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*{{Item List2|id=4834|item= Expert Archer 3}}
*{{Item List2|id=4834|item= Expert Archer 3}}
*{{Item List2|id=39600|item= Cecil's Memory}}
*Carded with 2x {{Item List2|id=27361|item=Contaminated Wanderer Card}}
*Carded with 2x {{Item List2|id=27361|item=Contaminated Wanderer Card}}
| My all day bows, I always use this bow for general farming, and for bio 5 (with Elemental Arrows).
| My all day bows, I always use this bow for general farming, and for bio 5 (with Elemental Arrows).
|- style="height: 5em;"
| '''{{Item List2|id=18186|item= +15 Aiming Bow}}'''
*{{Item List2|id=4815|item= Spell 1}}
*Carded with 2x {{Item List2|id=27361|item=Contaminated Wanderer Card}}
| My experimental bow for Aimed Bolt. Still not really useful in any case.

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Pticon 3ranger.png Ranger
Job Base: Archer
Written By: BlackIntels
Job Bonuses
2 11 9 7 8 3


"The only 2 differences between the beginners and the experts are the amount of time they spent in the game, and the amount of information collected. And I'm here to share you The Secret Intels about being Ranger in NovaRO" -BlackIntels

If you are here to see my equip, then please click here to get there.

I'm starting a YouTube Channel regarding Ragnarok Online especially NovaRO. If you are interested in News, Tutorials, Tips & Tricks, and Random Talk about future Ragnarok Online / NovaRO contents consider checking my YouTube Channel here.

Opening Act

I swear I never intended this to be a guide. It's more like a place where I share all of my documentation of all my tests regarding Ranger in NovaRO. So I need to write this at the beginning. There are actually 2 parts of this guide:

  1. The BlackIntels PvE Ranger Guide "Sharp Shooting Ranger for Dummies" and '"Bio 5 Ranger for Dummies"
    • This is the kind of information that I would like to read in late august 19' when I came back to NovaRO after my hiatus. Switching from Arrow Storm Build to Sharp Shooting, what is the Status Build, Beginner's EQ, slightly better EQ, the End-game build, and right at the end you will find my current Equipment. You can just scroll down to find this guide. This part was meant to be a recommendation, you might find something better if you want to test things out.
  2. The "Current Research Data Collected"
    • Click here to get there by the way, this part is actually what I'm focusing on. "How do I get the best price value out of my equipment setup?", "Is buying a Blut Hase Card for 500m gonna be worth all the money?", "How much do I get if I evolution my High Orc to Orc Hero?", "What is the best pet with my setup?", and many more. A lot of information that might save you from buying a wrong thing, and having the headache of selling it again. I just wish this part gonna be a little guidance towards what you might get, NOT what you actually will get.

I'm no english native speaker by the way, and I never write anything in english as heavy as this one in my life, lul. So I hope that my weakness in english language doesn't stop you to get the information about Ranger and get the best out of your Zeny~ Enjoy your time !


Ranger is one of the best ranged class in Ragnarok Online. In the old time we have Falcon to company us during our hunts, but now we switched to "Warg". "Warg" is the new companion that Rangers have. It allow you to move faster than most classes in Ragnarok Online. The rather old skill 2233.png Arrow Storm is super helpful during early game, be it Leveling or Farming. Later on 8215.png Sharp Shooting will make you truly shine among the other DPS in Ragnarok. I hate to say this but Ranger is not the #1 DPS anymore. We were the #1 DPS thanks to the rework of Sharp Shooting skills, but since RK / GX update, we are lacking behind them, making us #3 DPS. Thanks to the AoE-type skill 8215.png Sharp Shooting we are still super helpful in end-game Farming Places like Bio5, Magma 3, and other instances hunt. The classic skill 117.png Ankle Snare is the biggest boost for the Ranger survivability.

Important Skills

These are few of the skills that I find important for Rangers, but if you are interested in depth what are the complete skills of Archer / Hunter / Sniper / Ranger, I would like to recommend you to read more about Archer Branch Skills here.


Skill Note
43.png Owl's Eye

This both skills are self-explanatory, incease your attack range and DEX per Level

44.png Vulture's Eye
45.png Improve Concentration Incease your AGI and DEX by certain % amount. This skill is super helpful even at end game
46.png Double Strafe Good single-target skill for beginning
47.png Arrow Shower Good AoE-skill (Area of Effect) which allow you hit multiple monsters at a time for the purpose of leveling
147.png Arrow Crafting Allowing you to create your own arrows from materials. We have custom Arrow Seller NPC in Payon so no need to craft arrows by yourself, but I usually only use this skill to make Immaterial Arrow cause they are not buyable on this NPC


Skill Note
8215.png Sharp Shooting Thanks to the rework, this transcendent Skill is our main skill as Damage Dealer. Allowing us to critical hit while using skills, and a kinda good AoE-type skill
383.png Wind Walker Increase Flee-Rate and Moving Speed to you and your party member, really helpful skill to move faster
380.png True Sight Huge boost to Hit, Damage, and Critical Rate. This skill is a must to be spammed when you are fighting anything
117.png Ankle Snare Immobilize monsters, if being stepped on. Increase your survivability, and make your Potion usage even lower, cause you can kill the monsters while they are unable to reach you
115.png Skid Trap Make your enemy move cells away depending on skill levels. This skill might sound stupid, but it's super helpful in cases like Monster Hunting 2, where your Ankle Snare is disabled
129.png Blitz Beat Allowing your falcon to attack. Usually helpful in cases where you have to kill monsters that only take "1" damage, cause Auto-Blitz Beat gonna hit them multiple time, while you are auto attacking


Skill Note
2236.png Aimed Bolt single-target type skill which gonna get a boost in the next update. This might be our next main Skill for Aimed Bolt build
2233.png Arrow Storm Really strong skill for the purpose of leveling till lv 175. This skill made Ranger the best Damage Dealer in leveling phase, be it in party or solo cases
2247.png Camouflage Allowing you to stay "hidden" while moving and increasing your damage the longer you are in Camouflage. Really useful in places with no Boss / Demon / Insect Monsters
5002.png Unlimit One of your best skill. HUGE boost to your damage, but reducing your DEF and MDEF to 1 making you super easy to be killed. Make sure to stay alive during the duration
2241.png Warg Rider Coupled with Wind Walk, this skill will allow you to move super fast anywhere you want to go
2243.png Warg Strike Allowing your Warg to attack, and increase the damage too. Coupled with 2245.png Tooth of Warg it will boost the damage even higher

Sharp Shooting Ranger for Dummies

So you finally changed your class to Ranger, but still with the lovely Eden Gear and don't know how to continue? My recommendation would be go to read How to Make Zeny with this Guide to allow you buy your White Wing Set and later go for a while with PvE Ranger Guide by Inberun while doing Banquet of Heros x Terra Gloria x Illusion Quest just until you hit lv 130 (minimum level for wearing Illusion 17.1 Set). I think if you autoloot all the item drops from the beginning, you can sell the unimportant drops with Merchant Class for Overcharge and you get the money to start, but I personally think you don't need to switch to Sharp Shooting build right away, cause AS build is totally fine till Gramps 145+.

  1. Throw away your Eden Bow and buy Hunter Bow in @go payon and pair it with Hunting Arrow
  2. Buy 40x Mora Coin from market > @go mora > Exchange 40x Mora Coin to NPC "Master of Artifacts" @navi mora 147/97 for White Wing Suit White Wing Manteau White Wing Boots White Wing Brooch


Changing from 2233.png Arrow Storm (AS) Build to 8215.png Sharp Shooting (SS) Build is a weird process. You'd gonna notice a lower damage per skill in the beginning. Cause without a proper Equip 8215.png Sharp Shooting deals lower damage than 2233.png Arrow Storm, BUT even with lower damage SS deals way higher damage in the long run, cause you are able to spam it like crazy, and the critical hit will definitely able to take care of high FLEE Monsters which AS unable to take care of.

Pro Cons
  • Way higher damage per second than Arrow Storm Build
  • CRIT-type skill which make you able to hit Agi UP MVP (Arrow Storm will never hit)
  • AOE-type (Area of Effect) skill allowing you killing multiple enemies at one time
  • Smaller Area of Effect (AOE) in comparison to Arrow Storm Build
  • Low damage per Sharp Shooting at beginning
  • Need 90 CRIT to be able to critical hit almost all monsters and MVP
  • Lower SP-Leech chance due to the smaller AOE

Status Build

Changing from 2233.png Arrow Storm build to 8215.png Sharp Shooting build will require you to put some stats to other places. When pure AS Build doesn't require LUK, SS Build really need LUK for allowing you Critical Hit with 8215.png Sharp Shooting. You will notice at the beginning sometimes your SS damage gonna spike, but then goes lower again. The reason behind this "spikes" are 8215.png Sharp Shooting dealing Critical Hit which requires you to have high amount of LUK. I'm not focusing in detail what every stats gonna do, but if you are interested about the effects try read more about it in our Ranger general guide.

