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* {{Item List2|id=33047|item=2 Salt Water}}
* {{Item List2|id=33047|item=2 Salt Water}}
* {{Item List2|id=33113|item=2 Cream}}
* {{Item List2|id=33113|item=2 Cream}}
|Lenyamon Donuts
* {{Item List2|id=33069|item=2 Green Lemon}}
* {{Item List2|id=33046|item=1 All-Purpose Flour}}
* {{Item List2|id=7452|item=1 Yellow Spice}}
* {{Item List2|id=33115|item=3 Sugarcane}}
* {{Item List2|id=33048|item=1 Butter}}
* {{Item List2|id=33052|item=1 Sunflower Oil}}
* {{Item List2|id=33113|item=1 Cream}}
* {{Item List2|id=519|item=1 Milk}}
* {{Item List2|id=33070|item=2 Brown Egg}}

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The Frying Dutchman

The Frying Dutchman
Captain Mack summer02 92 378

Frying Dutchman Sailing the frying waters since 2018!

A ship has dropped its anchor near the Summer Island and it is none other than the famous Frying Dutchman! Come take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drool at gourmet dishes and say hello to part-time cook and part-time pirate Captain Mack Roni and his quirky, whiskered crew. Being the busy puss he is, Captain Mack will offer you 11 different daily quests to complete.

Finishing five quests in a single day will net you a special Summer Ticket. Mack's underling, Sous Chef, collects and trades them for account-bound headgears!

Completing every daily quest will earn you Summer Festival Coins, but completing all 11 daily quests will not earn you additional rewards.

Daily Quests

Quest Name Objective Reward
Rainbow Gemstone Delivery Deliver 5 Rainbow Gemstones. 150 Summer Festival Coins
Open Treasure Chests Open 25 Grotto treasure chests. 50 Summer Festival Coins
Kill Grotto Monsters Kill 50 Grotto Monsters. 50 Summer Festival Coins
Kill Mini-bosses Kill 3 Mini-bosses (Arcuata and Sarco). 50 Summer Festival Coins
Fishing Tournament Earn at least 75 points in the Fishing Tournament. 50 Summer Festival Coins
Digmaster Dig 50 times. 50 Summer Festival Coins
Solo Gamer Play 20 Single-player games (Excluding Dice, RPS and Arcade Games). 50 Summer Festival Coins
Social Gamer Play 15 Multiplayer games. 50 Summer Festival Coins
Island Forager Forage 75 times. 25 Summer Festival Coins
Concert Attendee Attend a Summer Concert 1 time. 60 Guitar Picks
Culinary Artist Cook 5 meals on the Frying Dutchman. 75 Summer Festival Coins

Daily Quest Reward Shop

Daily Shop
Image Name Price
Clay Poring Jar [L] 10 Summer Tickets
Bubbles [L] 10 Summer Tickets
Blue Eremes Scarf 10 Summer Tickets
Blessing Sky Lantern [L] 10 Summer Tickets
Blue Ribbon Scarf 10 Summer Tickets
Dazzle 10 Summer Tickets
Festival Scarf 10 Summer Tickets
Festival Wings 15 Summer Tickets
Master Of Snacks [L] 15 Summer Tickets
Feline Fork 15 Summer Tickets

Summer Cooking

[[File:|thumb|right|(insert NPC name later)|link=]] This year Captian Mack has opened his kitchens, letting us cook meals for his crew to get rewards!

To get started talk to Felyne Chef upon the Flying Dutchman. He will give you a list of ingredients for the recipe you are making.
You will have to make your food step by step, and select the correct options to not ruin your dish, as if you were making real food!
After going through 3 steps successfully of preparing your food, it will be finished, and you'll be rewarded 10 Gourmeow Vouchers.

Gourmeow Vouchers can be spent at the Summer Shops.

There are currently 5 dishes you may be asked to prepare, and the ingredients can be found on Summer Island through NPC's and Foraging.

Cooking Menu
Name Ingredients
Fish and Chips
Fishy Taconyos
Fried Bananyas
Lenyamon Donuts

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