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Weekly quests are exactly as they sound: a set of quests that can be completed once per player per week.
To start on your weekly quests you must choose a single account to do all the quests on. They will be able to be completed on any character within the chosen account, but cannot be transferred to another account once taken.

For information on limitations, refer to the Rules page.

Once you have decided what account will be doing your quests, talk to Valerie O'Daley, located at the entrance of the Main Office. Keep in mind that every player receives the exact same quests each week, so make sure to party up for those hard ones!

Completing Weekly Quests will reward the player with either Blacksmith's Blessings or Endeavor Tokens. All rewards are sent to the player via RODex.

Weekly Quests reset on Tuesdays at 00:00 PST - Server Time (The Midnight between Monday and Tuesday).

Types of Quests

Savage Coast Hunt

Reward: 1 Blacksmith's Blessing

Great Monster Hunt 1

Reward: 1 Blacksmith's Blessing

Instance Completion

  • Complete an Instance 3 times. A new random instance is chosen every week.
Reward: 10 Endeavor Tokens

Monster Subjugation

  • Kill assorted monsters in high-end dungeons. A new set of two monsters, with varying kill counts, is chosen every week.
Reward: 10 Endeavor Tokens

Combat Training

  • Kill Tomb of the Fallen Monsters. A new set of two monsters, requiring 100 kills each, is chosen every week.
Reward: 10 Endeavor Tokens

Summer Dailies

Reward: 5 Endeavor Tokens

Multiplayer Games

Reward: 5 Endeavor Tokens

Summer Concert

Reward: 150 Guitar Picks

Summer Coins

Reward: 1 Blacksmith's Blessing

Clear all Weekly Quests

  • Complete all Weekly Quests.
Reward: 7 Blacksmith's Blessing

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