Example Status Build for Sharp Shooting Ranger Lv.185 :

Stats Allocated Base Points Priority Stats Effect Note
  • STR
70 Secondary Extra Weight to carry items, and small boost in statusATK

Primary means it should be your focus at the early game. You should invest most of your stats points to this, while Secondary means that in the early game you can put like 20-30 into those stats.

  • AGI
100 Primary Attack Speed and FLEE
  • VIT
70 Secondary MaxHP, and DEF
  • INT
97 Increase MaxSP, faster variable-casting-time, and SP recovery rate
  • DEX
120 Primary Boosts your Damage, ASPD (small bonus), faster variable-casting-time, Hit-Rate
  • LUK
100 Extra crit chance, slight boost in damage
  • The Primary stats for beginning are AGI, DEX, LUK -> You might need 120DEX to utilize the fixed cast time reduction bonus of Temporal Boots Of Dexterity , this is also a reason why I'd rather recommend you to stay on AS Build before changing to SS Build. You wouldn't want a char with 120 DEX but only 15 AGI right? After that you can balance the AGI and LUK to what you really need
  • The least imporant stats are INT, VIT, STR -> As I said above, you can just put them at 20-30 for the beginning while focusing the stats up above

Skill Builds Example

Job Skill Build Note


  • I personally only use Arrow Shower more in early leveling phase e.g. leveling in Orc Dungeon, but later on in Gramps party this skill is not really helpful. So I'd rather put lv.10 Double Strafe instead


  • You can put some of the traps skill toward what you actually need, e.g. going for Lv.5 Skid Trap for Monster Hunting 2 contents, which don't allow you to use Ankle Snare


  • I personally put Lv. 10 Aimed Bolt and having no Full Throttle cause of the upcoming update Aimed Bolt, if you didn't like that you can lower the Aimed Bolt to Lv.5 and put Full Throttle to Lv.5

Budget Equipment Setup

I know you must've already tried to use 8215.png Sharp Shooting with your current White Wing Set, to realize the cast time is so slow. The reason behind this is because your current EQ is not suitable with SS Build (which requires 0.5sec fixed cast reduction). Talking about it, changing equip is the part of the problem here. If you break the White Wing Set, you'd lose extra ASPD and the Arrow Storm damage bonus and make you think twice if you should switch to SS Build. On the other side you might actually have some EQ that are usable on both AS and SS Build like Gangster Scarf or Sigrun's Wing. If you unable to buy any headgears for now, just stay with your Sniper's Google for a little more.

Equipment Name Position Note
Elven Bow

or better

Gigantic Bow
Weapon Your bow should be the priority of all. I personally like Elven Bow for the beginning, cheaper and no ASPD reduction, but Gigantic Bow has overall better damage with Elemental Arrows. Archer Skeleton Card is a good starting card, but White Knight Card is of course better.
Sniping Suit Armor Replace White Wing Suit with this. The 23% After Cast Delay Reduction (ACDR) is beast !
+7 Heroic Backpack Garment only buy this at +7. It gives a good overall boost for starting.
2x Sound Amplifier Accessories No damage boost, but Insta-Cast AS and SS might be helpful to spam your skill.
Temporal Boots Of Dexterity Shoes only with 120 base DEX, you will get 0.5sec fixed cast reduction -> It will make you cast SS even faster. As for the enchant you don't really need any at the beginning.

At this point if you have 120DEX you'd gonna realize how fast is 8215.png Sharp Shooting. The main difference between the two is the "Cooldown". 2233.png Arrow Storm has its own cooldown which is NOT reducable with any EQ that we have right now in NovaRO, while 8215.png Sharp Shooting has practically no Cooldown. This is why you see "Arrow Storm" is still in cooldown, but the other skill are already usable. SS has no such cooldown, all that it has is After Cast Delay, which is "Global", that means if you use SS all other skill gonna share the same delay. This delay is reduceable with Sniping Suit and imagine, with only such a cheap item, you reduce your After Cast Delay by 23% that's why this suit is beast !

Gameplay Strategies

The gameplay of rangers are pretty much the same like the good old days when we were playing Hunter / Sniper. Just spam Ankle Snare to ensure your survival at all cost, and finish most monsters with your skills. Another thing to mention is 8215.png Sharp Shooting has waaaay shorter skill range in comparison to your auto-attack and 2233.png Arrow Storm. If it's your first time changing from Arrow Storm build, you will notice how hard it is to use the skill in comparison to Arrow Storm. Always ensure your survival more than anything, e.g. always stay behind the Tank of your party, traps a lot to make sure you are not getting hit, use Camouflage in places where there are no Demon / Insect / Boss Protocol monsters and always stay alive during Unlimit. If you are doing that, sooner or later your muscle memory will kicks in, and things will flow naturally that you didn't realize you already mastered Ranger class.

Leveling Tips and Tricks

Leveling Tips
This part is still on writing process
 Congrats now you are on the 1st step being a SS Ranger ! you can proceed to the next step to get more expensive and advanced stuff!

Getting Better

So you have more zeny than what's written in the "Beginning" part? Then let's focus on getting better now. This part is actually the "middle level" equipments. That means you might have a slight taste of end game with this build.

Which bow suits you?

Bow are like your clothes, no matter how good it is, if it doesn't suit your taste of fashion, they will never satisfy you. There are two kinds of bow you can choose from here :

Equipment Name Condition Note

Gigantic Bow

Crimson Bow

Vicious Mind Bow
Bows that are NOT locked to certain arrows. There are a lot of people who likes to use arrows respectively towards what monster they are fighting with (Elemental Advantage). Gigantic Bow is a great bow for this purpose, cause VM Bows don't shine yet if not at least refined to +10. For your info +9 Gigantic Bow is already close to +15 Vicious Mind Bow more about that check this link out. Ideally you would want a good enchanted Gigantic Bowe.g. 18-20% Ranged Damage enchant.
Elven Bow

Illusion Hunter Bow
Bows that are locked to certain arrows. This kind of bow is actually what I prefer, the "lazy" kind of bow that allows you have kinda good overall damage even without changing arrows. Still they are lacking of Elemental Advantage if you are to compare it with the bows from the upper section. In my opinion they have the best price performance value IF coupled with elemental converters. IHB is the best in this kind of bow, cause in one of my test +4 IHB with Hunting Arrow and Converter already deal the same damage with +15 Crimson Bow (test were done by shooting Stapos with Fire Arrow vs Hunting Arrow w/ Converter). That is a 30m bow dealt the same damage as the 120m bow, but the downside is you have to bring converters, and I heard a lot of people don't like converters. I personally think they are fine tho. Even in the day when I was newbie, if I can't afford converter, I just farm the materials, and make my own converter at @go main
  • You can just try it out which one suits you and sell it later what you don't like. If bringing converters is not your thing then go for Gigantic Bow type of bows (I don't recommend buying Crimson Bow tho, it's not good anymore as it supposed to and you can't upgrade it anymore if it's +15 already). If bringing converters is not a problem for you just go with Illusion Hunter Bow. With either a 18-20% Ranged Damage enchanted Gigantic Bow or non-enchanted Illusion Hunter Bow you are already on the first door to be a pro Ranger, cause the next step is basically just refining your bow to +15.
  • for cards you can go for White Knight Card or better get the Contaminated Wanderer Card

Getting Better Equipment Setup

The idea here is to complete your +7 Illusion Set with the enchants. Get your bow to at least +9 and choose which boots suits your taste. Of course you will not able to buy all of those right away, just take it easy one by one, and focus to buy the cheap things first. Here are my recommendeation equips listed :

Equipment Name Position Enchants and Card Note
+7 Fancy Feather Hat (Event version) Headgear (Top) Angra Mantis Card
  • A really good Hat before going for Old Bio 5 Headgear
  • At +7 this hat beats +8 non-enchanted Old Bio5 Headgear
  • Obtainable from exchanging Weekly Coin to Master of Coin @go main > go to 2nd floor
Sigrun's Wing

or better

New Wave Sunglasses
Headgear (Middle) none
  • Sigrun's is kinda a good starter middle headgear
  • New Wave Sunglasses is way better for the extra 10% ACDR

