Valentine's Day

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Valentino's Quest

Valentino and Valentina

Valentino will start the main quest from Valentine's Day. He can be found next to Valentina, in Prontera (prontera 159/185).

He will advise you to follow the path; after reaching the final destination he will require you to collect the following items:

Item list
100  Fragment
1  Electric Wire
1  Rusty Iron

Completing the whole quest will award you with  Coppola and a  Cherry Blossom Hat, as well as unlocking the  Costume Magical Feather crafting quest.

Valentina's Shop

Valentina can be found in Prontera (prontera 161/184), she will exchange  Gold Coin for various Headgears or Garments, but only if you're married!

This is a listing of all once-available items. Some may not be available.

Item Cost
 Heart Half A 750
 Heart Half B 750
 Blue Heart Half A 750
 Blue Heart Half B 750
 Blue Hairpiece 850
 Pink Hairpiece 850
 Blue Angel Feather 850
 Pink Angel Feather 850
 Valentine Crown of Love 950
 Valentine Crown of Devotion 950
 Pink Heartmuffs 950
 Blue Heartmuffs 950

Exclusive Quests

Image Name Slot Ingredients Location NPC
Costume Magical Feather Upper

Completing the Valentine's Day Main Quest

1  Needle Packet
50  Flame Heart
50  Wooden Heart
100  Glacial Heart
300  Tassel
300  Feather
2  Flower Hairpinᴺᵒᵗᵉ
50  Sticky Mucus
5,000,000 Zeny

@navi prontera 159/185



Love Key Garment
100  Golden Ornament
15  Gold
15  Ruby
3  Colorful Key
1  Big Ribbon

@navi alberta 46/137


Lock Maid

Heart Ribbon Garment
1000  Bread
100  Soft Silk
10  Wedding Veil
5  Soul Haunted Bread
1  Heart Hairpinᴺᵒᵗᵉ
1  Knife [4]

@navi jawaii 261/189


Love Duck

Seraphim's Flight Garment

Be equipped with a  Costume Glowing Halo

500  Feather
500  Feather of Birds
150  Angel Magic Powder
150  Golden Feather
100  Round Feather
5  Illusion Flower
2  White Dyestuffs
2  Archangel Wings
1  Angel Wing
1  White Wing Manteau
1  White Wing Brooch
250  Gold Coin
2,500,000 Zeny

@navi ra_temple 66/59


Sera Sandalphon

Heart Choco Bag Garment
2  Poring Card
2  Poporing Card
2  Marin Card

Killing the MVP Celine Kimi

1  Broken Heart [1]
1  Gentle Heart [1]

500  Burning Heart
500  Cacao
5  Hand-Made Chocolate
5  Chocolate Drink
1  Charming Ribbon

@navi pay_fild04 346/336


Arch Angeling

Michael's Fluttering Angel Wings Garment
1  Archangel Wings [1]
10  Cobaltblue Dyestuffs
10  Mysterious Dyestuffs
100  Blue Bijou
100  Fluff

200  Worn Out Page
150  Bookclip in Memory
5  Chivalry Emblem
350  Crystal Fragment
15  Hand of God

@navi yuno 197/156



Chamuel's Fluttering Angel Wings Garment
1  Archangel Wings [1]
10  Scarlet Dyestuffs
100  Red Frame
50  Burning Feather

1000  Bloody Rune
20  Dead Branch
10  Torn Magic Book
1  Valkyrie's Power Fragment

@navi morocc 240/129


Secretive Being

Garment Recolor

You can also recolor the following Garment with Miles for 3  Mysterious Dyestuffs and 50 GoldCoin.png Gold Coins at Third Floor of the Main Office.

Base Garment Color Choices
 Love Key

 Blue Love Key
 Brown Love Key
 Green Love Key
 Orange Love Key
 Purple Love Key
 White Love Key