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Class branch tree
Pticon 3genetic.png Geneticist (3rd)
Pticon tbiochemist.png Biochemist (Trans 2nd)
Pticon 2alchemist.png Alchemist (2nd)
Pticon 1merchant.png Merchant (1st)
Job Bonus of Geneticist
Str Agi Vit Int Dex Luk
+3 +6 +6 +12 +8 +2


Hello fellow players , first of all, thank you for coming here reading my guide.

To be honest it is not really a guide, but more like a diary of my journey on Genetic that I want to share for you.

While playing Ragnarok I met a lot of genetics that playing solo but got lost in their adventure. So I decided to make this guide hoping it can help them find their own way to enjoy the game as a Genetic. Thus, my guide will focus mainly on soloing.

Even though my wiki name is Alice but my ingame name Is ”Otowa Yonko”, feel free to ask any questions if you want a help by private message me ingame. If I’m not online you can try direct message on Discord instead “Ceniabestgurl#5044”

This guide is based on server I’m playing – NovaRO.

  • Important : !This guide is currently in progress!

Why do you want to read this guide ?

  • As i mentioned above, my guide will mostly focus in solo geneticist players. In this guide , i will try to share my experience in Farming , Leveling and Equipments obtaining progress.
  • Additionally, I will also guide to complete many specific instances without parties.
  • You want to know ways to use Homunculus's skills effectively.
  • You seeking for ideas building your own Genetic.

Class Overview

  • Geneticist is the highest upgrade in Merchant class Alchemist branch.
    • Pticon 1merchant.png Merchant -> Pticon 2alchemist.png Alchemist -> Pticon tbiochemist.png Biochemist -> Pticon 3genetic.png Geneticist
    • Reminder : It is highly recommend to change to Trans class and maximum its job level before changing to 3rd class.
  • Most of Genetics skills require ingredients/items to be able to use them.
    • Thus farming for ingredients/items is necessary.
  • Geneticist is the only class can play solo but not alone.
  • You are able to access to many popular element ( Neutral, Holy, Shadow ) and even rare element ( Ghost ).
  • Nightmare of non-ghost high vit bosses.

Skill Description

  • Click Expand button to show the contents.

Pticon 1merchant.png Merchant Skills

Skill Max level Skill description, note and tips
36.png Enlarge Weight Limit 10 Increase your Weight limit by 2000 at max level.
  • Generally useful as Geneticist always have to bring a lot of items for their skills.
37.png Discount 10 Decrease amount of Zeny needed to buy NPC's shop items.
  • Geneticist need to buy a lot of NPC's goods , so this skill is useful.
38.png Overcharge 10 Increase amount of Zeny when selling your items to NPC.
  • Geneticist farms a huge amount of items, so this skill is useful.
39.png Push Cart 10 Allow you to rent a Cart which works like an extra inventory with 8000 Weight Limit
  • A must have skill because it's required to use Geneticist skills.
42.png Mammonite 10 Spend an amount of Zeny depends on skill level to inflict Physical Damage to an enemy
  • Not recommend to use this skill because it consumes Zeny.
41.png Vending 10 Open a shop at Vending-allowed area ( mostly at @go 37 ). You need equip a Cart to use this skill.
  • Note : Vending will tax your goods by 3% of its price if it's successfully sold.
40.png Item Appraisal 1 Allow you to identify an unidentified item.
155.png Crazy Uproar 1 Add +4 STR and +30 ATK for 5 minutes.

30 Seconds Cooldown

154.png Change Cart 1 Change the appearance of your Cart.
2544.png Change Cart 2 1 Change the appearance of your Cart ( different list with 154.png Change Cart ).
153.png Cart Revolution 1 Inflict AoE Physical Attack Damage to enemies.
  • Note: This skill damage increase as your current Weight of your Cart increase.

Pticon 2alchemist.png Alchemist Skill

Skill Max Level Skill description, notes and tips
226.png Axe Mastery 10 Increase your ATK by +3*Skill Level when using One-handed Sword or Axe type weapons
  • Note: Even though it isn't affected by size, race and class bonuses, but it does with long ranged bonus. So you may consider putting points in this skill to maximize your damage output.
227.png Learning Potion (Potion Research) 10 Increase Healing items effect by 5*Skill levels% and Success chance when brewing potions by 1*Skill level%.
228.png Pharmacy (Prepare Potion) 10 Allow you brew a Potion requires Medicine Bowl and Manual along with Ingredients
  • Note: In NovaRO you are allow to create as many Potions as possible depend on number of Ingredients you're bringing in Inventory.
  • Note 2: If you brew Condensed White Potion by all at once option , you won't earn any Alchemist Ranking Point.
229.png Demonstration 5 Throw a Bottle Grenade into ground and create a small flame that continuous dealing Fire Property Damage on enemies. 3*Skill Level% chance to Break enemies weapon.
  • Consume 1 Bottle Grenade
  • Note : I don't recommend using this skill because of poor damage and consuming.
230.png Acid Terror 5 Throw a Acid Bottle at an enemy and inflict 200*Skill Level% ATK and has 5+10*(Skill Level - 1)% chance to break target's armor, 3*Skill Level% chance to inflict Bleeding status.
  • Consume 1 Acid Bottle
  • Note : I don't recommend using this skill because of poor damage and consuming.
231.png Potion Pitcher 5 Throw a Potion on you or your allies to recover HP or SP depend on Skill Level.
[Lv 1]: 1  Red Potion  
[Lv 2]: 1  Orange Potion  
[Lv 3]: 1  Yellow Potion  
[Lv 4]: 1  White Potion  
[Lv 5]: 1  Blue Potion  

By using this skill, the effective of above Healing items is also boosting by Skill Level and target's Vit ( For [Lv 1] -> [Lv 4]) , Int ( For [Lv 5] )

  • Note: If the user got buffed by 445.png Alchemist Spirit , Increase Healing effect equal to Base Level%.
232.png Bio Cannibalize (Summon Flora) 5 Using Plant Bottle to summon :
[Lv 1]: Summon a 1020.gif at the Maxium of 5 plants
[Lv 2]: Summon a 1068.gif at the Maxium of 4 plants
[Lv 3]: Summon a 1118.gif at the Maxium of 3 plants
[Lv 4]: Summon a 1500.gif at the Maxium of 2 plants
[Lv 5]: Summon a 1368.gif at the Maxium of 1 plants
  • Tips : This skill can be used to reduce damge of skill that is Damage decrease as the number of affected targets increase
233.png Summon Marine Sphere 5 Consume a Marine Sphere Bottle to summon a 1142.gif. Once the sphere get hit, it will move away and countdown for 5 second then explore, dealing damage to enemies around
  • Note: This skill is useless in my thought, so I don't recommend putting precious skill points on it.
234.png Chemical Protection Weapon
235.png Chemical Protection Shield
236.png Chemical Protection Armor
237.png Chemical Protection Helm
5 Consume 1 Glistening Coat to protect your :
Weapon against 215.png Strip Weapon and 343.png Break Weapon ( Monster's Skill )
Shield against 216.png Strip Shield and 344.png Break Shield ( Monster's Skill )
Armor against 217.png Strip Armor and 345.png Break Armor ( Monster's Skill )
Helm against 218.png Strip Helm and 346.png Break Helm ( Monster's Skill )


238.png Biothetic 1 Allow you to learn Homunculus related skills.
243.png Call Homunculus 1 Consume 1 Embryo to summon 1 of the 4 Basic Homunculus if no Homunculus has been created before.

If a Homunculus has already existed, this skill will call that Homunculus out instead You can access to Homunculus status table by Alt+R If you created a non-expected Homunculus, you can delete him in Alt+R

244.png Rest 1 Take your Homunculus back into Rest mode.