Gangster Scarf

or better

Rosary in Mouth
Headgear (Lower) none
  • Both items give 5 ATK, which is kinda good, but Rosary In Mouth is way better in term of bonuses
+7 Illusion Armor A-type Armor
  • This is GREAT damage boost for your SS, but need to be paired with the wing to do the trick
  • You can BSB this to +9 later, so adding 2x Power at +7 is actually okay
  • NEVER PUT Shooter on it. It's BAD!
+7 Illusion Engine Wing B-type Garment
  • Petal Card is the cheap alternative
  • The enchants are super cheap, make sure to fill it with enchants right away
Illusion Booster R Accessory (right)
Illusion Booster L Accessory (left)
  • Ominous Heater is a good standalone card in this case, cause you can't use Buffalo Combo

Same as before, choosing which boots suit you is definitely something that only you can choose. There 3 options for you :

Equipment Name Enchants Note
+4 or +6 Temporal Boots Of Dexterity (1)

Hawk Eye

Pros :

  • Hella great damage and ASPD boost
  • Get Insta-Cast when procced

Cons :

  • Hard to proc
  • Lower damage per SS (with no HE proc)
  • Higher SP Drain in the short run (50SP/sec for 5sec)
+7 Illusion Leg A-type

Firing Shot

Pros :

  • Higher Damage per SS from Leg A (without it procs)
  • Rather small boost in ASPD and Damage
  • Get Insta-Cast when procced
  • Procced way easier
  • Drains only 20SP/sec for 10sec long

Cons :

  • Higher SP Drain in the long run cause the shoes are super easy to be procced
  • Requires the use of consumables in case of emergency, since once in a while you can't rely 100% on your SP leech gear
+7 Illusion Leg A-type


Pros :

  • Higher Damage per SS from Leg A (without it procs)
  • Procced way easier
  • No SP Drain
  • Rather small boost in ASPD and Damage
  • May be shared with meele class characters

Cons :

  • Rather small damage boost in comparison to two other enchants
  • No insta-cast when proc
  • I personally tested all those 3 boots, and I'm staying with my Firing Shot Illu Leg A even with higher SP Drain in the long run coz I have leech equips which you can read here
  • Best card for this would be Outrageous Cookie Card if you can't afford that even Essence of Evil STR 3 is good enough
  • There are people who replace Vital with Mental for more SP, but I personally believe you'd get more out of +HP% bonus than +SP% cause you need to compromise with Outrageous Cookie Card. On other side extra HP is always good for squishy rangers regardless you are using Outrageous Cookie Card or not.

Getting your EQ to this point is already a good achievement, you might taste a little bit of end game with this build. If you get your Gigantic Bow or Illusion Hunter Bow to +9 I think you might be able to go for Bio5 or MH2.

Congrats now you are a 'better' SS Ranger ! you can proceed to the next step to see the high end gear and being a Pro SS Ranger!

Being Pro

So Ranger is true answer in your heart, and there's nothing in the world that can stop you from "Being Pro" Ranger? Then here is the guide to be a pro ranger. This part should allow you to be categorized as "Good" Ranger which allows you to go MH2 and Bio 5 without any problem, but it also is the gate to the nightmare of end game, so brace yourself.

Equipment Setup

Equipment Name Equipment Slot Enchants and Card Note
+9 Old Camouflage Rabbit Hood Headgear (Top) How to obtain : Tomb of the Fallen

This is our current strongest headgear in the game for Rangers. The huge boost from the special enchant Acute Lv.5 is very useful for our Sharp Shooting build, but sadly it also is the worst RNG (Random Number Generator) part of the game.

New Wave Sunglasses Headgear (Middle) none There is actually nothing I can say about this one, but you can Awaken this New Wave Sunglasses to give it a slot, but decrease the bonus to +5% ACDR and put something that you find useful depending on your current situation e.g. I like to go to Bio5 and MH2 against Garanth with Engkanto Card. I would encourage to awaken this if you have nothing left to do.
Magical Rosary in Mouth Headgear (Lower) none This is the Awakened Version of Rosary in Mouth, and gives 2 all stats bonus instead of 1. This bonus is helpful if you want to achieve Instant Cast. Always aim to have Insta-Cast in full buffing party like Bio 5.
+9 Illusion Armor A-type Armor There is nothing to say here. Power gives a massive boost to your damage more than anything else could give. And remember Shooter is way weaker than Power So if you made the mistake to put the Shooter enchant in your +7, make sure to sell it and get a new armor with this setup.
+9 Illusion Engine Wing B-type Garment Actually it's a small increase from +7. 10% more critical damage and 3% more aspd, but if you think about it again a 10% critical damage increase is equal to Acute Lv.1 Instead of wasting your money to upgrade the special enchants, you can maximize something that's way cheaper like getting this to +9.
The +8 version boots of your choice or +9 for Temp Dex owner Shoes Outrageous Cookie Card is the best price / value card you will ever afford in this category. All the other cards are either overpriced things that do the same damage, or waaay too overpriced to do 5k more damage. You can find more about it on my test about the cards here.

You don't need to get your Illusion Leg A-type to +9. The -0.2sec FCT (Fixed Cast Time) is useless for you, cause Sharp Shooting only have 0.5sec FCT. Temporal Boots Of Dexterity is needed to be at +9 cause of the DEX bonus from +9 refining. I think that should be enough to give you Insta Cast while in party.

Illusion Booster R 1st Accessory This is the current best in slot. So you can just stay with this one.
Illusion Booster L 2nd Accessory Alternatively you can choose Chaotic Acolyte Card over Ominous Heater Card if you need more ACDR% to spam your skill, but chances are you might not be able to utilize this effect unless you are living in US or Canada (where NovaRO server is) due to your ping. More about Ping and ACDR you can read about the tests here.


I wish I didn't have to do this cause bow are super hard to explain, more people like the freedom to choose the bows based on the monsters they face, while I myself love to get the most out of my zeny even if that means to buy converters. So these are the bows, and their best enchants possible :

Bow Name Best Enchants and Card Note
+15 Illusion Hunter Bow This is the strongest bow if paired with Elemental Converters. WAIT, bro why 30ATK is the best enchant for it? It's because this bow is heavily depending on their Ranged / Critical Damage Bonus. With my fully equipped Ranger I only have 680 of equipATK (ATK on the right side which is influenced with your weapon and equips), while if you have +15 Vicious Mind Bow yours gonna be higher than 790+ This made a simple boost of 30ATK can overcome the enchants like 3% ATK and 5% Ranged.
  • Based on one of my test a 25ATK < than 2% ATK and 5% Ranged by only 600 damage.
+15 Gigantic Bow
  • 10% ATK
  • 20% Damage to Boss Monsters (or Bypass 30% of DEF on Boss)
  • 20% Ranged Physical Damage
  • Carded with Contaminated Wanderer Card
This bow placed on the 2nd coz of the lacks of damage against Illusion Hunter Bow (IHB). I didn't check actually if Gigantic Bow with perfect enchants were to be compared to IHB, but most of the time it's almosts impossible to get the perfect enchants, and with only 19% Ranged +15 Gigantic Bow is still way behind IHB is one of my test. Yet this bow is still way better to VM Bow.
+15 Vicious Mind Bow
  • 10% ATK
  • 20% Damage to Boss Monsters (or Bypass 30% of DEF on Boss)
  • 20% Ranged Physical Damage
  • Carded with Contaminated Wanderer Card
I really can't recommend this bow, cause with only 20% Ranged it should deal 19k less damage than 19% Ranged Gigantic Bow, but if you check it based on price, I personally think this bow is really cheap right now and has a great price value. But a little warning this bow (20% ranged and Contaminated Wanderer Card) & elemental arrows should have almost the same damage as +9 IHB ( Contaminated Wanderer Card) with converters. (status : unconfirmed)

Cause I used to won MVP with my +9 IHB (2x CW) in Old Glast Heim against Rangers with +15 VM Bow

If you achieve this build right now, then you are the same like me the author of the guide and we are officially at the start of end game Ranger. At this part you should already be really good at Bio 5 for the switching arrows, placing traps and etc. At MH2 you should deal almost like 1M damage / SS with Unlimit (IHB Users). While at general farming you should be able to farm Rudus at the speed of 30-35m/hour with Bubble Gum Events. This build is pretty much allowing you to access almost all of the end game contents.

