Trickster King's Invasion

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This guide is for the NovaRO's Halloween event! It spans the whole server, bringing about various changes to the fields, dungeons and towns.


  • Spirit shard.png Spirit Shards - Used to enter the Trickster King's Keep (they are obtained from the Twisted Realm).
  • HW coin.png Halloween Coins - Used to purchase several items and hats from Loki.
  • HW pumpkin.png Organic Pumpkins - Can be given to the Mysterious Coffin.
  • Spectral Nanner - Can be given to the Bad Monkey in exchange for cooking supplies.

Loki's Shop

Loki in Prontera

Loki can be found in Prontera (prontera,144,174), he will exchange HW coin.png Halloween Coins for various items and hats.
This is a listing of all once-available items. Some may not be available.

Item Cost
Spectral Nanner 5
Dead Branch 5
Angeling Potion 50
Loki's Elixir 100
Jack-o-Lantern Bag 125
HE Battle Manual 350
Bubble Gum (Event) 500
Pumpkin Mask 1,500
Nifleheim Bunny Hat 1,500
Costume Black Hand of Fate 1,500
Weird Pumpkin Hat 1,500
Lost Femur 1,500
Nifflheim Bunny Hat 1,500
Unholy Manure 2,000
Costume Deviruchi Balloon 2,500
Assassin Skull Mask 3,000
Costume Whisper Tall Hat 3,000
There is... Something... 3,000
Costume Jack Castle Bat 3,000
Floating Deviling 3,000
Sheep Horns 3,000
Silver Chain Headpiece 3,500
Red Drop Necklace 4,000
Costume Diabolic Headphone 4,000
Costume Secret Zipper 4,500
Medium Wave 4,500
Gothic Heart Wing 5,000
Memories of Gyoll 5,000
Costume: Evil Druid Hat 5,000
Double Devilings 5,000
Costume Lude Hood 6,000
Spider's Temptation 6,500
Dark Night Veil 6,500
Princess Ribbon Crown 6,500
Dark Fin Helm 6,500
Ominous Teddy Bear 7,000
Dark Mane 7,000
Celestial Dark Flame 7,000
Costume Mad Hatter 7,500
Lord of the Dead Helm 8,000
Costume Dragon Wing Ears 8,000
Costume Drooping Hylozoist 8,000
Variant Veil 8,000
Mono Gothic Bonnet 8,000
Gerhard von Devi 8,500
Vampire Capelet 9,500
Floppy Cat Ears 9,500
Costume Black Witch Hat 9,500
Costume Blue Wig 9,500
Costume Baphomet Hat 10,000
Skellion Mask 12,500
Jakk-o-Lantern Egg 13,000
Black Eremes Scarf 15,000
Brown Ribbon Scarf 15,000
Fairy Wings 16,000
Butterfly Wings 16,000
Mystic Set Box 18,500
Cheshire Set Box 18,500

Tower of Trickery

Tower of Trickery

The Tower of Trickery can be found in Prontera by talking to Tricky Ghost (prontera,162,185) and requires a party of 2-4 players.

You have to complete several mini-games within 15 minutes. For each game finished, you are given 5 Halloween Coins per floor completed. The top three fastest parties to clear the tower are placed in the leaderboard and will receive exclusive rewards after the event is over. The same party cannot win more than once, however, so if the same group has made all the top 3 runs, the 4th and 5th parties will be rewarded instead.

Before starting a game in the Tower of Trickery, you will always be given a choice between the left or right portal. Each one has a different game, so if your party struggles with a specific one, merely skip it.

Everytime you complete the tower, you will gain a point in the Tricky Climb achievements along with 120 Halloween Coins.

Title Description
Tower Toppler Complete the Tower of Trickery 50 times.

Phantom Favor

This currency is not an actual item, but you can see your current amount by speaking with the Tricky Ghost (prontera,162,185).

Obtainment methods

Both obtainment methods are limited to 1 per day per account.

  • Players who defeat the challenges within the Tower of Trickery three times in one day.
  • Players who complete Selim's Delivery Service once.


Speak with the Tricky Ghost and select Phantom Favors (Shop) to open the shop. You can buy the following items (they are account-bound):

Item Cost
Nifl Bloom Set Box
The box contains both of these items:
14 Phantom Favors
Night Spell Set Box
The box contains both of these items:
12 Phantom Favors
Broom Rider Set Box
The box contains both of these items:
12 Phantom Favors
Imp Wings 7 Phantom Favors
Gargoyle Wings 7 Phantom Favors

Demon Hunter Hector

Demon Hunter Hector

Demon Hunter Hector allows you to fight against the Trickster King. You can also only bring up to 8 people in your party and you cannot get extra rewards from dual clienting.

Hector will exchange the remains of the Trickster King for various items.

Item Cost

Gozarian Mask

250x Piece of Black Cloth

100x Ectoplasm

20x King's Essence

10x Cursed Ruby

25,000,000 Zeny

Inv 29830.png
Little Devil Wings

6x King's Stone

20x Cursed Ruby

30x King's Essence

5,000x Halloween Coin

5,000,000 Zeny

Inv 29831.png
Great Devil Wings

1x Little Devil Wings

10x King's Stone

80x Cursed Ruby

75x King's Essence

3x Vampire Familiar

250x Gold Coin

10,000x Halloween Coin

25,000,000 Zeny



Selim can be found in Prontera, near prontera 162/171.

Headgear Recolors

She can recolor the following hats for 3 Selim's Paint (obtained from Loki's Boxes) and 200 Halloween Coins :

For each recolor, you get an achievement point in Splash of Color.

Title Description
Vibrant Recolor 48 headgears with Selim (wings recolor do not count).