You are able to call back just by using 243.png Call Homunculus This skill can only be used when your Homunculus has >=80% MaxHP

247.png Resurrect Homunculus 1 Once your Homunculus is defeated in battle and its HP turn to 0, you can re-summon it by this skill.
446.png Berserk Pitcher 1 Throw 2 Berserk Potion at an allied target to increase target's ASPD regardedless Class but still require target's Base Leve >=85.
  • Note: This skill requires the user buffed with 445.png Alchemist Spirit to access to this skill
496.png Twilight Alchemy I 1 Allow you to brew 200 White Potion at once.
  • Note: This skill requires the user buffed with 445.png Alchemist Spirit to access to this skill
496.png Twilight Alchemy II 1 Allow you to brew 200 Condensed White Potion at once. You can earn Alchemist Ranking Point by using this skill.
  • Note: This skill requires the user buffed with 445.png Alchemist Spirit to access to this skill.
496.png Twilight Alchemy III 1 Allow you to brew 100 Alcohol , 50 Bottle Grenade and Acid Bottle at once.
  • Note: This skill requires the user buffed with 445.png Alchemist Spirit to access to this skill

Pticon tbiochemist.png Biochemist Skills

Skill Max Level Skill description, notes and tips
478.png Heal 10 Throw Condensed Potions depends on skill levels , heal all allies targets in 7x7 cells.
[Lv 1 -> 5] : Consume  Condensed Red Potion  
[Lv 6 -> 9] : Consume  Condensed Yellow Potion  
[Lv10] : Consume  Condensed White Potion  

Increase Healing effectiveness of used Condensed Potions by 100+10*Skill Levels%.

Since you can just quickly change a garment with Flamel Card and spam Condensed Potions and have the same Healing Amount. I don't recommend having this skill.

479.png Full Chemical Protection 5 Consume 1 Glistening Coat to apply all 4 Protection Status on you or an allies target which have the same effect as :
234.png Chemical Protection Weapon
235.png Chemical Protection Shield
236.png Chemical Protection Armor
237.png Chemical Protection Helm
490.png Acid Demonstration (Acid Bomb) 10 Inflict 1*Skill Levels hits on a target.

Consume 1 Bottle Grenade and 1 Acid Bottle . Have 1*Skill levels% chance to break target's Armor and/or Weapon. This skill is what make you a "Nightmare of non-ghost high vit bosses". Recommend to have this skill max level.

  • Note: Skill damage depends on ATK, MATK and Target's VIT.
  • Note 2: This skill is considered as Ranged Physical Attack, thus it's affected by Equips/Cards that increase Ranged Physical Attack, blocked by 25.png Pneuma, Damage decreased by 257.png Defense.
  • Note 3: No matter what your Weapon's element or enchanted by Elemental change skills, this skill is always forced Neutral property.
491.png Plant Cultivation 2 This skill have 50% success chance to summon a plant depend on skill level :
[Lv 1] : Consume 1  Mushroom Spore   to summon either 1084.gif or 1085.gif.
[Lv 2] : Consume 1  Stem   to summon 1 of the following plant : 1078.gif 1079.gif 1080.gif 1081.gif 1082.gif 1083.gif

I don't recommend to use this skill since you can obtain ingredient much faster than using this one.

Pticon 3genetic.png Geneticist Skills

Skill Max level Skill description, note and tips
2474.png Sword Training 5 Increase ATK by 10*Skill Level and Accuracy by 3*Skill Levels when equips with One-handed Sword or Dagger type weapons.

Note: Even though it isn't affected by size, race and class bonuses, but it does with long ranged bonus. So you may consider putting points in this skill to maximize your damage output. You will have enough skill points for other needed skills anyway.

2475.png Cart Remodeling 5 Increase your Cart Weight Limit by 500*Skill Level and Accuracy when using Cart Offensive Skills by 4*Skill Level.

This skill is a must have because it affects 2477.png Cart Cannon damage which is your main source of DPS.

2476.png Cart Tornado 5 Inflict Physical Damage 5x5 cells around you. The higher your current Cart weight, the higher damage.

I don't recommend to have this skill because it make your Cart always full to increase its damage. Its cooldown is also very high so in general the DPS is very low.

2477.png Cart Cannon 5 Inflict Ranged Physical Damage to a target and 3x3/5x5/7x7 cells around the target depends on skill levels.

Consume 1 Cannon Ball to use.

List of available Cannon Balls : 
 Cannon Ball   ( Neutral property )
 Iron Cannon Ball   ( Neutral property )
 Holy Cannon Ball   ( Holy property )
 Dark Cannon Ball   ( Shadow property )
 Soul Cannon Ball   ( Ghost property )

It's your main source of damage, so i recommend to get it as soon as possible.

  • Note : Even though this skill is Physical Damage skill, but you can increase your damage by increase INT, as its formula is : Damage (ATK) = [Base_Damage + {(Cart_Remodeling_Lv × 50) × (INT ÷ 40)}]%.
2478.png Cart Boost 5 Massively increase your movement speed and increase ATK.

This skill boosts your mobility a huge, I recommend always have it enable.

2479.png Thorn Trap 5 Consume 1 Thorny Plant Seed to create a trap that make an enemy step on immobilized and receive damage continuously.

A very good skill for Instance Bosses as it works on Bosses monster fully duration.

  • Note : If you use this skill on Field Bosses, it will be treated as Rude Attack and make it teleport away. Even if it teleports away, the damage is continue dealing so the bosses will also continue teleporting.
  • Note 2 : Despite using it in a Unable to teleport map, they will still teleport away.
2480.png Blood Sucker 5 Consume 1 Bloodsuck Plant Seed and place it in an enemy target to continuous deal damage, take a part of damage to heal yourself.

The healing amout is not impressive, but it can be use to interrupt monsters cast skills. It's okay to put some skill points for it.

  • Note : You can only apply 3 plants at max. If you move away the affected target 12 cells or more, the effect will be canceled.
2481.png Spore Explosion 5 Consume 1 Bloodsuck Plant Seed and place it in an enemy target. After that, a 2/2/3/3/4 seconds countdown start and explore when it ends.

Totally useless, i don't recommend have this skill.

2482.png Wall of Thorn 5 Consume 1 Thorny Plant Seed to create a thorny wall that deal damage and knock back enemies.

This skill is good to protect yourself when being surrounded by a large amount of non-boss monsters but not worth maxing out.

  • Note : The wall can be turned into 18.png Fire Wall when attacked by Fire Property Damage attack.
  • Note 2 : Once the wall turn into 18.png Fire Wallit now deals Magical Damage which is able to proc some effect require Magical Damage.
2483.png Crazy Weed 10 Consume 1 Thorny Plant Seed to inflict Earth Property Damage in an area of 9x9 cells.

Also remove Ground Skills ( Example : 2479.png Thorn Trap ). I recommend max this skill out.

  • Note : This skill deals multi separated hits in AoE so it's perfect to proc some effect require Physical Damage.
  • Note 2 : If you use this skill on a trapped monster by 2479.png Thorn Trap, it will completely remove 2479.png Thorn Trap effect, be careful.
2485.png Demonic Fire 5 Consume 1 Bottle Grenade to create a flame area continuous dealing Fire Property Damage and inflict [Burn] effect on enemies.

Recommend to max out in order to increase duration.

2486.png Fire Expansion 5 Consume catalysts to inflict different effects on 2485.png Demonic Fire area depends on skill levels :
[Lv 1] : Consume 1  Oil Bottle   to increase 2485.png Demonic Fire damage by 50%, add 10 seconds duration.
[Lv 2] : Consume 1  Explosive Powder   . Inflict Fire Property Damage by INT*10% MATK. Cancel 2485.png Demonic Fire.
[Lv 3] : Consume 1  Smoke Powder   . Allies step in will have 50% Ranged Physical Damage reduction', 15% Melee Physical Damage reduction, increase Flee by 20%. 
[Lv 4] : Consume 1  Tear Gas  . Enemies step in will have Hit and Flee reduced by 50%, HP drained by 5% per 2 seconds, forced to use /cry emo every 3 seconds.
[Lv 5] : Consume 1  Acid Bottle   to cast 490.png Acid Demonstration on enemies step in.

This skill is suprisingly good for defense thanks to effect of [Lv 3] and [Lv 4], also nice to clear large amount of high VIT monsters group by [Lv 5].

  • Note : HP drained by 5% per 2 seconds and forced to use /cry emo every 3 seconds effect of [Lv 3] doesn't work on Bosses.
2490.png Hell Plant 5 Consume 1 Plant Bottle to summon a Hell Plant which deal damage to an enemy steps on.
Damage = [{(Skill_Lv x Base_Lv) x 10} + {(INT x 7) ÷ 2} x {18 + (JobLv ÷ 4 )}] x [5 ÷ (10 − Summon_Flora_Lv)]

This skill have no use in PvM contents but main source of damage in PvP.