Good job ! I never thought you'd make it this far with your build. You are now officially a pro Ranger in NovaRO ! I personally think you don't need my guide anymore at this point. Your wisdom and knowledge should be able guide you to choose which gears that you need and what you should achieve. What lies after this is just MVP Cards that you need to be the Godlike Ranger which means turning you to be the #1 Ranger in server. Huuuraaay !


The sky has no limits, and nothing can stop you to be the number one in this server. This sounds really stupid cause I'm not even the #1 Ranger in this server lul. Regardless of that here's my recommendation that maybe you don't even need, coz as I said above, your wisdow and knowledge should already good enough if you complete the "Being Pro" part of this guide. Basically just get your weapon to +20, all of your gear to +12, get your Acute Lv. 9 or just get one of these below:

Card Name Item Description Note
Memory of Thanatos Card

Enchants compounded weapon with the Occult
Impaction skill effect. Each attack drains 1 SP.
DEF -30, Flee -30.

Class: Card
Compound on: Weapon

There are currently less than 5 of this cards in the server. This card is the absolute might for DPS classes, and even if you have the money to buy it I doubt there's someone who actually want to sell it. Regardless of that try read 266.png Occult Impaction and maybe you might get a hunch what this card do. It was said that this card should ignores the targer's DEF and give flat ATK based on enemy's DEF. Basically turning your enemy's DEF against themself. If you want to read more about it try click here.

Pairing this card with Contaminated Wanderer Card is completely okay.

Miguel Card

Increases critical damage by 20%.
Increases damage taken from all race monsters by 10%.

Class: Card
Compound on: Footgear

This card is the best in slot for Rangers, and any critical based classes now. 20% Critical Damage is equal to Acute Lv. 2 which will bring your damage even way higher. Perhaps getting Acute Lv. 9 on your +12 Old Camouflage Rabbit Hood is even way more expensive than buying this card.

Chaotic Baphomet Card

Realized Amdarais Card

Amdarais Card

ATK + 25%

ATK + 20%

ATK + 15%

Compound on: Armor

Chaotic Baphomet Card is another super rare card. I actually never seen this one in someone's gear. This is way superior to the other two due to the no HP loss effect, but these 3 cards are the absolute damage boost for you.
Ranger Cecil Card

If used by Ranger,
Crit + 20
Increases bow damage by 15%.
If the users base level is 175 or higher,
All Stat + 10
If upgrade level is +10 or higher,
All Stat + 10

Set Bonus
Ranger Cecil Card
Cecil Damon Card
Adds a 3% chance of buffing the user for 6 seconds when performing a physical attack; Atk + 100.

Class: Card
Compound on: Garment

One of the rarest card in the game. I never recall seeing this in game. Perhaps no one really have this right now, but try to see the description yourself. I'm speechless about how insane this card is.
Kiel-D-01 Card

Reduces Cast Delay
of all skills by 30%.

Class: Card
Compound on: Headgear

I put this one on the last cause I personally think you don't really need this, but still really nice to have. 30% ACDR means that you have 321.png Poem of Bragi everywhere you go at anytime. This will allow you to spam your 382.png Sharp Shooting like a madman even if your are not in party.
Every beginning has their end, and so does this "Sharp Shooting for Dummies" part. It was a cool experience to write things this much. I never thought I'd make it this far. Thanks for all the readers that actually read to this part. I know 99% of people who read this part will never get these cards at their hands, but let's not give up and keep farming the Central Lab everyday. Maybe the day of your MVP Card will come. Godspeed and Glory !!!

Bio 5 Ranger for Dummies

Okay, you are lv 180+ tired of doing Gramps over and over again, the life as Geffenia Ranger is ending, and you think you are ready to beat the hardest dungeon in Ragnarok Online? Or you just want the best headgear in the game for your lovely ranger? Here is my tips about going Bio 5 with Ranger.

1. Maybe the best way is NOT to use Ranger

  • You can't DPS in bio5 if your Damage with full party buff is like 100k~150k/SS. Most of the time it makes your party slow, and thus not a good way to farm in bio5.
  • There are other support classes in Bio 5 that are not a bad option too, cause we always need the following classes in Bio 5 :
Classes Role Is it important? Note
  • 2x Arch Bishop
Supports / Healer / Buff Really Important

The best way to understand what to do there, which gears are needed, which skills are super helpful, etc is actually by joining NovaRO Discord Channel, go to the #class-selector and choose the class of your choice. This would really help you more than me giving you tips about things that I don't understand myself. I'm active in #archer and #thief channel cause those two are actually my strength. So if you want to know more about those classes, just go there and ask any question. There are experts in those channel, who are willing to answer your questions.

  • Sorcerer
  high in demand
Supports / Buff / Debuff
  • Sura
   high in demand
  • Minstrel
  • Wanderer
Supports / Buffs
  • Royal Guard
  high in demand
Support / Devotion Nice to have
  • Soul Reaper
Support / Buffs
  • 4 more Slots for the following Classes :
    • Ranger
    • Guillotine Cross
    • Star Emperor
    • Warlock
    • Doram
    • Rune Knight
    • and other classes
Damage Dealer Really Important
  • In my honest opinion the best way to farm bio5 is actually using performers either Wanderer or Minstrel. The reason is you don't really need any high end Equipments while being a Ranger a.k.a. DPS in bio5 definitely needing you to have good Equipments.
  • So just farm the Soul of Archer with any supports of your choice (my choice is performers) but make sure to make the characters in the SAME account as your main character. If you want to read tips about being performers, try read about Bio 5 Wanderer here or Bio 5 Minstrel here

2. Ask the party leader, if your equipments would be good enough, and tell them that you are first-timer

  • So despite the first warning, you still want to do bio 5 as ranger? Then please ask the party leader about your EQ, and tell him/her about you being first timer. Trust me it's better to be declined at the beginning than finding that your DPS is bad in bio 5. Just being honest to the party leader and ask !
  • Telling the party you are first timer might allow some player to give you advice. Like me personally, I wouldn't bash any beginners if they want to learn. The problem is when they are delusional about being a pro-ranger and don't want to ask / hear any advices from us the experienced rangers.

3. But I'm geared af. I just don't have the experience !

4. USE the Custom GRF, and ALWAYS switch arrows

  • I know some people who don't want to switch arrows cause they are lazy -> normally happens to IHB users. They just use Cursed Water to hit Mages in bio5 which I found really bad, cause you are sacrificing 50-75% Damage by doing that ! (btw I myself used to do that, but not anymore lul).
    Bio5 with the old Yeon.grf
  • You can find aste.grf by going to aste's discord channel or you can find the download link and tutorial for YeonAste.grf here. The custom.grf make it easier to switch arrows and hence boosts the damage almost by 100%. The whole mobs are color coded and the problematic Sorin is shown bigger.

5. Technical Things about Bio 5

  • Make sure you know how to use "Smart Cast" in NovaExt. I dunno if this is a dumb advice but I really hope everyone is not single pressing and clicking the skill.
  • I personally use Aste.grf for Bio5 (I modified Aste.grf to suit "my own color"), cause with /effect off I can still see the 229.png Demonstration from Flamel which gonna break your equipments and a lot of other skills. Aste.grf simplify the effects, and thus help you get more FPS.
  • There are actually people who use mini-mini effect (m2e) in bio 5, but I find it unnecessary cause Aste.grf already does this for you.
  • You typically only need 5 quivers for each arrow, so don't bring too much. You can restock later too. This is the 5 kind of arrow you need inside:
  • NEVER shoot Sorin if she's walking (chase mode) or idle. Only shot her when she's attacking either your Sura or any char. If she's got shot while on idle she's gonna cast Max Pain for sure (she turns yellow if Max Pain is on), in this yellow situation (and somehow Sorcerer can't Dispell Max Pain in time) if she got hit by any damage Max Pain will kill the whole party (Except Sura maybe). All of it just because you trigger it first. see the picture on the right side, that is Sorin after killing us with Max Pain. If you are in doubt, just don't shoot Sorin and let the experienced Ranger do the job while at the same time you also learn by seeing "when" is the right time to shoot Sorin, and once in a while you can also try to shoot her.
  • DO NOT MOVE if you see Sorin is walking towards you trying to attack. Her attacks doesn't hurt, the moment she change from "chase" to "attack" mode (attacking you) just cast SS to her WHILE NOT MOVING YOURSELF. The reason why you don't move is to not get her in "chase" mode, cause she will certainly cast Max Pain in this "Chase" or "Idle" mode.
  • Stay behind the Sura, let the mobs attack Sura first, and then shoot, if you are too early you might change the aggro and the mobs gonna chase you.
  • Bring like 100-150x Trap with you, once in a while you might need to 117.png Ankle Snare some monsters. In cases where mobs are chasing you, just put Ankle Snare and then use SS normally. This is actually super helpful in cases the party want to kill Bio 5 MVP, you have to trap a lot for MVP.