Mysterious Coffin

Mysterious Coffin

The Mysterious Coffin will exchange 25 Organic Agriculture Pumpkins for 50 Halloween Coins. To begin this quest...

  • Speak with the Mysterious Coffin in Prontera, near the bottom left of the fountain.
  • You will be asked to bring 30 Organic Agriculture Pumpkins and be rewarded with a Costume Executioner Hood.
  • You can now exchange 25 Organic Agriculture Pumpkins for 50 Halloween Coins as many times as you want.

The Trickster Realm

Trickster's Realm

In any dungeon of field map, you may find a Wandering Spirit which you need to kill. They will actually remain on the field as an NPC and talking to him will lead you to the Trickster's Realm.

The Trickster Realm is a small room with various monsters, their difficulty scales depending on your character's level. These all drop Halloween Coins on death and there's a 5 minutes time limit to clearing the room. You can freely re-enter after death but so can anyone else who sees the NPC, regardless of their affiliation with you.

When you reach level 175, the Wandering Spirit will open the Twisted Realm instead of the regular Trickster's Realm. You'll find harder monsters inside as well as a chance of having a mob that drops a Spirit shard.png Spirit Shard.

You can lower the difficulty of the Trickster's Realm by speaking with Loki and selecting Escape the Twisted Realm. Please note this will make the mobs easier, decrease your rewards and you will not be able to farm Spirit Shard either. You can revert this setting by speaking with Loki once more.

Town Invasion

Every now and then, a town will be invaded. The invasion progresses as follow:

  • You will get a 2-minute warning.
  • Mobs will appear throughout the indicated map, these will drop Halloween Coins. There will also be multiple Wandering Spirits spawning.
  • Another wave of monsters will spawn after a few minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, the Tricker's King will appear. Killing him will reward you with Halloween Coins if you are within its range. MVPer will receive a Costume Witch's Hat .
  • You have 20 minutes to kill this MVP.

Trickster's King

Speak with Demon Hunter Hector (prontera 140/172) to get more information about the fight.

Here's a list of changes that applies during the fight:

  • An improved version of Loki's Elixir is available for use.
  • Elemental resistances are capped to 75%.
  • Movement speed is limited.
  • Party size limit of 8.
  • Party members are able to die a total of 16 times before the King's power overwhelms the heroes and the battle is lost.
  • SP regeneration is improved inside.
  • @refresh cannot be used while fighting the Trickster King.
  • The Trickster King's power blocks the use of many skills and items, listed below.
  • Entrance requires 1 Spirit Shard per player in party (Drops exclusively from the Twisted Trickster Realm).
  • Neutral resistance is reduced by 10%, and all other elemental resistances are reduced by 15%.

Disabled Skills and Items



Title Description
Revenant Defeat the Twisted Trickster's King once.
Demon Hunter Defeat the Twisted Trickster's King 66 times.
Mad King Defeat the Twisted Trickster's King 132 times.

Cawful Trickster King

Main article: Cawful Trickster King

Tips for the event!

This section will be dedicated to tips on how to play this event.

Where do I start?

You can follow this path for the Halloween event:

  • Start by doing the Mysterious Coffin quest.
  • Farm some Creepy Critters (these are found on any dungeon or field).
  • Farm the Trickster's Realm by killing Wandering Spirits.
  • Farm Spirit Shards for the Trickster's King.
  • Kill the Trickser's King to get rarer rewards.

Trickster's Realm

If you just want to farm Halloween Coins and you find that the mobs inside the Twisted Realm are too strong for you, speak with Loki and select Escape the Twisted Realm. This will make it much easier and you'll be able to farm at a better pace. If you are confused with the names, the Twisted Realm is the same as the Trickster's Realm, except that the mobs are harder (this is only for level 175 characters).
Note: You cannot farm Spirit Shards if you disable the Twisted Realm, you will have to enable it by speaking with Loki again.

Loki's Elixir

If you are level 175 and want to keep farming easily at this level, start by farming enough Halloween Coins by exchanging Organic Pumpkins to buy Loki's Elixir (100 ). This item heals you for 10k HP and it can be reused as many times as you want. There is a 5 seconds cooldown but it is enough to keep farming without having to heal yourself in town.

Multi-hit attacks

When killing plant type monsters, such as the Wandering Spirit (or even the Creepy Critters), it is much faster to use a class with multi-hit attacks. For example:

  • Ranger using a Falcon instead of a warg. The Falcon has a chance to trigger Blitz Beat which should be killing these mobs much faster.
  • Arch Bishop using Adoramus.
  • Flaming Petal on Oboro/Kagerou.

Smaller maps

Try to farm in smaller maps since these mobs will be easier to find than in big areas. Even if there are more players in the map, it will still be more effective. Such as example would be:

  • Eclage's Dungeon (any floor).
  • Amatsu Dungeon (floor 2).
  • Hidden Dungeon (second map, with the 'large' open field).
  • Payon Dungeon (any floor).

Use lower level characters

Since the mobs scale with your level, you may find it easier to farm the Trickster's Realm for Halloween Coins using a lower level character. Just make sure you have an AoE that can kill the mobs quickly enough otherwise you might be better off using a regular level 175 character.

Participate in the invasions

Even if you can't kill the MVP, as long as you participate and don't die when the MVP dies, you will be rewarded with a random amount of Halloween Coins. The mobs that spawn in the invaded town also drop Halloween Coins which you can kill if you want to farm but make sure you are near the MVP when it is about to die.

Trickster's Invasion

When the MVP spawns during town invasions, a red minimap marker will indicate where the MVP is located at. You do not have to search for the MVP.

SP regeneration

The Trickster's King instance has a big SP regeneration bonus, allowing you to spam skills freely. This is very handy for Arch Bishops since they are able to use Offertorium at all times (Magnificat being useless in there).