  • Note : This skill bypass Equips and Cards effect ( both increase damage and resistance ).
2492.png Howling of Mandragora 5 Consume 1 Mandragora Flowerpot to inflict -4*Skill Levels INT and Extense Fixed Casting Time by [0.5*Skill Levels] seconds on enemies around you.
[Lv 1 -> 2] : 11x11 cells AoE.
[Lv 3 -> 4] : 13x13 cells AoE.
[Lv 5 ] : 15x15 cells AoE.

Base chace of effect = [25+10*(Skill Level - 1)]%. Drain affected enemies SP by [25+(5*Skill Level - 1]%. Generally no use in PvM contents but works perfectly in PvP.

  • Note : This skill doesn't have effect on monsters.
2493.png Sling Item 1 Sling throwable items at a target to inflict different effects depends on used items.

See Here for more information about throwable items.

2494.png Change Material 1 Change materials into products by combining right recipes.

See Here for more information.

2495.png Mixed Cooking 2 Cook +20 Stats by combining right recipes.

See Here for more information.

2496.png Create Bomb 2 Create Bombs which is able to use for 2493.png Sling Item.

See Here for more information.

2497.png Special Pharmacy 10 Create high quality potions by using right recipe.

See Here for more information about recipes. This skill is always success, but the amount of products is affected by following factors ( the higher, the better ) :

INT , DEX , LUK status.
Base Levels.
Depends on 479.png Full Chemical Protection skill levels.
Depends on 227.png Learning Potion (Potion Research) skill levels.

See Here for more information.

5003.png Illusion Doping 5 Inflict small damage around you and inflict Hallucination status on hit enemies.

Consume 1 Alcohol Useless in PvM contents, mostly used in PvP.

5014.png Full Throttle 5 Fully restore HP, increase Base stats by 20%, movement speed by double for 5+5*Skill levels seconds.

After the effect expires, inflict Rebound which decrease 25% movement speed, prevents natural HP & SP Recovery, forced to use /swt emote every 2 seconds.

This skill is okay to have, but should be used only in emergency/decisive situations. However, its downside is its cooldown too long ( 50 Minutes ).

Additional skills info

Skills Recipes Manuals
Pharmacy.png Pharmacy Potion Creation Guide
Condensed Potion Creation Guide
Bottle Grenade Creation Guide
Acid Bottle Creation Guide
Glistening Coat Creation Guide
Plant Bottle Creation Guide
Change Material.png Change Material No Manual required.
Special Pharmacy.png Special Pharmacy How To Increase Stamina
How To Increase Vitality
How To Make High Quality Potion
Mixed Cooking.gif Mixed Cooking Cooking Book: Mix Cooking

Skill success chance formulas

Brewing Rate = [(PreparePotion_Lv × 3) + (PotionResearch_Lv) + (InstructionChange_Lv) + (JobLv × 0.2) + (DEX × 0.1) + (LUK × 0.1) + (INT × 0.05) + Potion_Rate]%

Potion Rate Potions Value of [DEX + LUK + INT/2] needed to achieve 100% rate
+15% ~ +25% Red Potion, Yellow Potion, White Potion 280
+5% ~ +15% Alcohol 380
-5% ~ +5% Acid Bottle, Marine Sphere Bottle, Bottle Grenade, Plant Bottle 480
-5% Blue Potion, Anodyne, Aloevera, Embryo, Elemental Potions, Condensed Red Potion 480
-10% ~ -5% Condensed Yellow Potion 530
-15% ~ -5% Condensed White Potion, Glistening Coat 580
  • How to achieve [DEX + LUK + INT/2 = 580] :
    • Step 1 : Prepare Minstrel and Priest (and Soul linker if you brew by Soul-needed skill). That's why I mentioned to make them during the feeding Homun time.
    • Step 2 : Reset and Unequip your brewer. Make a party and invite Minstrel and Priest, Soul linker is not needed to invite in party.
    • Step 3 : Let your Minstrel use 396.png Marionette Control which share 50% of Minstrel's base stats to his target (which is you). You'll need to hold Shift button or turn on /ns to be able to use this skill on party member.
    • Step 4 : Put stat points and equipments for your brewer now.
    • Step 5 : Let your Priest boost your stats by his skills.
    • Step 6 : Use stats boost items if needed.
    • Step 7 : Start brewing, remember to maintain your buffs during brewing progress.
      • List of popular stats boost items:
Item How to obtain Notes
Siroma Iced Tea 2495.png Mixed Cooking +20 DEX
Petite Tail Noodle 2495.png Mixed Cooking +20 LUK
Warg Blood Cocktail 2495.png Mixed Cooking +20 INT
For +20 stat foods you can also buy in market, spend a little Zeny for a whole progress is worth it.
Lucky Soup Sara's Memory +6 LUK
Red Mushroom Wine Sara's Memory +6 INT
Peach Cake Sara's Memory +6 DEX
Box of Gloom Cloud Hermit Card +3% DEX
Creation = INT + (DEX ÷ 2) + LUK + Job_Lv + Random[30, 150] + (Base_Lv − 100) + (Potion_Research_Lv × 5) + (Full_Chemical_Protection_Lv × Random[4, 10])
Difficulty = Specific_Value + Item_Rate

Specific Value = [600-20*(Skill_Level - 1)]

For High Level:
If Creation > Difficulty by at least 400, creates the maximum number of potions allowed.
If Creation > Difficulty by at least 300, creates 3 potions below the maximum allowed.
If Creation > Difficulty by at least 100, creates 4 potions below the maximum allowed.
If Creation > Difficulty by at least 1, creates 5 potions below the maximum allowed.
If Creation < Difficulty, creates 6 potions below the maximum allowed.
Item Rates are unknown.
Creation = (Job_Lv ÷ 4) + (DEX ÷ 3) + (LUK ÷ 2)
Difficulty = Random(30, 150) + Item_Rate
For Level 2:
If Creation > Difficulty by at least 30, 10~12 dishes are prepared.
If Creation > Difficulty by at least 10, 10 dishes are prepared.
If Creation < Difficulty by exactly 10, 8 dishes are prepared.
If Creation < Difficulty by at least 30, 5 dishes are prepared.
If Creation < Difficulty by at least 50, the cooking fails.
Item Rates are unknown.

Homunculus Infomation

Welcome to the most important section of Geneticist class, you may want to ask : "What is Homunculus and why is it so important ?" :

  • Homunculus is a special pet that can assist you in many ways : Tanking, Buffing, Dealing damage.
  • It will decide your play style depend on chosen Homunculus.

Base Homunculus

Homunculus Amistr Lif Filir Vanilmirth
Base Form Amistr.gif Amistr2.gif Lif.gif Lif2.gif Filir.gif Filir2.gif Vanil.gif Vanil2.gif
Evolution Form Amistr-e1.gif Amistr-e2.gif Lif-e1.gif Lif-e2.gif Filir-e1.gif Filir-e2.gif Vanil-e1.gif Vanil-e2.gif
Role Tank Support Physical Damage Dealer Magical Damage Dealer
Food Zargon Pet Food Garlet Scell

Where (*) is skills obtain-able after evolution

 Questions and answers.
  • How to create a Homunculus ?
    • Step 1 : Get 1 Embryo ( you can either buy or make 1 through 228.png Pharmacy ( Prepare Potion ) )
    • Step 2 : Use 243.png Call Homunculus to create a Homun consuming 1 Embryo .
      • Got the Homun you want ? You're done creating Homun.
      • Didn't got the Homun you want ? Open Homun status table by Alt+R , click Delete, re-do Step 2.
  • How to Evolve my Homun ?
    • Step 1 : Make your Homun Intimacy become Loyal.
    • Step 2 : Obtain a Stone of Sage then use it. Done !
      • After Evolution, your Homun will get its power significantly increased.
  • How to make my Homun Loyal ?
    • All you need is feed it with its favorite food. Simply turn on Auto Feed option and the system will do it for you.
      • Your Homun become Loyal when Intimacy reaches 911 which can be checked by Alt+R.
      • Note : your Homun Hunger bar won't decrease if it isn't summoned.