The Last for You~

Bio 5 Special Enchants Table
  • After getting the Soul of Archer and crafted your headgear, remember only do the enchanting part if you are sure you have the money to do the enchant and done with your other EQ. I personally think having 300-400m zeny is a good start before enchanting. The enchant process is a really expensive process, which can lead to bankruptcy. I personally spent 400m before getting my Acute Lv.1 enchant (112 Resets. Bio 5 drops used to be so expensive at the time I enchanted my headgear), but of course there are the super lucky people who got their Acute Lv.1 within their 50 resets, or even 3 resets.
  • Shown on the right side is my little research as I'm doing my enchant. Just use this as a reference how much money you might have to spent, and looking up for what is the chance to get special enchants. Here I made 3 different headgears, with different Special Enchants. I only enchant the headgear when it at least refined to +6.
Either way I wish you the all the good luck in the world during your process of being a Bio 5 Ranger, and getting the "best" enchant in game. Godspeed and Glory !

My thought about farming in bio 5 :

  • Farming in bio 5 is a lot of fun, thinking you are beating the best dungeon in the game making your "pride" as a Ranger player goes higher, but sadly there is always a downside for everything.
  • The normal bio 5 party only yielded about 400x~600x Cursed Fragments / hour ~ which roughly translate to 8-12m/hour
  • This 12m/hour number is waay lower than my typical 40-50m/hour farming in Rudus 2 and thus farming in bio 5 is basically just wasting your time
  • The best party I've ever been with able to got me 1600x Cursed Fragments / hour which is roughly 32m/hour
  • To be added too was the cards that I got from that run, which worth like 15m. I personally think if you are a good player, and found a pro party, it might really worth it to do it due to the outrageous killing speed which means higher chance for cards to drop, and of course it's way more fun than farming in rudus lul
  • Still that might not happen to you if you are just starting up to farm there, so it would be way better if you just farm there for the Soul of Archer and farm for zeny on another place and later buy the Cursed Fragments with the zeny. It will safe your time, and yielding way more results than purely farming in bio 5

Installing Custom GRF YeonAste.grf

YeonAste.grf is a modified version of Aste.grf made by Yeon. I personally also think Yeon did a good job color-coding the bio 5 mobs in comparison to the original Aste.grf. Here is the tutorial part :

  1. First of all Download the YeonAste.grf and the DATA.INI
  2. Then yo go to your NovaRO folder to find your origininal DATA.INI
  3. Backup that DATA.INI, cause you might need it later if you want to revert back to normal grf
  4. After that copy both file, the downloaded YeonAste.grf and DATA.INI to your NovaRO folder
  5. You are done with the install. Have a nice run in Bio 5 !

Current Status Build and Equip Setup

This is my current build. I'm here to swag out my equips, just kidding~. Sometimes people are asking "Open your EQ pls" and later after I open it, they proceed to screenshot the whole thing. To avoid this happening, I put this part here at the start. You don't need to ask me to open, I just let you read the whole thing here, so you can always check it later on, and there is no need to screenshoot. If I were to get any MVP Card I will not put it in this part.

Status Build

My personalized status build for SS Ranger Lv.185 which uses all the status point (0 point left) is as follow :

Stats Allocated Base Points Note
  • STR
60 Extra Weight Limit for bringing items, small pure ATK bonus
  • AGI
100 You don't need to push this to 120 if you use Illusion Hunter Bow like me, better put the extra point on STR/VIT/INT
  • VIT
71 Extra HP Pool to not die so fast, while maintaining the -HP% from Outrageous Cookie Card
  • INT
98 Variable Cast Time for faster SS casting time
  • DEX
130 faster SS casting time, ASPD, and overall damage while maximizing bonus from Ancient Wootan Shooter Card
  • LUK
72 extra crit chance, or maximizing damage with Petal Card, low LUK just to get 90 CRIT in total

Equipment Setup

Equipment Name Position Enchants and Card
+8 Old Camouflage Rabbit Hood Headgear (Top) Acute Lv.5 and Angra Mantis Card
New Wave Sunglasses (1) Headgear (Middle) Engkanto Card
Magical Rosary in Mouth Headgear (Lower) none
+9 Illusion Armor A-type Armor Power Power Delay and Furious Ninetail Card
+9 Illusion Engine Wing B-type Garment Crit Crit Fast and Ancient Wootan Shooter Card
+8 Illusion Leg A-type Shoes Fixed Cast Mental Firing Shot and Outrageous Cookie Card
Illusion Booster R 1st Accessory Attack Speed Expert Archer Fatal and Chaotic Killer Mantis Card
Illusion Booster L 2nd Accessory Attack Speed Expert Archer Fatal and Ominous Heater Card


Bow Name Enchants and Card Note
+15 Sharp Star My all day bows, I always use this bow for general farming, and for bio 5 (with Elemental Arrows).
+15 Aiming Bow My experimental bow for Aimed Bolt. Still not really useful in any case.


Name Pet Effect Note
Orc Hero Egg
  • 7% ATK
  • 3% Crit Damage

Definitely the best pet for damage. For your info, High Orc Egg is way better for +15 Illusion Hunter Bow user than Hodremlin Egg. So make sure you take High Orc, and later you can evolve it to Orc Hero.

Alternate Equip Setup for Farming

Equipment Name Position Enchants and Card Note
+4 Rideword Hat Headgear (Top) uncarded Best in case you need an extra SP and HP Drain.
Illusion Booster R Accessory (right) Attack Speed Fatal Drain Life Drain Life is HP Drain enchant.
Illusion Booster L Accessory (left) Attack Speed Fatal Drain Soul and Creamy Card Drain Soul is SP Drain enchant. Creamy Card for free unlimited Fly Wing~
Incubus Egg Pet none It's really helpful to bring one in cases of SP emergency.
PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE SAME LEECH ILLUSION BOOSTER AS I HAVE ! IT'S FAULTY ! I should've put  Expert Archer instead of  Attack Speed there. If you want to make your own, make sure to have  Expert Archer Fatal and the Drain Modules. This setup is actually useful if you have GX for example :D

My Super Biased Opinion About Bows

You farmed like hell, and now got your 400m+ zeny in your bank thinking which bow you should buy? Better buy BOTH of these bows :

Bow Best Enchants Notes

+9 Illusion Hunter Bow

Price +0 in Market
30 ATK
Reduces after cast delay by 5%

the bolded enchant are the enchants
that actually people love to buy
This bow with converters is the best bow outside Bio 5. The downside, getting both enchant is actually almost to impossible.
If you prefer to have higher damage strive for ATK, and go for Reduce after cast delay if you want to spam you skill.

Best to be carded with 2x Contaminated Wanderer Card

+9 Gigantic Bow

Price +0 in Market
10% ATK
20% Damage to Boss
20% Ranged Physical Damage

the bolded enchant are the enchants
that actually people love to buy
This bow in term of damage is the best bow in Bio 5. As for the enchant 18-20% Ranged should be your priority.
It's great to have that and you can re-roll the other enchants while keeping it.
At +9 this bow already beat my +15 Illusion Hunter Bow (with elemental arrow).

Best to be carded with Contaminated Wanderer Card

Current Research Data Collected

This is the rather controversial part by the way. Please note that almost most of my research data might be biased towards what I personally experienced, and might differs to what might happens to you, so please always handle things with care.
But you are not posting any screenshot/video about your claim?!?!
That's true. I don't post coz I'm lazy. It serves only as a documentation, you don't really need to believe it if you don't want to. I just found it, and documenting everything that I got from my tests. It might soound egoistic, but even if you don't believe it, I don't care actually. I made this only for myself, and those who want to believe what I do.

Which Bows for What?

