_dun_n 98/201 (western side of the dungeon). Note that there is no confirmation. As soon as you select this option, your money will be taken and you will be warped.
  3. Say 'That's too much zeny': Be granted an option of paying 10 Research Charts to enter instead.

Lunar is another NPC who can grant access to the dungeon. She is located at @navi lighthalzen 320/204 few cells south east of where the Warper drops you. She has three options as well:

  1. Go where the monsters roam: Pay 150,000z to enter the dungeon. She will make you appear at @navi lhz_dun_n 162/254. This room is often plagued with monsters however, if you can muster it, you will be able to use the Questionable Device in the top right corner of the room by walking up to it where it will restore you to full HP once and avoid the higher cost of the 2nd method. You are unable to interact with the enchanter, old headgear creator and soul exchange NPCs however and will have to make your way through the often congested area of the dungeon.
  2. Enter the Sanctuary: Pay 2,000,000z to enter the Sanctuary, a location in a separate map that contain copies of all four NPCs used to enchant and create Old Headgears, trade same type souls for one soul of choice and access to Storages (Doram Kafra NPC).
  3. What kind of place is it?: Gives background and story information about the sanctuary location.


Welcome to Tomb of the Fallen! The first round of adventurers - well the ones who survived, found some pretty key details

  • All forms of Teleport are disabled while inside.
  • Everything excluding Maggots which spawn from Corpse is Boss Protocol. Walking near corpses will breed maggots. The maggots have no drops and serve merely as a nuisance!
  • The following skills are disabled: Fiber Lock, Ice Wall, Intimidate, Fatal Menace, Dimension Door, Saturday Night Fever, Manhole, Bloody Lust, Sound of Destruction, however Vacuum Extreme is fair game and useful on Corpse before Maggots spawning!
  • There is no experience death penalty inside the dungeon nor will your pets lose intimacy upon your failures.
  • Questionable Devices grant you bonuses against monsters inside and are trigger by walking up to the various ones throughout the dungeon. Some flavor text appears as a confirmation of a buff given to you, and each device can be triggered once per hour.

Normal Named Monsters

The common mobs are proof of remarkable scientific progress from the Rekenber Corporation, Bio Labs Level 3 and 4 were mere stepping stones compared to these marvelous creations! As we loom closer to Rekenber Corporation's fair trade practices, we discover friends and leaders who were presumed dead or missing on a mission. However, that would have been too sweet of an ending for those who have fallen in this sealed storage facility. These monsters are consistently generated clones of the most stalwart heroes in Rune-Midgard, investors made notes to "modify" their potential assets and the trusted Rekenber Corporation are more than willing to enhance their already powerful and disruptive skills. One thing is for sure they all have the Medium size and Boss Typing in common.

NovaRO changed the card/monster names to make sense versus inconsistencies on official servers for our convenience.

More members decrease your odds of these Rare Items being even shared into your inventory: Costume Headgears and all cards as only one are generated and given randomly with 'Even Share Items ON,' these rarer items are influenced by Bubble Gum! Common Items: Sentimental Fragments, Fallen Energy Particles, Cursed Fragments, and Souls marked with a * below generates a roll for each party member regardless of party size or Even Share Items settings also Bubble Gum does not affect these drop rates as they have already been applied for our convenience! For example, one monster could drop 10 Sentimental Fragments in a 10-man party because everyone gets a chance upon defeat to obtain one per monster.

Party members with multiple clients will have their drop chance divided by the number of clients they use. Example: If a player is using two clients the drop rate for each of his/her clients are halved so instead of having two 90% rolls on Fallen Energy Particles he/she will have two 45% rolls per character and so on for this category. However, they have more chances of scoring the rarer items (Costume Headgears and all cards as only one is generated) among the party for simply auto-following.

Normal Enemies
Image Name Level Race Element HP Drops
Eremes Guile 179 Demon Poison 4 2,380,000
Margaretha Sorin 177 Human Holy 4 2,448,000
Kathryne Cheiron 177 Human Ghost 4 2,040,000
Cecil Damon 179 Human Wind 4 2,142,000
Howard Alt-Eisen 177 Human Water 4 2,720,000
Seyren Windsor 179 Demon Fire 4 2,448,000
Randel Lawrence 178 Human Holy 4 2,550,000
Flamel Emule 176 Human Fire 4 2,312,000
Celia Alde 176 Human Ghost 4 2,295,000
Chen Liu 178 Demon Water 4 2,261,000
Gertie Wie 178 Demon Poison 4 2,040,000
Alphoccio Basil 176 Human Wind 4 2,040,000
Trentini 176 Human Wind 4 2,040,000


One spawns at random when 1,000 named spawns have been collectively slain on the map. Defeating 10 True named spawns will spawn a random Job Class named spawn (MVP).