Here the table how many Intimacy gained by feeding at specific hunger level :

Hunger Intimacy
Leave your Homun starving (Hunger bar < 11%) -1 ( every 200 seconds )
1% ~ 10% +5
11% ~ 25% +10
26% ~ 75% +7.5
76% ~ 90% -0.05
91%~100% -0.5
  • Which Homun should I choose to start ?

Here are my thoughts for each Homun, hope they may help you :

  • Amistr : A Homun focus on tanking, high HP, all non-evolution skills are used to tank and draw aggro but lack of offensive skills. Thus it won't provide much DPS , however, thanks to high MaxHP and 8005.png Castling, It's perfect to protect you and allow you to deal damage freely.
  • Lif : Lif has nothing other than very high SP Pool, all of her skills are replaced by your skills already.
  • Filir : Strong from the start, easy to use but his downside is low VIT. As a result, he can hardly tank anything at Mid Game Period and further.
  • Vanilmirth : Stats is evenly, okay DPS , easy to use and it even helps you to increase Brewing success chance by 8015.png Change Instruction.
Conclusion : I recommend Vanilmirth > Amistr > Filir > Lif to start your character. Hope it helps.

Homunculus S

Homun Eira Bayeri Sera Dieter Eleanor
EiraMoving.gif BayeriMoving.gif SeraMoving.gif DieterMoving.gif EleanorMoving.gif
Role Support Tank , Magical AoE Damage Dealer Support , Summoner Support , Tank Single Physical Damage Dealer
Food Small Snow Flower Fresh Salad Apple Pudding Big Cell Bun
Skills and unlocked Level
Which Base Homun to choose and why ?
  • What make Eira special is 8023.png Overed Boost which gives 189 ASPD and 500 FLEE for both owner and her but drain 50% MaxSP when effect ends. Thanks to those boosted stats, Eira is able to tank a lot of high tiers monsters/bosses. So to maximize her tanking ability, I recommend to choose Amistr as base Homun.
  • Further more, 8023.png Overed Boost decreases Hunger bar to 1 after ended. So you can spam it to farm Intimacy which is scaled good with 8012.png S.B.R.44 of Filir and 8016.png Bio Explosion of Vanilmirth. You can consider either of them as base Homun too.
  • Bayeri is famous for his tanking ability by abusing 8033.png Stein Wand and even able to tank ranged monsters by 8032.png Goldene Ferse which increases FLEE.
  • When reaching level 138 , 8034.png Heilige Stange is now unlocked. It is spammable and low cast time, AoE and very strong but SP consuming.Tips : I highly recommend save up at least 10 Skill Points for 8034.png Heilige Stange so that you can get it immediately at unlocked level.
  • So I recommend either Filir with 8011.png Over Speed for more FLEE , Lif for high MaxSP or Amistr for MaxHP as Base for Bayeri.
  • People want 8021.png Pain Killer the most when picking Sera . It reduces received damage by a Flat amount up to 2000 at max level. Otherwise, 8018.png Summon Legion is also helpful for tanking. Since she doesn't SP consuming and mainly used for buffing, you may want her to be more useful by choose Vanilmirth for extra brewing chance or Amistr to tank.
  • Dieter has 2 buffing skills which provide ATK 8042.png Pyroclastic and resist 8040.png Granitic Armor. It's main source of damage is 8039.png Magma Flow which need to be hit to active so i recommend Amistr for Dieter.
  • 8031.png Sonic Claw is the thing makes Eleanor , strong, fast but SP consuming. However, her strenght won't change much as her Level increases. And since Eleanor always rush in frontline and draw aggro to her, I recommend Amistr for her , Filir to maximize DPS or Lif' for high SP pool.
  • Since Vanilmirth's stats is very analogous, so in fact, Vanilmirth is suitable as Base Homun for every Homunculus S. If you're in doubt, then Vanilmirth is a good choice for you.
Questions and Answers :
  • How do I mutate my Homun to S type ?
  • Is it necessary to Loyal Homun to obtain Evolution skills?
    • Only in NovaRO, you don't need to Loyal your Homun to get Evolution Skills, just Mutate it into S so your Homun will unlock Evolution Skill.
  • Does my Homun need to be Loyal to mutate ?
    • No, it's unecessary.
  • Do i need to make multi Genetics to play other style with different Homun ?
    • Fortunately, you don't need to do it, since NovaRO provides Homuncubank which allows you to store your Homun up to 4 in bank and 1 with you ( total 5 Homun in 1 Genetic ).
  • What is Homuncubank ?
    • Homuncubank is a machine can be seen at the basement of Main Office. It allow you to store and swap Homunculus. 20M Zeny plus 175 Gold Coins is price to open 1 slot of this machine, you may also pay 5000 Nova Point to buy HomuncuBank Ticket instead.

Homuncubank.jpg Homuncubankticket.jpg

  • If considering only for leveling, which homun S should I choose?
    • What suitable for you is all depend on you, but here my personal thoughts that may help you decide :
      • Eira : Very good for survival, you won't need to bring too much HP potions but kinda SP consuming even if equiped with a lot of SP leech Equipments.
      • Sera : Also very good for survival thanks to 8021.png Pain Killer. Your ASPD will get slower but it's not a high price.
      • Eleanor : Excelent to start, she will do everything for you until 175, all you need to do is chase after and loot the items. But the downside is once you got max level and start doing instance, she'll mostly be useless. (But remember to bring blue potions for her)
      • Dieter : He's good at drawing aggro by 8041.png Lava Slide and do okay damage by 8039.png Magma Flow. Also 8042.png Pyroclastic improves your damage output as at low level you won't deal much damage on your own.
      • Bayeri : Poor performance at the start, but really shine when he reaches 138 to get 8034.png Heilige Stange. Otherwise, his tanking ability is noticeable if you want to level yourself by Bosses hunting.
Conclusion : I recommend Eleanor > Sera > Dieter > (Eira = Bayeri) for leveling.
Remember : It's all are only suggestion, you should choose what you really want !

Leveling progress

Click Expand to view contents.

I assumed that you play Geneticist as Start Character for this leveling guide.

  • Level 1 -> 55 :
    • Complete tutorial allow you to be able to change job to Merchant ( thank Mom ).
    • Put you Status Points in DEX until it reaches 40.
    • When change job you are rewarded with a Novice Package . Open it for Blessing Scroll . Head to Payon Dungeon through Warper NPC and kill some Zombies1015.gif until you get Job Level 16, take 39.png Push Cart, fill up your Cart by 8000 Flower which can be bought at Flower Girl /navi prontera 113/43. Continue at Payon Dungeon by 153.png Cart Revolution until you reach 55 or you can move to moc_fild03 for some Wolf1013.gif.
      • Tips : If you don’t know how to get to a Map, you may want to open World Map by Ctrl+~ and type Map’s code name (Eg: moc_fild03) in the search bar. It then will appears the destination on the map. And if you don't know the place of a monster, you can try @whereis <monster's name> (Eg: @whereis Poring).