  1. +15 Sharp Star
    • Coupled with Cecil's Memory enchant. This is the best bow in the game right now for Sharp Shooting Build, be it Bio5 or Instances.
  2. +15 Illusion Hunter Bow
    • This is currently a better bow for doing Instances outside of Bio5, with converters you can easily overpower Gigantic and Vicious Mind Bow. In cases you do bio 5 with elemental arrows, the damage gonna be lower than the other 3 bows.
  3. +15 Gigantic Bow
    • Due to the ASPD Debuff this bow is only good for Bio 5. This is of course only my own opinion. There are actually great people out there who use this bow as main bow. Inside Bio5 this bow easily reign over VM Bow and IHB due to the 40% Ranged Damage boost, but you might struggle to get 193 without buff and that's why it's only good in party runs, or you able to do that but sacrificing STR/VIT/INT in the process which is kinda sad in my opinion, cause you might need that extra weight / HP.
  4. +15 Vicious Mind Bow
    • This is currently the best bow for all purpose. In Bio5 this bow is better than Illusion Hunter Bow with Elemental Arrows but still lower than Gigantic Bow. Outside Bio 5 this bow is behind Illusion Hunter Bow with Converters unless you have 3 good enchants, but still in my opinion better than Gigantic Bow, cause you don't get the -ASPD from it which allows you to put stats point on another place, like STR/VIT.

+15 Sharp Star vs +15 Illusion Hunter Bow

first of all I would really like to thanks crusnik02 to make this test possible !

  • The following test is done in Training Chamber against "Cecil Damon Dummy" Medium, Demi-Human, Wind, Level 4, Boss, 100VIT, 100DEF, 100MDEF, 0FLEE, 0LUK
  • Only self-buff is used
Weapon Name Enchants Card Used Damage per SS Damage per SS with Firing Shot
+15 Illusion Hunter Bow
  • 26 ATK
  • Reduce after cast delay by 3%
+15 Sharp Star
winning by 60k
winning by 56k
There's an uncorfirmed bug making Cecil's Memory giving 20% less critical damage during this test. There is a chance that it will deal even more higher damage.

Having around 10% more damage than +15 Illusion Hunter Bow we can conclude that +15 Sharp Star is The King of All Bow toppling the throne of Illusion Hunter Bow. Another good thing is the bow doesn't need you to use converter like what Illusion Hunter Bow do. This make Sharp Star the best bow of all, be it in Bio5 situation (switching arrows), or Monster Hunter situation. You can read more about how to get this bow and the enchants process in Bioresearch Laboratory Page.

Best Enchants for Illusion Hunter Bow

  1. The best enchants in my opinion for this Strongest Bow are as follow :
    • 30 ATK
    • 5% Reduces After Cast Delay
      • I think I don't need to explain anything about Reduction After Cast Delay, higher % ACDR (After Cast Delay Reduction) means faster Sharp Shooting.
      • But the another interesting point is the flat ATK Enchant. I resetted my 25 ATK and 2% ACDR, and got 2% ATK and 5% Increases Long Range Physical Damage, just to find out that both have almost the same damage / SS (With my 108% Ranged and 40% + 130% Crit Damage). The 2% ATK and 5% Ranged Physical Damage do win but only for 600 damage / SS. I have a Hyphothesis that, cause we already have high damage modifier but low pure Equip ATK (The ATK point on the right side if you open Alt + A), another damage modifiers don't really help with Illusion Hunter Bow, and thus we just need another pure flat ATK increase not another modifiers.

+15 Vicious Mind Bow Vs +15 Illusion Hunter Bow

  1. I personally categorize VM Bows and Gigantic Bows with Tiers as follow :
    • Tier 1 : 20% Ranged Physical Damage
    • Tier 2 : 20% Ranged Physical Damage and 20% Damage to Boss Monsters (or 30% Boss DEF bypass)
    • Tier 3 : 20% Ranged Physical Damage, 20% Damage to Boss Monsters, and 10% ATK
  2. I conducted a test with Galer another Ranger to compare +15 Vicious Mind Bow Vs +15 Illusion Hunter Bow which are both fully carded with Contaminated Wanderer Card. He has +15 Vicious Mind Bow with 18% Ranged Physical Damage, I categorized his bow as Tier 1. Here is the result from the test :
  • With my current EQ, no food, just self buff (Awakening Potion, Improve Concentration, True Sight and Wind Walk), Stone Arrow and against Bio 5 "Cecil Demon" Dummy in Training Chamber.
Bow Name Enchants Card Used Damage per SS with Firing Shot
+15 Illusion Hunter Bow
  • Reduce after cast delay by 5%
+15 Vicious Mind Bow
  • 18% Range Physical Damage
winning by 19k with Stone Arrow 
but losing by 116k against converter
  • My conclusion about this test is +15 Vicious Mind Bow ````Tier 1``` is better than +15 Illusion Hunter Bow in term of Damage per SS if both are using Elemental Arrows. Most of the time people always saying things like +15 Vicious Mind Bow is always better in Bio 5, which is not the case at all if your +15 Vicious Mind Bow are only Tier 1. Cause how the after cast delay enchant from IHB affects the actual Damage per Second is still unknown and in my own opinion that 19k number can't justify that +15 Illusion Hunter Bow is a bad bow in Bio5. It should be good enough.

+15 Vicious Mind Bow vs +9 Gigantic Bow 19% Ranged

both carded with Contaminated Wanderer Card

  1. Thanks to Guizelll and Nesy to do the test for me.
  2. Both test are done against Dummy @main basement -> not in Training Chamber
    • with the EQ set from Guizelll (almost the same with my gear setup) and his +15 Vicious Mind Bow Tier 1, my +9 Gigantic Bow Tier 1 was losing by 8k damage difference.
    • with the EQ set from Nesy (her EQ seems to be focusing on Damage/SS instead of high ACDR like my and Guizelll's EQ setup) and her +15 Vicious Mind Bow Tier 1, my +9 Gigantic Bow Tier 1 was losing by 12k damage difference.
    • If I were to take those both numbers and divide it by two, it would make that +9 Gigantic Bow Tier 1 is only 10k behind +15 Vicious Mind Bow Tier 1.
    • My own opinion is to take Gigantic Bow only for bio 5. The reason is you might struggle to get 193 ASPD solo with Gigantic Bow, or you might be able to do that while sacrificing your other stats, like STR/VIT, which I kinda find sad, cause I personally need the extra HP and Weight from both stats.

+15 Vicious Mind Bow Tier 1 vs +15 Gigantic Bow 19% Ranged

Both bows are uncarded during the test. Thanks to cherryo to do the test for me. The test location right now is in Training Chamber with certain conditions:

  • Using Stone Arrow against Cecil Damon Dummy -> for representing the low DEF mobs
Bow Name Enchants Damage per SS Damage per SS with Hawk Eye
+15 Vicious Mind Bow 20% Ranged Physical Damage 295k 369k
+15 Gigantic Bow 19% Ranged Physical Damage 314k

winning by 19k


winning by 33k

Conclusion :
That number might be rather small to be honest. 20k higher damage is kinda meh actually. But if you think for this price point, both bow are 300m+ apart in price, yet Gigantic is winning by 20k. That is a huge number if you compare it to e.g. Orc Hero Egg costs about 300m and only add 10k damage in one of my test. It's way better to upgrade to Gigantic Bow than buying an Orc Hero Egg.

+15 Vicious Mind Bow Tier 2 vs +15 Gigantic Bow 19% Ranged

Thanks to Guizelll to do the test for me. Both bows carded with Contaminated Wanderer Card.

  • The test location right now is in Training Chamber with certain conditions:
    • Cecil Damon Dummy -> for representing the low DEF mobs
    • Randell Dummy -> for representing the high DEF mobs
Bow Name Enchants Damage per SS against Cecil Dummy Damage per SS Against Randell Dummy
+15 Gigantic Bow
  • 19% Ranged Physical Damage
472,744 376,762
+15 Vicious Mind Bow
  • 20% Ranged Physical Damage
  • 30% DEF Bypass on Boss Monsters

winning by 1,3k


winning by 21k

Conclusion :
If you already have +15 Vicious Mind Bow Tier 2 (20% Ranged and 30% boss def bypass/20% boss damage) it might not be a good idea to just switch to +15 Gigantic Bow Tier 1 (20%Ranged) unless you are ready to reroll the Gigantic Bow to get it to Tier 2 (by getting 20% boss damage) which is gonna cost you a lot. But if you are starting from zero, you'd better off buying Gigantic Bow.

+15 Gigantic Bow 19% Ranged Vs +15 Illusion Hunter Bow

So this is the master race between the 2 best bow in the game (till now nov '19), but I can certainly predict which way this would go, but let's just try it out. Both are fully carded with Contaminated Wanderer Card. I have no pet during the test.

