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Nova Ragnarok Online is a Renewal private server with a myriad of official features and exclusive customization. Here you will be introduced to some of them.

If this is your first time playing Ragnarok Online, the Introduction to Ragnarok Online will help you get to know the game better. If you are new to Renewal, be sure to check the Introduction to Renewal page. If you need information about general gameplay, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Convenience NPCs

See also: Main Office

The Main Office in Prontera is the hub of convenience NPCs. Here are some of the NPCs you can find around Prontera spawn point and inside the Main Office:

  • Job Changer, Skill and Stat Reset, Platinum Skill Teacher, Skill Build Manager, Card Remover
  • Daily Rewards and Loyal Merchant
  • Channel Control, Login Command Manager
  • Stylist (including dozens of hair styles, hundreds of hair color, clothes color, and alternative class sprites), Costume Headgear Maker
  • And many more!

Custom Currencies

The following is a table that lists custom currencies used in NovaRO, how they are obtained, and what can be purchased with them.

Currency Obtainable from Usage Image
Cash Points
  • Donating
  • Exchanging Gold Coins into Cash Points
Purchase items and equipments from the Cash Shop
Gold Coins
  • Purchase items from The Claw and the Vending Machine in Eden HQ
  • Play the Mysterious Slot Machine (see Automated Events)
  • Can be exchanged into Cash Points
  • Can be traded with other players
DailyRwrd LoyalMerch.jpg
Proof of Loyalty
  • Purchase special consumables and headgears from the Loyal Merchant inside Main Office.
  • Account bound (Cannot be traded with other players)
Valor Badge
  • The only currency earned and accepted in Battlegrounds (BG). Purchase BG-exclusive equipment and supplies from NPCs in @go bg.
  • Account bound (Cannot be traded with other players)
Monster Coupon
  • Purchase supplies and Monster Hunter-exclusive headgears and equipments from the Retired Hunter in @go mh /navi ma_in02 31/10
  • Account bound (Cannot be traded with other players)
MH RetiredHunterShop.jpg

Official Content

See also:

Our developers work hard every day to bring the latest content from official kRO and jRO servers, and fine-tuning them to ensure that they are balanced and challenging to do for NovaRO players. One such content is the implementation of the cat-like Doram race. Note that currently they are still in beta stage.

We also have implemented and working instances from the latest updates (Heroes' Trails, Episode 14.2 and 14.3), and you can view a list of them in Instances page.

Custom Content

See also:

Our custom PvM content are designed to make leveling and gearing up convenient, so that players can party up and access more content at a reasonable pace. One such customized content is the Gramps leveling system. Similar to iRO's Gramps, you can join parties to complete hunting quests and level up together with other players. Gramps' quests are available for players Lv 85 and up. See our Leveling Guide for details.

As soon as you reach Lv 150, you can start doing Monster Hunter. It is a custom instance dungeon, designed for a small, 5-person party that generally consists of tank, healer/support, and damage dealer/DPS. You can select boss monsters to hunt, and collect the loot they drop to craft Shadow Gears. You can also exchange their loot into Monster Coupon, which is used to purchase supplies and equipments from the Retired Hunter in @go mh.

Last but not least, we have a selection of Custom Headgear Quests for the hat collectors. Players may also submit ideas for headgear quests in the forum.

Player Commands (Work in Progress)

See also: Player Commands