  • Note : Remember to collect Everything on your leveling way because you need a lot to level this class effectively. Put skill points in 38.png Overcharge to get extra Zeny.
    • Remember to change job to Alchemist at job 41 ( you don’t need to reach job level 50 because it’s not necessary ).
    • Once you changed into an Alchemist, the most priority to do is getting a Homunculus because Alchemist has almost no offensive skills suitable for leveling. So Homunculus will be your main source of power, that why unlock all Homunculus related skills are needed.
      • Tips : You may find it getting an Embryo isn’t easy as you started from Zero. But you can obtain enough Zeny by receiving Gold Coin from Dailies Reward. You can know when will you are able to receive by using command @daillies in-game. When the countdown is over, go to Main Office and talk to Dailies Reward NPC Dailliesgirl.png. Once you got Gold Coin , sell it to other player ( remember to check price before selling ). After that, buy Embryo ( searching place and price by @ws Embryo ) which is around 89.000 zeny.
  • Level 55 -> 71 :
    • You should have obtained more than 35.000 Zeny during Level 1 -> 55, now get yourself a Mercenary ( What is Mercenary – Click Here ). I suggest to get Clara – 5th Grade Bowman Mercenary. So you have total of 2 “teammates” help you on your way leveling.
    • Now you can try go to Orc Dungeon , your targets are : Orc Skeleton1152.gif and Orc Zombie 1153.gif, you can easily reach 60 at 1st Floor. You may either continue until 70 or change position to Louyang (by @go 14, then go to the warp at 6 o’clock) to hunt some Mi Gao 1516.gif (Warning : don’t let them approach you or your mercenary as they hit pretty hard).
      • Once reaching base level 65, you may want to change your mercenary into Dali - 6th Grade Bowman Mercenary.
  • Status :
Str Agi Vit Int Dex Luk
40 65 1 1 60 1
  • Level 71 -> 86 :
    • Now it’s time to join the Eden Group @go 36, and register to be a member by talking to Secretary Lime Evenor Lime.png, choose Join the Eden Group.
    • Upon joining Eden Group, you are now able to receive Eden Equipments quests given by Instructor UrUr.png . At level 71 it must be This quest. After turning in the quest to Instructor Ur, you can meet Toren to claim your rewards.
      • Equipments obtained :
 Eden Group Saber III [0]   or  Eden Group Mace III [0]   or  Eden Group Two-handed Axe I [0]  . ( I recommend to take Mace for friendly Size Penalty ).
 Eden Group Armor [0]  
 Eden Group Manteau II [0]  
 Eden Group Hat II [1]  
 Eden Group Boots IV [0]  
  • Beside Eden Equipments quests, at Level 71 you are able to receive Level 71 -> 85 Board Quest . I recommend receiving Hunt 10 Evil Druid 1117.gif , Hunt 10 Wraith 1192.gif and Hunt 15 Mi Gao 1516.gif.
    • Note : Eden board quests are affected by Increase Base/Job EXP items.
  • Status :
Str Agi Vit Int Dex Luk
59 80 20 1 60 1
  • Level 86 -> 91 :
    • Level 86 -> 90 Board Quest is now unlocked for you, I recommend to accept Hunt 30 Ground Petite 1155.gif and Hunt 30 Pitman 1616.gif. If it’s not enough for you to up to 91, continue raw leveling at Ground Petite 1155.gif. Remember to keep Crimson Mace [2] and Petite's Tail .
  • Status :
Str Agi Vit Int Dex Luk
72 80 20 1 60 1
  • Level 91 -> 99 :
    • Now continue Eden Equipments quests at Instructor Ur, take a look at This walkthrough.
      • The reward of completing Level 90-99 Eden Equipments quests is able to enchant your weapons. Recommendations : take 2 Card Goblin card and ATK+3%.
    • Along with Eden Equipments quests , receive Level 91 -> 99 Board Quest also.
      • Recommend quests :
Hunt 30 Solider 1316.gif
Hunt 30 Freezer 1319.gif
Hunt 30 Heater 1318.gif
Hunt 30 Siroma 1776.gif
Hunt 30 Roween 1782.gif
Hunt 30 Stapo 1784.gif
Hunt 30 Dark Priest 1198.gif
  • Tips : Don't turn in any Level 91 -> 99 Board Quest upon completing them, save them after change to Trans class.
  • After Transcending :
    • Now you are a High Novice Level 1, just go down South Field of Prontera and punch some porings to change into High Merchant.
  • High Merchant :
    • Turn in 1 Level 91 -> 99 Board Quest, just 1 is enough for you to change into Biochemist.
  • Biochemist :
    • Now you're already a Biochemist, turning all completed Level 91 -> 99 Board Quest and it should be level 87 or higher for you. It is not neccessary to rush at this phase because you want a Homunculus S when change to Geneticist.
    • While waiting for your Homunculus becomes Loyal, you should prepare for your next phase : Geneticist. You might want to ask : "So what should i do ?"
      • Here the suggestion To-do list :
Make a Job Level 70 Whitesmith in an alt-account for future refining , a Priest with Gloria and a Soul Linker for future crafting ( because your account is feeding Homun ). Additional 1 more alt-account for Minstrel for easy crafting, it's a must if you want brewing.
Save up as much as EXP Quests as possible : Eden Board Quests, Gramps.
And if your Homun isn't Loyal after you're done all above, you may try to Hunt Ground Petite 1155.gif for  Crimson Mace [2]   ( Save up for future refining, it will be your main weapon ) , Petite's Tail   ( Sell to other players for Zeny ) and  White Herb   ( Save for future crafting potions ).
  • Level 100 -> 111 : At this point i'll assume that you have at least 1 Homunculus S.
Hunt 30 Kobold ( 3 kinds ) 1133.gif1134.gif1135.gif
Hunt 30 Desert Wolf1106.gif
Hunt 30 Blazer 1367.gif
Hunt 30 Nightmare Terror 1379.gif
Hunt 30 Deleter 1385.gif
Hunt 30 Loli Ruri 1505.gif
Hunt 30 Gibbet 1503.gif
Collect 20  Blue Hair  
Collect 20  Ectoplasm  
  • After accepting all the above quest, turn in all quest you completed before while waiting for your Homunculus being Loyal.
  • At level 100 you are able to do Banquet for Heroes questline. See. This questline is also a very high source of experience.
  • Status :
Str Agi Vit Int Dex Luk
50 1 50 94 100 1
  • Level 111 -> 121 :
    • Accept the following Level 111~120 Board Quest :
Hunt 30 Venatu ( 3 kinds ) : 1677.gif1678.gif1679.gif
Hunt 10 Incubus : 1374.gif
Hunt 10 Succubus : 1370.gif
Hunt 10 Violy : 1390.gif
Collect 30 Fragment :  Fragment  
Collect 30 Rusty Screw :  Rusty Screw  
  • Level 115~144 Gramp Quests is opened for you now.
  • At level 120, You are now able to access Nightmarish Jitterbug, Ghost Palace.
  • Ghost Palace is easy to do at your current level. It provides a very good weapon and okay-ish armor set for you.
  • Noticeable Equipments :
 Pendant of Chaos [0]  
 Pendant of Harmony [0]  
 Pendant of Maelstrom [1]  
 Thanatos Hammer [1]  
  • An interesting point about Thanatos Weapons is they can be enchanted. I highly recommend to get the Thanatos Hammer [1] as soon as possible when you got to the required level.
  • Status :
Str Agi Vit Int Dex Luk
52 1 50 109 100 1
  • Level 121 -> 131 :
    • Accept the following Level 121~130 Board Quest :
Hunt 30 Vanberk : 1771.gif
Hunt 30 Isilla : 1772.gif
Hunt 30 Ragged Zombie : 1865.gif
Hunt 30 Zombie Slaughter : 1864.gif
Hunt 30 Ferus ( 2 kinds ) : 1717.gif1714.gif
Hunt 30 Acidus ( 2 kinds ) : 1713.gif1716.gif
Hunt 30 Hillslion : 1989.gif
Hunt 30 Tatacho : 1986.gif
Hunt 30 Centipede : 1987.gif
Collect 30 Fur :  Fur  
Collect 30 Clattering Skull :  Clattering Skull  
  • Accessible instances :
  • Level 125 : Airship Assault provides very useful Starter set, you don't need to complete the instance to get the set :
 Manteau of Airship [1]  
 Armor of Airship [0]  
 Boots of Airship [0]  
Str Agi Vit Int Dex Luk
52 1 50 119 100 1
  • Level 131 -> 141
    • Accept the following Level 131~140 Board Quest :
Hunt 30 One-Horned Scaraba : 2083.gif
Hunt 30 Two-Horned Scaraba 2084.gif
Hunt 30 Antler Scaraba : 2085.gif
Hunt 30 Rake Scaraba : 2086.gif
Hunt 30 Bradium Golem : 2024.gif
Hunt 30 Dolomedes : 2092.gif
Str Agi Vit Int Dex Luk
80 1 51 120 100 1
  • Level 141 -> 175 :
    • Accept the following Level 141~175 Board Quest :
Hunt 20 Parus : 2134.gif
Hunt 20 Angra Mantis : 2133.gif
Hunt 20 Little Fatum : 2136.gif
Hunt 20 Pom Spider : 2132.gif
Hunt 20 Petal : 2364.gif
Hunt 20 Menblatt : 2363.gif
Collect 40 Round Feather :  Round Feather  
Collect 40 Fancy Fairy Wing :  Fancy Fairy Wing  
Collect 40 Unripe Acorn :  Unripe Acorn  
Str Agi Vit Int Dex Luk
90 39 88 120 120 2
  • Level 175 -> 185 :

This step is no longer simple leveling, because to gain Experiences fast, equipments and/or party is needed, so i I don't recommend to reach 185 when still naked.