Their sprites are almost identical to the normal named monsters except they have a white lightning aura around them.

True variations have no drops, have three times the HP pools, ~10+ levels higher and seem to have all the same skills. They do not possess the ability to summon slaves however can be mistaken for doing so if the True variation has left parties unable to clear a particular portion of the map.

Example of the True aura on Flamel Emule

Upon being summoned, this notification will appear in your chat log and at the top of the screen:

   ??? : [Name], finally you are here. It's been a long time.

Upon its defeat, this notification appears:

   ??? : You've defeated my minion, but it won't be so easy next time...
True Enemies
Image Name Level Race Element HP
True Eremes Guile 189 Demon Poison 4 7,140,000
True Margaretha Sorin 187 Human Holy 4 7,344,000
True Kathryne Cheiron 187 Human Ghost 4 6,120,000
True Cecil Damon 189 Human Wind 4 6,426,000
True Howard Alt-Eisen 187 Human Earth 4 8,160,000
True Seyren Windsor 189 Demon Fire 4 7,344,000
True Randel Lawrence 188 Human Holy 4 6,936,000
True Flamel Emule 186 Human Fire 4 6,885,000
True Celia Alde 188 Human Ghost 4 6,885,000
True Chen Liu 188 Demon Water 4 6,783,000
True Gertie Wie 188 Demon Poison 4 6,120,000
True Alphoccio Basil 186 Human Wind 4 6,120,000
True Trentini 186 Human Wind 4 6,120,000


The MVP versions are summoned when 10 True named spawns are collectively defeated on the map. As with the True versions, the MVP that spawns is chosen at random, and there is a message which appears upon its summoning and defeat. Their blue lightning aura denotes MVP versions along with earning their job class in front of their given names. Their slaves are always 1 of each True version mob of their class' sub-grouping, minus their True version. For example:

  • Rune Knight Seyren is a 2-1 Job Line therefore slaves True Eremes Guille, True Cecil Damon, True Kathyrne Cheiron, True Margaretha Sorin and True Howard Alt-Eisen
  • Royal Guard Randel is a 2-2 Job Line therefore slaves True Gertie Wie, True Alphoccio Basil, True Trentini , True Celia Alde, True Chen Liu and True Flamel Emule
Example of the MVP aura on Trentini
MVP Enemies
Image Name Level Race Element HP Drops
Guillotine Cross Eremes 189 Demon Poison 4 21,420,000

MVP Item: Soul of Thief

Arc Bishop Margaretha 187 Human Holy 4 22,032,000

MVP Item: Soul of Acolyte

Ranger Cecil 189 Human Wind 4 19,278,000

MVP Item: Soul of Archer

Mechanic Howard 187 Human Water 4 24,480,000

MVP Item: Soul of Merchant

Warlock Kathryne 187 Human Ghost 4 18,360,000

MVP Item: Soul of Mage

Rune Knight Seyren 189 Demon Fire 4 22,032,000

MVP Item: Soul of Swordman

Royal Guard Randel 188 Human Holy 4 22,950,000

MVP Item: Soul of Swordman

Geneticist Flamel 186 Human Fire 4 20,808,000

MVP Item: Soul of Merchant

Sorcerer Celia 188 Human Ghost 4 20,655,000

MVP Item: Soul of Mage

Sura Chen 188 Human Water 4 20,349,000

MVP Item: Soul of Acolyte

Shadow Chaser Gertie 188 Human Poison 4 18,360,000

MVP Item: Soul of Thief

Minstrel Alphoccio 186 Human Wind 4 18,360,000

MVP Item: Soul of Archer

Wanderer Trentini 186 Human Wind 4 18,360,000

MVP Item: Soul of Archer

Rewards and Equipment Crafting

Particles and Fragments

Energy Particles

These particles can be exchanged to obtain Energy Fragments from Bully (@navi lighthalzen 312/296). They are dropped from any Bio Lab monsters and they are divided into 5 different types depending on the floor you're in.

Energy Fragments

Energy Fragments are used to obtain Old Headgears. They can also be converted into Sentimental Fragments or Cursed Fragments .