  1. Bows
  2. Conditions
    • The damage will shown as follow: Name of bow, Arrow used, SS damage without Firing Shot, SS damage with Firing Shot
    • This will heavily affect our test, so I made the test to be as follow:
    • The Hunting Arrow + Converter part is actually representing if you are using IHB in MH2 and Instances. While Elemental Arrows will represent IHB in Bio 5 Scenario cause using converters in bio 5 is not recommended.
  3. My thought about the test:
    • As you can see there is no correct answer for everything. Every bow has their own strength and weaknesses
    • +15 Illusion Hunter Bow with Converters is certainly winning in overall damage (with converters) and based on this IHB got his title "Strongest Bow In Game", but this Converters won't be useful in cases like Bio5, and Bosses with Ghost Element, cause there are no Endow "Ghost".
      • There are actually a lot of people who don't like bringing Converters everywhere, and Converters price might be a little high for beginners, but I personally think, if you have +15 weapons, this small price ain't gonna bug you at all.
    • +15 Gigantic Bow is the Supreme Lord inside Bio5. Even this same bow when it was at +9 already outdamage my +15 Illusion Hunter Bow if both bows are equipped with Elemental Arrow.
      • This is the best option if you don't wanna use converters at all. Perhaps with Tier 3 (20% Ranged, 20% Boss, 10%ATK) you might be able to reach the same damage as IHB. (status=not confirmed)

Which Pet should I use for my Sharp Shooting Ranger?

  1. Best for Damage/SS would be
    • Orc Hero Egg for 7% ATK and 3% Crit Damage -> Holy smoke this gucci is hella expensive. Orc Hero Egg deals 9,3k more damage than High Orc Egg in my test with Nesy, 10k more damage with my EQ setup (IHB), and 11k more damage with Gigantic Bow
    • High Orc Egg for flat 25 ATK -> better than Hodremlin Egg for +15 Illusion Hunter Bow users due to the flat ATK bonus. The reason why high orc is better for IHB users are the low ATK of the bow, which make extra ATK waay better than another 9% Crit Damage from Hodremlin
    • Hodremlin Egg for Crit Damage 9%, 2 DEX, 2 HIT -> better than High Orc Egg for +15 Vicious Mind Bow users due to the crit damage modifiers.
  2. Best for Damage/Second would be
    • Bacsojin Egg for extra 3% ACDR and +5% MaxSP -> Only good if you aim for 72% ACDR (spamming 7 SS / sec), while focusing the other gears to maximize your damage. For example -> Choosing this pet instead of sacrificing your accessory slot for Chaotic Acolyte Card

Best card for my shoes?

Outrageous Cookie Card vs Kuro Akuma Card

I was discussing with someone in discord about which card is the best in our shoe as SS Ranger. It was said Kuro Akuma Card should have the same damage to Outrageous Cookie Card in term of damage. As I saw this, I bought the card, and proceed with the test. Please note, this test was done with my shoe +8 Illusion Leg A-type with Fixed Cast Mental Firing Shot and I was using my IHB, and only use selfbuff. The results are shown below:

  1. The format for damage gonna be shown like this : Card Used, Damage per SS -> Damage per SS with Firing Shot

Sadly it doesn't seem to be the case at all. Outrageous Cookie Card is still winning by only 2k damage. This might actually helpful for you if you want to have extra HP as you can choose Kuro Akuma Card over Outrageous Cookie Card and you might have that extra 3k-4k HP that you'd normally lose with Cookie, but in my opinion Cookie still have better price/performance value.

Outrageous Cookie Card, Kuro Akuma Card, and Blut Hase Card

I pretty much sure you can say that Odoric Card are almost the same in term of damage with Kuro. Let's do some market research about those:

  1. Outrageous Cookie Card at market ...
  2. Kuro Akuma Card at market ...
  3. Odoric Card at market ...
  4. Blut Hase Card at market ... -> last seen was at 400m price tag

I myself questioning if it's gonna worth it to spent that hilarious amount of zeny for the card on my shoe, and thanks to lela I was able to do the test. If we were to just see the numbers you would believe that the damage goes up as the number goes up. But is it really the case?

Testing in Prontera Dummy
Pretty straight forward process, we are doing the test not in training chamber. The shoe for the test are +7 Illusion Leg A-type for Hase and Kuro, but +8 Illusion Leg A-type for Cookie. We didn't use Overpower / Firing Shot during the test.

  1. Cookie, Kuro, and Hase with +16 Vicious Mind Bow
    The bow is carded with Contaminated Wanderer Card. lela has +16 VM Bow on her (I didn't check the enchant).
    The format for damage gonna be shown like this : Card Used, Damage per SS (Self Buff) -> Damage per SS (AB Buff)
  2. Cookie, Kuro, and Hase with +15 Illusion Hunter Bow
    The bow is fully carded with Contaminated Wanderer Card. The enchant is 30 ATK.
    The format for damage gonna be shown like this : Card Used, Damage per SS (Self Buff) -> Damage per SS (AB Buff)

So what do you think? I'm pretty much questioning myself. What happened with the people who buy these card? In my opinion, the only card that worth to buy is Outrageous Cookie Card and nothing else. The reason is I focus on price/value. Buying the other card is 100% non-sense and just wasting the money. But wait....

  1. Who are these card for?
    If you think like what I do, that means you are not into the end-game yet. The idea is this card is a Luxury among the other card. Blut Hase Card is the best in slot before we go to MVP Cards. And if you have unlimited zeny, your shoes is missing a card, but there is no one currently selling the MVP Miguel Card (our best in slot card for SS Build). This 400m price tagged card is the answer for you. You might think you can sell it later if you found someone selling the Miguel Card and chance are the price is not decreasing (cause of the low supply of the card).
  2. WHAAT?!?!
    If this is your answer to that, I understand you. I really can't think any logical reason other than the reason above. If this rich man like to save a little bit, I think he would buy Odoric Card or Kuro Akuma Card just because those 2 cards don't decrease HP% like Outrageous Cookie Card do. If this is also not the reason they bought the card, I can't really say anything more about this.

Ping and ACDR to spam Sharp Shooting

You might know this or you might don't know it, but ping can SEVERELY slowing your Skill Spam. I actually did a test with SacredAltar to test this out. SacredAltar had his Ranger on 193 Attack Speed (ASPD), 70% After Cast Delay Reduction (ACDR) and 30ms ping. He could roughly spam 8215.png Sharp Shooting at 6times/second. After that I tried to spam SS to with the same setup, 193 ASPD, 70% ACDR, but with 120-140ms ping, and I could only do 4 SS/second. So I proceed to do another test :

  1. Taking off My New Wave Sunglasses
    • I took off my NWS cause I wanted to test it out at which ACDR% is it useless for me. And I could only do 4SS/Sec, after that I put on my New Wave Sunglasses again, and there was no freaking difference. Which means it is useless.
  2. Swapping equip consideration
  3. Test it out with your own ranger!
    • Of course as always only take this with a grain salt, and actually test what works for you ! You might have better ping than me. And here is the step to do your own test :
      • Go to Training Chamber at @go main then proceed to go to the basement > go left, and make your own Training Chamber.
      • Now log into your Minstrel, and let him do 321.png Poem of Bragi to get your ACDR to be the highest you could.
      • Eventually use all your buff to get 193 ASPD, and you might need to talk to the NPC for the +20 food and +10 food effect.
      • Spam 8215.png Sharp Shooting to the Dummy, and get your Damage Per Second and proceed to divide it to your damage per SS.
      • Here you should got the number of your Sharp Shooting spam in every second.
      • After that take off your New Wave Sunglasses if it does any difference to you.
    • And that's it. You can do your little experiment now, swapping equip, etc.
  4. Current status regarding this
    • Currently there is no way to overcome this problem. Kinda feel bad for SS Ranger out there, cause I myself have a lot of friends who are playing in SEA, and I'm pretty much sure, they would never be able to spam close to 6 Sharp Shooting in a sec.
Test Participant Location Ping Maximal Sharp Shooting Spam Rate with 70%+ ACDR
#1 Europe 120ms+ 4 / sec
#2 Europe 150ms+ 3 / sec
#3 South East Asia 250ms+ 4,6 / sec
#4 United State 30ms+ 6 / sec
#5 Europe 160ms+ 3 / sec

Note :
Most of the tests goes like this, I ask them to use the normal gear to 65% ACDR. 65% ACDR is pretty much a good starting point cause everyone should be able to get that much ACDR% without any weapon enchant. I asked them to do the test in Training Chamber. Normally at 65% ACDR you can already see the end result. Later I lend them a 8% ACDR Sarah's Earring to boosts their ACDR to 73% ACDR. This earring should give them the maximum spam they can get in "super low ping" condition, and at this point you can check the numbers how much do they actually able to achieve.