  • Consider the following leveling spots ( all monsters are targets ) :
Magma Dungeon F3 (Party recommended, hard to deal alone)
Rudus F2
Illusion of Labyrinth (Remember to accept Daily Quests) ( Recommend for strong AoE )
Illusion of Luanda (Remember to accept Daily Quests) ( Recommend for both strong AoE and Single target DPS )
Illusion of Abyss (Remember to accept Daily Quests) ( Recommend for strong AoE )
  • Daily quest of the following series :
Banquet for Heroes Daily Quests
Terra Gloria Daily Quests
Illusion Daily Quests

Equipments suggestion for each progress

Early equipments suggestion

Early equipments suggestion list (Very easy to obtain and mosly used in Leveling phase)
Equipment Equipment type Equip-able level How to obtain Notes
Weapon 120 Ghost Palace A very basic weapon that you should get as soon as possible which provide nice stats, ATK and help you maintain your HP/SP.
  • If you want to enchant this weapon : Increase Physical Damage to Normal Class is recommended.
Shield 65 Bradium Golem Cheap shield provide high DEF and some HP.
Armor 55 Banshee If you find your cast interrupted too much, then here a good choice for you.
Footgears 85 Beelzebub (MVP) It's hard to obtain by defeating MVP but with Zeny collected during your Leveling period, you can get one by buying in market with moderate price.
  • Even though its stats look pretty good, but it's not a must-have item.
Garment/Armor/Footgears respectively 125 Airship Assault Basic armor set that improves survival ability and casting time. They are just too good to ignore at leveling phase. Even if you are too lazy to do instance for them, many people sell them at giveaway price.
Accessory (Left slot only) 100 Rock Ridge Even if it's a starter accessory but the power is nearly mid-game period. The quest for it is also very easy to do so why not?
Accessory (Right slot only) 145 Sarah and Fenrir You may doubt about it because Sarah and Fenrir isn't an easy instance even for mid-late game period. But the fact that you just need to survival to complete this instance and get 1 earring for first time reward.
Headgear 40 Headgears making guide Combine with Thanatos Weapon to further increase your leeching ability.
Weapon Card 1 Archer Skeleton Increase your Damage Output , simple but effective.
  • Cards are never easy to obtain due to RNG, but the monster is too easy to kill so I would list it here.
Armor Card 1 Porcellio Further increase your Damage, but you don't need to bother farming it if you're using a non-slotted armor.

Mid-game equipments suggestion

  • Mid-game is after you reaching Base Level 175. This is when you start supply yourself with Skills ingredients so that you can attend Instance and many other things. In order to do so, you will need to either Farm, Brew or Buy stuffs. Below here are Equipments suggestion for Farming and Brewing.
Mid-game Equipments Suggestion ( Farming )
Equipment Equipment type Equip-able level How to obtain Notes
Armor 100 Biolab Gear


This is the most priority item to get at this phase because its drops are required for making Bottle Grenade and Acid Bottle . Thanks to them you can freely use 490.png Acid Demonstration ( Acid Bomb ) which is your main MVP killer skill.
  • The drop rate increases by 7% for Immortal Heart and 5% for Alcohol per refine level.
  • I recommend buy this item in market than hunting one by yourself as the monster is very strong, but the price is moderate if buying.
Armor 55 Banshee When equipped with farming gears, your cast time become terrible. So if you don't hunt Brute or Demi-human monsters, this armor is recommended to prevent interrupting casting skills.
Weapon 55
  • Banshee
  • Vanberk
  • Byorgue (recommend)
Combo with Green Operation Coat [1] so it's also most priority, remember that this combo only work on Brute and Demi-human Race monsters. Thus, I having 2 of this weapon added with Goblin Card for Brute and another with Hydra Card .
Weapon 120 Ghost Palace Recommend farming weapon if you don't hunt Brute or Demi-human monsters. It maintains your SP for a long hunt.
Footgears 85 Beelzebub (MVP) Increase your MaxSP for long hunt , and cheap.
Footgears 99 Old Glast Heim Add +3 DEX"' evey 3 refine levels which is good for reaching instant cast.
Headgear 100 Nova Cash Shop Second priority as it drops Thorny Plant Seed at refine level +7 for 2479.png Thorn Trap to keep Boss Monsters away from you.
Headgear 10 Nova Cash Shop Additional income by trading Blank Card to other useful items at Treasury floor in Main Office.
Accessory 100 Potentially dropped at last chest in Horror Toy Factory Treasure Room Randomly a defeated monster will drop Alcohol which will nearly remove the gap of drops between Immortal Heart and Alcohol of Green Operation Coat [1] . Otherwise , Karvodailnirol also give you more income. However , this item isn't too easy to get.
Pet 1 Pet System If you can't equip yourself some leeching gears then Incubus is perfect to maintain SP during long hunt.
Accessory Card 1 Plasma Able to drop Fireproof Potion Coldproof Potion Earthproof Potion Thunderproof Potion while killing monsters. Very useful for monsters/bosses with high Elemental Skills damage. Otherwise, sell it on Vending does provide income.
Accessory Card 1 Raydric Archer Provide Resentment Box when hunting Demon monsters
Accessory Card 1 Orc Archer Provide Box of Panting when hunting Demi-human monsters. Great SP recovery item for high INT or Silence immune player.
Accessory Card 1 Wraith Provide Giggling Box when hunting Demi-human monsters. Great SP recovery item for high LUK or Curse immune player.
Accessory Card 1 Cloud Hermit Enable 45.png Attention Concentrate Lv1 upon used. Provide extra DEX to reach closer to instant cast.
Weapon Card 1 Goblin Increase 20% Damage on Brute monsters, suitable for farming with Green Operation Coat [1] combo with Scalpel [3]
Weapon Card 1 Hydra Increase 20% Damage on Demi-Human monsters, suitable for farming with Green Operation Coat [1] combo with Scalpel [3]
  • Tips : You can obtain this card easily at Sunken Ship.
Any Slot 1 Temple of the Demon God You will want faster casting time for farming effectiveness instead of damage for farming. So you can put it in any unused slots.
Any Slot 1 Temple of the Demon God Incase you need some damage, then I will recommend this. Although it only provides a half of casting time reduction compare to the DEX one, but INT gives more damage.
  • Tips : The very first item you want should be Green Operation Coat [1] which is sold in market with average price. So, if you didn't get one, i would recommend you to farm for Non-Brute/Demi-human monsters first. After that, you can sell ingredients to purchase one.
Mid-game Equipments Suggestion ( Brewing )
Equipment Equipment type Equip-able level How to obtain Notes
Upper Headgear 1 Summer Festival Cheap and effective, add straight +10 LUK, recommend to refine +6 or upper.
Middle Headgear 70 Nova Cash Shop The only middle-headgear adds INT but It's kinda pricy. available to add more +LUK cards.
Middle Headgear 1
  • Owl Marquees
  • Owl Viscount
The cheapest slotted middle-headgear, available to add more +LUK cards.
Lower Headgear 10 Nova Cash Shop This pencil gives +3 DEX, It's may not as good as Four Leaf Clover .
Lower Headgear 1 The Claw This leaf gives +3 LUK, recommend to use it than Well-Chewed Pencil .
Weapon 30 Traditional Weapon Quest This weapon is potentially to enchant up to +10 DEX or +10 LUK.
Weapon 40 Level 4 Weapons (Type 2) Add +10 LUK straightly. But It's a bit expensive.
Armor 160 This Armor give INT/DEX/LUK depend on Refine levels.
Armor 100 Banquet for Heroes Potentially adding +5~14 DEX/LUK at Refine Levels +7. You may want either INT or DEX for DPS build to inherit this item.
Garment 1 Faceworm's Nest The easiest Garment that has high refine and give massive amount of DEX and/or LUK up to 21! But generally you can only see +10~18 stats.
Footgears 99 Old Glast Heim Simply add +3 DEX for every 3 Refine Levels.
Accessory 90 Bow Guardian Add +2 DEX
Accessory 160 Able to enchant +1~5 DEX/LUK. But a little pricy.
Accessory 60 Old Glast Heim +1 All stats, always useful.
Headgear Card 1 Siorava Card that adds LUK depend on refine levels, that's why i recommended to +6 your headgear.
Headgear Card 1 Holden Add +2 LUK, cheaper than Siorava Card , suitable for Middle-headgear.
Armor Card 1 Baby Leopard The best-in-slot for armor, add +3 LUK.
Shield Card 1 Zealotus The best-in-slot for shield, add +2 LUK. However, It's not easy to obtain.
Weapon Card 1 Lunatic If you use Keris as weapon, this card is suitable.
Garment Card 1 Green Maiden Since Giant Snake Skin usually at ~+10 refine level or higher, then this card will give back the penalty and even increase a high amount of LUK.
Accessory Card 1 Zerom Best-in-slot for 228.png Pharmacy (Prepare Potion) which add +3 DEX
Accessory Card 1 Cookie Since 3rd-job Brewing skill scales more with LUK, so even with +2 LUK , It's still better than Zerom Card .
Any Slot 1 Temple of the Demon God Since 3rd-job Brewing skill scales more with LUK, otherwise DEX and LUK provide same rate in 228.png Pharmacy (Prepare Potion), you can use this item to add in Shield or Footgears.