These below methods are not often used due to the relative ease of obtaining Will of Warrior, Blood Thirst and Ghost Chill from Wolfchev's Laboratory or Bio Labs Level 4:

You can also exchange them for the following items by speaking with the Veteran Adventurer (@navi lighthalzen 318/213):

You can obtain Energy Fragments by exchanging Energy Particles however, the most popular method of earning Energy Fragments for your Costume Headgear into Old Headgear creation is speaking with Victimized Soul's Energy NPC in the Sanctuary via Lunar (above). This NPC will take applicable Bio 3 and Bio 4 weapons and give you 1 - 3 Energy Fragments at random per weapon. The Doram Kafra NPC inside has access to Primary, Secondary and Guild Storage so you may obtain your hard earned Energy Fragments~

Sentimental Fragments

Sentimental Fragments can be used to reset the enchant of the Old Headgears. It can also be consumed to warp you directly inside the Tomb of the Fallen, ignoring the costs of either Ohno or Lunar. (also works as Fly Wing if used inside the dungeon). They are obtained by:

  • Killing Bio Lab 5 monsters (3% drop chance from normal mobs, 100% drop chance from MVPs).
  • Bully can give you 1 Sentimental Fragment at the cost of 50 Energy Fragments . Useful in the end stages of your creating your headgear! (There is no give all button)

Cursed Fragments

Cursed Fragments are required to enchant Old Headgears. They are obtained by:

  • Killing Tomb of the Fallen 5 monsters (30% drop chance from normal mobs, 100% drop chance from MVPs). Main Source and is not affected by Bubble Gum as mentioned earlier.
  • Bully will give you 1 Cursed Fragment at the cost of 666 Energy Fragments . Definitely not worth it due to the retaliative ease of obtaining a Cursed Fragment via monsters inside Tomb of the Fallen versus farming weapons for Energy Fragments .

Using one will trigger various dialogues which will not appear in your chat however everyone can see the text:

  • "I am sorry...I will leave now...thank you...": Obtain 1 Energy Fragment
  • "I am so scared....": Nothing
  • No dialogue: Random teleport on a teleportation allowed map (this does not work inside Tomb of the Fallen)
  • "It's so cold in here...": Nothing
  • "Dear Odin...": Level 5 Assumptio on yourself
  • "I will never forgive you!": 10 minutes of +50 status ATK and 50 MATK, logging in and out does not remove this buff, and it persists after death. Exiting Tomb of the Fallen does not remove it, and it can be trigger outside of Tomb of the Fallen. The healer does not remove it, and it can be Clearance.

Old Headgear

Old Headgears are crafted by the Sorrowful's Soul Energy inside the Tomb of the Fallen (near @navi lhz_dun_n 136/265) or in the Sanctuary Lunar sends you safely for 2m as mentioned above.

The available headgears are:

Crafting these headgears requires a number of ingredients. First, you need to acquire souls of the corresponding first job class that matches your desired headgear's class. These all drop at a 5% chance from the normal mobs (separate chance for each party member). MVPs will drop 3 of their corresponding at a 100% chance, and reward an extra soul to the MVP.

You also need to acquire the corresponding costume headgear. These are dropped at a 2.5% chance by the normal mobs of the Tomb of the Fallen.

There are two options available when creating the old headgear.

The default option (30% chance of success) requires the following ingredients:

   1 Costume Old Headgear
   1 Soul matching the headgear class
    200 Energy Fragments  

The safe option requires the following:

   1 Costume Old Headgear
   5 Souls matching the headgear class
    1000 Energy Fragments  


To begin the enchanting process of the Old Headgear, speak with Wandering Energy inside the Tomb of the Fallen (@navi lhz_dun_n 134 265).

Each Old Headgear can be enchanted 3 times and the first two enchant attempts cost 25 Cursed Fragments each, while the third costs 50 Cursed Fragments .

You can also reset your enchants, which is 100% safe. The process costs 10 Sentimental Fragments and you're able to reset at any time during the enchantment process.

Possible Enchants:

Upon enchanting for the third time, there is a low chance of getting one of the following special enchants at random:

Once you've obtained a special enchant, you can continue to upgrade it to increase its level. The process is 100% safe and cannot break your item.

If the level increase fails, your enchant will lose a level, but it cannot go below level 1.

For levels 2 to 4, there's an additional option without a chance to downgrade, albeit at a higher cost.This does not guarantee a success and can still fail.

