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Welcome to NovaRO Wiki,
the comprehensive reference written and maintained by the players.

There are currently 236 articles and 4,080 images, maintained by 19 active contributors.

Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding existing ones.

The level 185 Patch has now been implemented!

The Summer Festival has now returned to NovaRO!

Illusion of Labyrinth is now available!

Are you new to the game? Check out the Introduction to Ragnarok Online to get an idea of how the game works!

Coming from a Pre-Renewal Server? Be sure to check out the Introduction to Renewal guide to get you started!

Just new to NovaRO? Visit the Introduction to NovaRO page and see what NovaRO has to offer!

Bt status.png NovaRO

Getting Started • Player Commands • Daily Rewards • Main Office • Gold Coins • Nova Shop • Automated Events • NovaExt • Event Tickets • Headgear Recolors

Bt eq.png Equipment

Vicious Weapons • Crimson Weapons • Stat Gloves • Doram Equipment • Faceworm Skins • Verus Equipment • Temporal Boots • Meteor Strike • Bio 5 Old Headgears • Magma Dungeon F3 • Abyss Glast Heim • Illusion Dungeons • Angel Poring Boots and Heroic Capes • Fallen Angel Wings

Bt pvp.png Player versus Player

War of Emperium • Draft War of Emperium • Battlegrounds • Siege Tokens • WoE Reward Tracks

Bt enchants.png Enchantment

Illusion Enchants • Bio Lab • Hidden Enchant • Malangdo • Sarah's Earring • Verus • Horror Toy Factory • Thanatos Enchants • Banquet of Heroes Enchants • Terra Gloria Enchants • Nightmare Bio 5 Hats Enchants

Bt mechanics.png Mechanics

Refinement • Homunculus • Pet System • Guild Dungeon Investment System • Achievements (Titles) • Alternative Outfits • Palette Colors

Bt quest.png Quests

Rock Ridge • Banquet for Heroes • Fire Basin • Einbroch Murder • Cursed Spirit • Juperos • Phantasmagorica • Verus Dailies • Mora Dailies • Terra Gloria