  1. Participant #1 :
    • There are differences by having 8% more ACDR
    • Took off New Wave Sunglasses (65% ACDR to 55% ACDR) and his spam rate is still at 4 SS / sec -> Using NWS in Bio 5 is useless
  2. Participant #2 :
    • There are no any increase despite having more than 73% ACDR.
  3. Participant #3 :
    • There are no differences by going to 73% and 81% ACDR (with 2x 8% ACDR Sarah Earring), spam rate stuck at 4,6 / sec with really small increase which is not significant.
    • There is difference by taking New Wave Sunglasses off -> Using NWS in bio 5 is a must.
  4. Participant #4 :
    • Have 5% ACDR Illusion Hunter Bow -> 70% ACDR
    • Put a Chaotic Acolyte to one of the accessory (70% to 74% ACDR -> See no difference in spam rate.

The Intel About Memory of Thanatos Card

First of all thanks so much for Random Tuna for doing the test for me. Tuna has one of the rarest MVP Card in the game Memory of Thanatos Card. I think this card is the finish line for all DPS player in this game, but is it really that "good" to be said as the best card in slot? First let's check the card description out :

Card Name Item Description Note
Memory of Thanatos Card

Enchants compounded weapon with the Occult
Impaction skill effect. Each attack drains 1 SP.
DEF -30, Flee -30.

Class: Card
Compound on: Weapon
Weight: 1

Trust me one thing, even at the time that I wrote this intel, I can't understand what is that Occult Impaction skill effect doing. "This Card only shines against high DEF monsters" is what Tuna said before the test, and if you read 266.png Occult Impaction you might get a hunch what this card do.

Tuna said :
It ignores VIT and DEF and gives +atk = DEF of the enemy/2

Tests in Training Chamber :
We did the test with Tuna's Ranger and my Illusion Hunter Bow in Training Chamber with these Conditions :

  • only Self Buff, no special proc from shoes
  • Cecil Damon Dummy : Representing Low DEF monsters with Elemental Advantage
  • Randell Lawrence Dummy : Representing High DEF monsters with Elemental Advantage
Bow Name Enchants Card Used Damage per SS against Cecil Dummy Damage per SS Against Randell Dummy
+15 Illusion Hunter Bow
  • 26 ATK
  • Reduce after cast delay by 3%
winning by 18k
winning by 16k
winning by 24k
winning by 98k
winning by 74k
winning by 130k

Note :

I think you can safely say that this card is actually a beast. It deals 15k+ more Damage per SS to (low DEF) Cecil Dummy, and up to 130k more damage to (high DEF) Randell Dummy. I know you can say like nah bro, that 15k is a bad joke for a card that is that expensive, but what we didn't really check here is Tuna's Equipment. He is using +7 Fancy Feather Hat (Event version) and not Old Camouflage Rabbit Hood with Acute Lv.5 Special Enchant. The reason was Tuna doesn't main a Ranger. It's completely fine even without it, infact I'm really thankful that he wanted to help me write this intel for you.

Look at that number while using Cursed Water. It boosts from 315k to 445k (130k difference). That is like 41% more damage dealt to a monster. I know it will do different damage with proper High End Geared Ranger + Old Headgear, but still that 41% isn't something small at all. One more shocking truth is try to compare the numbers with my own test against Randell with my fully geared Ranger.

The damage will shown as follow: Name of bow, Arrow used, SS damage without Firing Shot, SS damage with Firing Shot

  • Training Chamber, Randel Lawrence Dummy, Self Buff, focusing on damage per SS only -> For High DEF Monsters but with Elemental Advantage.

More about the test you can read in here

That Card allow him to go even higher than my Ranger on SS Damage without Firing Shot . Basically it just surpassed 8% Ranged and 50% Crit Damage that my headgear gives. Not to say that he didn't have Chaotic Killer Mantis Card, Ominous Heater Card, and Angra Mantis Card which are great boosts for rangers. This pretty much prove what Tuna Said at the beginning "This card only shines against high DEF monsters" although it does still beat 2x Contaminated Wanderer Card against (Low DEF) Cecil Dummy.


Having a +15 Bows / Weapons sure are a "luxury" for Ragnarok Player. It's opening the door to the next step which is +18~20 Weapons or having MVP Cards. But based on my experience Refining Process are the most satisfying thing to do. Well of course if you don't go broke cause of it. Here are my thoughts about refining items :

When to use Blacksmith's Blessing

The rule of thumb is to always use Blacksmith's Blessing with Enriched Ores, ALWAYS. I mean it should be common sense but I hope you do it. I mean you have to do it. The other thing is only use Blacksmith's Blessing if you think the weapon's worth is higher than the price of Blacksmith's Blessing and the enriched ores (Around 27-28m when I write this). This mean you shouldn't Blacksmith's Blessing your +9 Crimson Bow that only worth 21m. You'd better save your Blacksmith's Blessing in that case.

How Much Blacksmith's Blessing till +15? (Weapons)

Again this is my personal experience, but I hope this might help. Typically you'd gonna think refining to +15 is insanity, but do you know that the biggest "hurdle" to pass is actually only from +9 to +10.

  1. Refining to +9
  2. Refining to +10
    • this is actually the BIGGEST HURDLE in the refining process, well at least in my opinion.
    • I used 12x Blacksmith's Blessing to refine my IHB to +10 and 8x Blacksmith's Blessing to refine my Gigantic Bow to +10
    • I considered myself super lucky guy in this case, cause I've seen people saying they spent 40x Blacksmith's Blessing and still didn't get their items to +10. But take it with the grain of salt, "They are saying" is not really reliable in my opinion.
  3. Refining past +10 to +15
    • This is perhaps the kinda easier part of all refining process, cause the items DO NOT BREAK IF YOU ARE USING HD Bradium. I refined a Crimson Bow, a Gigantic Bow and a Illusion Hunter Bow to +15. The IHB and Crimson Bow only took about 100-120m worth of HD Bradium for each weapon (around 60x HD Bradium). It's basically just press the refine button till you get +15, and pray to the RNGsus to save you lul, but during my refinement of Gigantic Bow to +15, and I got 2x "Damaged" which costs me 105m to repair, and I think I spent more than 70-80 HD Bradium, which means RNG was killing me lul. There is actually a 0.72% chance that your weapon (Lv.4) get refined to +15 (straight from +10->+15 without failing) and 2% chance for it to be damaged which gonna costs you 50-55m to be repaired. Read more about this here.
  4. Refining past +15
    • I can't say anything in this place since I didn't try to do it. If you are refining past +15 then I can only say "Good Luck".
Equipment's Name BSB Spent from +9 -> +10 HD Bradium from +10 -> +15 "Damaged" Status Zeny Spent
Illusion Hunter Bow 12x Blacksmith's Blessing 60+ HD Bradium 0 505m
Gigantic Bow 8x Blacksmith's Blessing 70+ HD Bradium 2x 435m
Juliette D Rachel 20x Blacksmith's Blessing 94x HD Bradium 2x 648m
Illusion Hunter Bow 32x Blacksmith's Blessing 42x HD Bradium 0x 845m
  • The price of BSB was changing during the past months. That's why the first IHB could cost more than the Gigantic Bow, coz it was when BSB on the price of 30m ea, while the next items got refined when BSB price was way cheaper

Special Thanks to You !

  1. Kurosawa Dia a.k.a. Galer for doing "the VM Bow vs IHB" test.
  2. Guizelll for doing "the VM Bow vs Gigantic Bow" test.
  3. Nesy for doing "the VM Bow vs Gigantic Bow" and "High Orc vs Orc Hero Pet" test.
  4. Yeon for allowing the Yeon.grf to be displayed at Bio 5 Ranger for Dummies part.
  5. Jhxe for recommending SS Build in the "Beginning" part.
  6. SacredAltar for doing a test in "Ping and ACDR" part.
  7. lela for doing "Cookie x Akuma x Hase" test.
  8. cherryo for doing the "VM Bow vs Gigantic Bow" test.
  9. Random Tuna for doing the test in "The Intel about Memory of Thanatos Card" part.
  10. Mayo to get my guide featured in Class Guide.
  11. crusnik02 for lending the bow that's tested in "Sharp Star vs IHB Test"