Special Enchant Levels
Type Levels
Mettle Lv. 1

Atk + 3%
Hit + 3

Lv. 2

Atk + 6%
Hit + 6

Lv. 3

Atk + 9%
Hit + 9

Lv. 4

Atk + 12%
Hit + 12

Lv. 5

Atk + 15%
Hit + 15

Lv. 6

Atk + 18%
Hit + 18

Lv. 7

Atk + 21%
Hit + 21

Lv. 8

Atk + 24%
Hit + 24

Lv. 9

Atk + 27%
Hit + 27

Lv. 10

Atk + 33%
Hit + 30

Magic Essence Lv. 1

Matk + 3%
FCT -0.1s

Lv. 2

Matk + 6%
FCT -0.2s

Lv. 3

Matk + 9%
FCT -0.3s

Lv. 4

Matk + 12%
FCT -0.4s

Lv. 5

Matk + 15%
FCT -0.5s

Lv. 6

Matk + 18%
FCT -0.6s

Lv. 7

Matk + 21%
FCT -0.7s

Lv. 8

Matk + 24%
FCT -0.8s

Lv. 9

Matk + 27%
FCT -0.9s

Lv. 10

Matk + 33%
FCT -1.0s

Acute Lv. 1

Crit + 3
Critical damage + 10%

Lv. 2

Crit + 6
Critical damage + 20%

Lv. 3

Crit + 9
Critical damage + 30%

Lv. 4

Crit + 12
Critical damage + 40%

Lv. 5

Crit + 15
Critical damage + 50%

Lv. 6

Crit + 18
Critical damage + 60%

Lv. 7

Crit + 21
Critical damage + 70%

Lv. 8

Crit + 24
Critical damage + 80%

Lv. 9

Crit + 27
Critical damage + 90%

Lv. 10

Crit + 30
Critical damage + 110%

Master Archer Lv. 1

Aspd + 1%
Bow damage + 4%

Lv. 2

Aspd + 2%
Bow damage + 8%

Lv. 3

Aspd + 3%
Bow damage + 12%

Lv. 4

Aspd + 4%
Bow damage + 16%

Lv. 5

Aspd + 5%
Bow damage + 20%

Lv. 6

Aspd + 6%
Bow damage + 24%

Lv. 7

Aspd + 7%
Bow damage + 28%

Lv. 8

Aspd + 8%
Bow damage + 32%

Lv. 9

Aspd + 9%
Bow damage + 36%

Lv. 10

Aspd + 10%
Bow damage + 44%

Adamantine Lv. 1

Max HP + 5%
Def + 15

Lv. 2

Max HP + 10%
Def + 30

Lv. 3

Max HP + 15%
Def + 45

Lv. 4

Max HP + 20%
Def + 60

Lv. 5

Max HP + 25%
Def + 75

Lv. 6

Max HP + 30%
Def + 90

Lv. 7

Max HP + 35%
Def + 105

Lv. 8

Max HP + 40%
Def + 120

Lv. 9

Max HP + 45%
Def + 135

Lv. 10

Max HP + 55%
Def + 150

Affection Lv. 1

Mdef + 3
Recovery skill power + 5%

Lv. 2

Mdef + 6
Recovery skill power + 10%

Lv. 3

Mdef + 9
Recovery skill power + 15%

Lv. 4

Mdef + 12
Recovery skill power + 20%

Lv. 5

Mdef + 15
Recovery skill power + 25%

Lv. 6

Mdef + 18
Recovery skill power + 30%

Lv. 7

Mdef + 21
Recovery skill power + 35%

Lv. 8

Mdef + 24
Recovery skill power + 40%

Lv. 9

Mdef + 27
Recovery skill power + 45%

Lv. 10

Mdef + 30
Recovery skill power + 55%

Note: All Special Enchants have their effects disabled in PvP, BG or WoE.

Fallen Warrior Manteau

There are two versions of Fallen Warrior Manteau:

  • Fallen Warrior Manteau has no card slot and no bonuses to MaxHP and MaxSP. These drop from Tomb of the Fallen MVPs at a 75% chance.
  • Fallen Warrior Manteau [1] has a card slot and provides additional MaxHP and MaxSP bonuses. These must be upgraded from the above version.

To upgrade a Fallen Warrior Manteau to its slotted version, you need to speak with Sorrowful Soul's Energy (near @navi lhz_dun_n 136/265).

There is a 30% chance of success and, in case of failure, everything will be lost:

You can also opt for a safe upgrade option that has no chance of failure:

Note: Any refines on the item will be lost in either process.

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