Late-game equipments suggestion


Early stage and Late stage are refered to the when you put the first step in late-game period and after getting some good gears respectively.

Late-game Equipment Suggestion
Equipment Equipment type Equip-able level How to obtain Notes
Upper Headgear 1 Master of Coin A strong headgear that can be obtain by just logging in daily and receive Daily Rewards. Combine with Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3] to increase 2477.png Cart Cannon every 2 refines of the weapon. Recommend to use it in Early stage.
60 Nova Shop If you don't want to use Amistr Beret [1] , you may want to consider this hat instead since Ranged Physical Damage also increase 490.png Acid Demonstration (Acid Bomb) damage.
100 Along with adding ATK , the start boost also good to reach instant cast. But i don't recommend to use this headgear as it's pricy and the performance is almost the same as Ship Captain Hat [1] .
170 Old Headgear The strongest headgear at the moment for DPS Geneticist. It not only increases 2477.png Cart Cannon every 2 refines of the hat, but it's also able to enchant with extremely strong options.
Middle Headgear 1
  • Owl Marquees
  • Owl Viscount
The cheapest slotted middle headgear, available for cards.
70 Nova Shop The only middle headgear with slot that bonus INT, since it's kinda pricy compare to it's bonus, I recommend to obtain it after getting all important gears first.
30 Custom Headgear -10% After Cast Delay, simple but strong. Significant increase your DPS.
Low Headgear 10 Nova Shop Add +3 DEX, further decrease casting time.
1 [1] Add +5 ATK which helps you improve your low ATK at Early stage.
90 Nova Shop Add +1 INT and +1% MATK, a step closer to instant cast, also boost a little for Acid Bomb.
Armor 99 Excellion Set This armor provide a lot if VIT and MaxHP which are great for survival. Also it's Indestructible and Enchantable, below are recommended enchants :

This armor is wanted if you need all Indestructible , Damage increasing, Freeze immune and Survivability in 1 armor.

100 Banquet for Heroes First of all, you should know that +150 MATK effect of this armor doesn't increase 2477.png Cart Cannon but massively increases 490.png Acid Demonstration (Acid Bomb) damage.
  • At Early Stage, It is recommend to keep this armor at +7 for its enchants be able to take effect:
  • At Late Stage when you refine this armor to +10 or higher, I recommend to only enchant it with Dextrous Nive Lv 1 2 3 (depend on refine levels) for Physical Ranged Damage.
130 Illusion Currently the best in slot for armor, start to be strong at +7 and best performed at +9, following are the recommended enchants :
160 A cheap armor boosts vari useful stats and good for Early stage. But It's should be swapped into either of 2 armors above as this armors doesn't provide as much survivability and damage as those two.
175 Magma Dungeon F3 Add +150 ATK at refine level +7 which is much more better for both 2477.png Cart Cannon and 490.png Acid Demonstration (Acid Bomb) compare to +7 Flattery Robe [1] . However, when Flattery Robe [1] reaches +10 or higher with Dextrous Nive Lv 1 2 3 enchant, it will out-damage Lava Leather Suit [1] .
  • Highly recommend to get one at +0/7 as soon as possible when reached required level. There are no reasons to ignore fresh 100/150 ATK.
170 Werner's Laboratory:Central Room If considering only damage output per hit, then this armor is even better than Lava Leather Suit [1] when both are at +7. However, using YSF01 Plate will mess your stat a lot as it requires 125 base STR to use that end up sacrificing either AGI or INT ( or even both ). So in my opinion, I won't recommend this armor for solo-ing, but very good in party since the buffs will improve lacking stats.
Weapon 70 Petite (1155) A very powerful and easy to get, at +15 and Base Level 175 it provides a total of 430 ATK. Also it's unecessary to care about its elements since your skills element aren't based on weapons. There is no reason to ignore it, especially in Early Stage.

So if you do not use Amistr Beret [1] , this should be the first item you want to get.

70 Desert Wolf This weapon is not a must but nice to have which can help you clear group of Small size monsters ( like Maggots in Old Glast Heim ).
75 Endless Tower Combo with Amistr Beret [1] to increase 2477.png Cart Cannon by 10% for every 2 refines of the weapon. I recommended to use it at Early Stage, so you should just let it at +8. Otherwise, this weapon is enchantable at [2].
130 Illusion Reach fully effect at +11 only. However, in order to make it best performance enchants are require which is quite costly. I recommend to think twice before doing the enchant since it's not as strong as Vicious Mind Weapon without good/perfect enchants. Following are the recommended enchants.
  • Atk + 3~15%
  • Increases long-range damage by 3~20%
160 Sky Fortress Same effect with Crimson Mace [2] but level 4 weapon and enchantable at Sky Fortress instance entrance. This weapon is potentialy out-damage Crimson Mace [2] as the enchant is pretty strong. Below are recommended enchants :
  • First enchant : +%ATK.
  • Second enchant : + % Physical damage on Boss monsters. (Priority)
  • Third enchant : + % Ranged physical damage. (Priority)
    • Since you can only keep 1 enchant and reset 2 others, commonly getting 2 wanted enchants is the most. So you should take 2 Priority enchants mentioned above.
Shield 1 Nova Shop The strongest ATK-boosting shield, provides +5% ATK/MATK just at +0 and boost more +20 ATK/MATK at +9.

Remember that this shield doesn't provide a single defensive option and also its def is 0.

  • In PvM enviroment, this shield helps you reflect Melee physical damage that will make proc special enchant of Temporal Dex Boots [1] much more easier, but be careful.It also has a chance to active Magic Mirror which provide magic reflection (but it's not reliable).
1 Nova Shop The weaker ATK boosting shield compare to Mad Bunny [1] but give some ASPD and Neutral element resistance. However, this shield def is also 0.
  • If you want ASPD to reduce animation delay, then this shield is the best option.
65 Valkyrie Decrease Fire, Water, Undead, Shadow attack by 20%, great when fight against those elements.
1 More like a PvP equipment but somewhat still useful against monsters that mostly use Neutral element attack / basic attack.
  • This shield should be +9 or higher if you want to use, otherwise Cursed Knight Shield [1] is still better if you still want some resistance.
Garment 1 Provide various bonuses depend on base stats ( the one with 90 or higher benefit from this item ).
1 Faceworm Nest Very good for 2477.png Cart Cannon as it's may add up to 21 INT, but you'll commonly see +10~+18 INT.
1 Fallen Angel Wing Provides the highest Ranged Physical Damage boosting amount at the moment. It goes along with some small boost such as ATK, ASPD, Neutral Resist. Following are the recommended enchants :
  • First enchant : Expert Archer 3
  • Second enchant : Expert Archer 3
  • Third enchant : Expert Archer 4
    • 3 enchants are available. You don't need to get exactly recommended enchants, but be sure to have its total Expert Archer about 8~10 for nice performance. The enchants are not hard to deal with.
130 Illusion Does give as high boosts as Fallen Angel Wings [1] but give Reduce 10% After cast delay which allows you to spam skills faster. This garment is a must for 490.png Acid Demonstration (Acid Bomb) but optional for 2477.png Cart Cannon. Refine level at +7 at least and +9 if possible for this garment. Following are the recommended enchants :
Footgear 99 Old Glast Heim The only one suitable for genetic as it provide DEX for casting time, Ranged physical damage and Reduce Fixed-casting time for 490.png Acid Demonstration (Acid Bomb).
  • Lucky Day : The most recommended one for special enchant as it's easy to proc, no drawback and boosting decent damage.
  • Speed of Light : In some case it's a must/should have because it makes your ASPD to 193 (which removes animation delay) and 100 Perfect Dodge (which completely ignore basic attack of monsters). Even though it costs HP and SP but nothing compare to what it provides.
130 Illusion Thanks to Illusion update, Temporal Dex Boots [1] is no longer the only usable for us the Genetics! You need it +7 at least for fully effect of equipment ( recommend to +9 if possible ). It's even the better option for Damage Boosting but not as good as Temporal Dex Boots [1] for surviving because of Speed of Light . Choose wisely between them depend on the situations. Following are the recommended enchants:
Accessory 130 Nightmarish Jitterbug The second strongest accessory for 490.png Acid Demonstration (Acid Bomb) and 2477.png Cart Cannon. Also +1 All Stats is good for reaching instant cast.
100 Last Room The combo give you +12 STR and INT which significantly increase your damage output and decrease casting time. However, the damage provided by this combo is a little lower than a pair of Pendant of Maelstrom [1] .
90 Geffen Magic Tournament Not so good for genetics nowadays, but ok to use as filler. Not worth enchanting for more %ATK.
130 Illusion The strongest at the moment for boosting damage. Following are the recommended enchants :


Late-game Card Suggestion
Card Card type Notes
Headgear Add +4 INT but -4 STR, provide extra damage and little quicker casting time
Add +4 DEX but -4 LUK, provide much quicker casting time than Essence of Evil INT 3 but no extra damage.
+10 ATK and a chance to increase +10 Perfect dodge for more defensive option, but this card is kinda rare to obtain.
+10 ATK, same as Duneyrr Card but has a chance to drop poison herb that may trouble your inventory, but it's not really a problem.
Add +2% ATK which is better than Duneyrr Card and Dark Pinguicula Card when your ATK > 500.
Provide immunity to certain status effect depend on required Stats. You will find this card very useful in some instance like Horror Toy Factory or Devil's Tower.
Armor Add +25 ATK at a cost of -5 DEF, but the drawback is too small that you can ignore
Add +30 ATK at a cost of 5 SP per attack. However, thanks to Genetics massive SP pool, you may also ignore this cost.
ATK+5% which is better than Watcher Card when your ATK > 600 without any drawback. However, the price of this card is kinda high, so I only recommend this card if you want to combo with Raydric Card .
ATK+5% but lower price compares to Contaminated Raydric Card .
Enchant your Armor with Undead property which give you Immune to Freeze, Stone status effect but you can't be Healed by Healing skill from Acolyte classes as well as un-able to be resurected through 54.png Resurrection.
Give you Immune to Freeze status effect and some Water property resistance.
Enchant your Armor with Element so you can have more resistance against the same Element of your armor. You will find it very important in many situations (Example : Old Glast Heim Hard mode.)
This card itself is useless but boost +10% ATK when pair with Rigid Nightmare Terror Card . But you should remember that this card may cause you troublesome when you need another option in armor/footgears.
Weapon Add +25 ATK and 25% Physical Attack agains Medium and Large Size monsters. This card is useful in most cases because most of normal monsters and Bosses are of those two size. Luckily, the ATK bonus will make it a little useful against small size ones.
Add +10% Ranged Physical Attack which is a cheap options when saving money for better ones.
Enhanced version of Archer Skeleton Card that provide more +2% Ranged Physical Attack at Base level 100.
Same as White Knight Card but 5% bonus higher and no ATK bonus. It means when fight against Small size monster, this card will be absolutely useless. I recommend to use this card when your weapon have >=2 slots or Two-handed weapons since White Knight Card has its combo.
Shield Provide 25% resistance against Medium and Large size monsters, Combo with White Knight Card to further increase both Physical Damage and Resistance against Medium and Large size monsters by 15% and 5% respectively.
Give +35% resistance against Ranged Physical Attack which is a very safe option when fighting agains monsters with Hell's Judgement.
Overall useful and cheap options for survival , +15% resistance agains all size monsters.
Garment The best option for damage at the moment, provide 1% Ranged Physical Attack per 10 base DEX. Since Genetic does have at least 120 base DEX in order to use Temporal Dex Boots [1] .
A survival option when you really need it, it's effect even further increases thanks to the combo with Contaminated Raydric Card .
Footgears This card itself is useless unless you pair it with Nightmare Terror Card for +10% ATK. But you should remember that this card may cause you troublesome when you need another option in armor/footgears.
Survival option , provide fresh +10% MaxHP.
Provide 3% ATK, 5% Ranged Physical Attack without any drawback. However, this card is hard to obtain.
A good card for damage boosting but it requires high refine level and will cost you some MaxHP
Accessory Currently the best combo for boosting damage output. They also provide nice AGI and STR.

Skill & Stat Build Suggestion

Build Skills Build Stats Build Notes
All 1-1.jpg

Merchant Skills

Brewing 2-2 brewing.jpg

Biochemist Skills

Statbrewing.jpg *INT , DEX, LUK will increase the success chance of brewing. Even though the Base level is 185 now and we can put more point in them, they already enough to produce the highest amount of 2497.png Special Pharmacy. As a result, increase more point in STR is better since you can carry more ingredients so each batch of product will be higher to saving your time.
  • For 228.png Pharmacy (Prepare Potion) you will want to follow the step on This to get 100% success chance.
  • The circled skills are the must have skills, you can put exceeded points anywhere you want.
DPS 3-2 brewing.jpg

Genetic Skills

2-2 dps.jpg

Biochemist Skills

  • STR : Get 90 to access to +30 ATK from Heroic Backpack [1] .
  • AGI : Put point in AGI after complete all other stats for extra decrease of animation delay
  • VIT : Always get enough 100 total to get immune to Stun, in this case, using +6 Food will get it enough.
  • INT : Main stat to increase 2477.png Cart Cannon damage.
  • DEX : Get 120 to access to all bonus from Temporal Dex Boots [1] as well as decrease casting time.
  • LUK : Each 3 LUK give 1 Status ATK, so leave it at 30 points is cheaper than 10 STR at this stage.
3-2 dps.jpg

Genetic Skill

  • Stats suggestion if you want to use YSF01 Plate [1] . Recommend to use if you have a party.

Solo instance guide

Sarah and Fenrir

Getting first time reward Sarah and Fenrir for begginers

Click Expand to view Guide.

Prepare : Yggdrasil Berry x 1

Guide in lines Images
Step 1 : Form a party and active the instance, remember that in this instance you won't be able to recruit more member after locking the party. Snf1.jpg
Step 2 : Walk near Fenrir to trigger the dialogue, let the Homun stay near her and tank all summoned monsters until Fenrir finishes her spell. Snf2.jpg
Step 3 : Go to the entrance to enter Glast Heim then head to the center of the map ASAP. Stay there for 5 minutes. Snf3.jpg


Step 4 : After 5 minutes, the portal will appears, walk into the portal, then continue entering another on the upper floor. Snf5.jpg


Step 5 : Go suicide, yeah, go suicide and wait until they finish their battle. Snf7.jpg
Step 6 : Once they finish , you'll be teleported back to the center, use the Yggdrasil Berry prepared before to refill your HP, run as fast as possible to the start point ( where you first enter the instance ). Snf8.jpg
Step 7 : Talk with Fenrir so she will reward you 1 Yggdrasil Berry , then walk to the portal at the right side. Snf9.jpg
Step 8 : Talk with Proffessor Bernhard to choose your Earring (I recommend to take Sarah's Right Earring ). Snf10.jpg
Here is the guide video
Getting first time reward Sarah and Fenrir for begginers.

Getting instances stuffs when having (almost) no equipments (Bayeri required)

Old Glast Heim Normal Mode
Old Glast Heim Normal mode - Bayeri the Carrier
3 Instances easy to do
Horror Toy Factory (No Boss), Sarah's Memory, Ghost Palace.
How to get Contaminated Magic without equipments ?
Contaminated Magic for beginners