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|job=Summoner (Doram)
|job=Summoner (Doram)

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Summoner (Doram)
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Job Base: Summoner
Written By: Hiromaru
Job Bonuses
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Greetings everyone!
Since many players have never tried out the new Summoner Class (Doram race), I thought it would be best to make a general summary of the three main archetypes avaible for Summoners.
The Summoner (Doram) is a new class introduced to the world of Ragnarok Online and they stand out for being small sized, brute race characters which can choose between three main builds, Physical Offensive (DPS), Magical Offensive (DPS) and Defensive Support (TANK).
Other than that, Summoners do not change jobs and their max level is 175/50.
This guide will cover the basics of each build, covering their main skills, strenghts and weaknesses in hopes to teach players more about the potential of the Summoner Class.
Please notice that many Summoner items are still missing in NovaRO, this overview guide is going to take in mind the currently avaible gear as of September 29th, 2016 and will be updated as soon new items become avaible

Physical Build (DPS)

Although this build has some AoE, it's main focus is single target DPS. It's most relevant stats are STR and DEX.
Even though your ATK increases with STR, the damage dealt by your skills is ranged, which means any ranged damage multipliers also help with your DPS.
The main drawbacks of this build are it's small SP pool and a considerably weak AoE due to it's long cooldown.


  • STR - The most important stat for this build, directly increases your damage. 110-120 STR is a must have.
  • DEX - The second most important stat, it helps increasing your damage further, although not as much as STR, also required to hit enemies and cast skills faster. 120 DEX is great, specially since it allows you to get the Temporal Dex Boots bonus.
  • VIT - Very good stat considering the Summoner's high base HP, allows you to tank more attacks. Anything around 90-100 is good.
  • AGI - Good stat since it allows you to spam your main DPS skill if you happen to hit instant cast with a Bragi but other than that it only helps by increasing your Flee. 80-90 AGI is good enough.
  • INT - Not very helpful in this build due to barely making your casting any faster but still good to increase your max SP, something that Physical Doram lacks a lot. I wouldn't invest more than 40 points in it tho.
  • LUK - This stat grants a small bonus of ATK every few points which can increase your damage although not as much as STR and DEX. 30-40 is already good enough, if you can afford it.

Main Skills

All of the offensive skills in this buid deal ranged damage, scale with your STR, DEX, ATK and take your weapon's element so for instance it's great to have an ArchBishop use Aspersio to make your skills holy-elemental against undeads.

Skill Notes
PickyPeck.png Picky Peck This build's main damage skill, it's damage gets doubled if used against a target with 50% or less HP. This skill can also double cast at a certain chance depending on your BaseLevel. The main issue is the 1s global delay you recieve on each use but this can easily be ignored by having a Bragi on the party.
ArclouseDash.png Arclouse Dash A very strong buff that gives the Summoner up to +40 AGI (on max rank) and a movement speed boost, perfect when kiting, fleeing or simply moving around
LunaticCarrot.png Lunatic Carrot Beat This build's only AoE damage skill, it has a very fast cast time and it's damage is alright but it has a huge cooldown which makes this skill very underwhelming but it may still be useful to clear waves of weaker monsters.

Secondary Skills

Since the Summoner's max JobLevel is 50, this allows you to delve a little into the skills from the other 2 builds.
Here's a list of the most relevant ones you might be after:

Skill Notes
TunaParty.png Tuna Party This skill is a very strong shield which is equal to 50% of your max HP (on rank 5), allowing you to tank large amounts of damage and can even be used on allies.
BunchofShrimp.png Bunch of Shrimp This gives you and your entire party +10% ATK and MATK, a surprisingly underrated buff that ends up helping a lot.
Silvervine Root Twist.png Silvervine Root Twist A strong 15 second targettable root ability that makes any target affected by it unable to move.


The main things you're looking for in this build are items that boost your ATK, ATK ratio and/or Ranged Damage.
Have in mind that the Doram weapons for levels 100 and above must be refined to at least +8 before having any sort of relevant damage.


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Airship Captain's Hat [1] Upper Cash Shop A very good headgear due to it's +8% ranged damage.
Card Dark Pinguicula Card Card Monster drop Great for it's +10 ATK boost.


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Doram Elegant Suit [1] Armor Monster drop Great for the +15% Max HP and SP boost and even if only refined to +4, it already gives us +4 DEX and INT, helping with our skill's cast time.
Doram Luxury Suit [1] Armor Monster drop Inferior version of the armor above, although still a good option and much easier to obtain.
Card Porcellio Card Card Monster drop Great for it's +25 ATK boost.


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Fine Foxtail Model [2] Weapon Monster drop Currently the best weapon for Physical DPS Summoner, although it's quite hard to obtain and as stated before, must be refined to at least +8 in order to feel strong.
Delicate Foxtail Model [2] Weapon Monster drop Inferior version of the weapon above, although still a good option and much easier to obtain, which also means it's easier to get a highly refined one.
Card White Knight Card Card Old Glast Heim By far one of the best, if not the best card to boost our damage.
Card Archer Skeleton Card Card Monster drop Increases the damage of all skills


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Mad Bunny [1] Shield Cash Shop This shield helps increase our damage but has 0 def.
Valkyrja's Shield [1] Shield Monster drop A solid shield with some nice elemental resistances.
Immune Shield [1] Shield Loyalty Shop A very good shield if refined to +9.
Card Khalitzburg Knightage Card Card Old Glast Heim Great synergy with White Knight Card


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Giant Faceworm Snake Skin [1] Garment Faceworm's Nest Preferably with high STR and/or DEX enchants. Also gives a nice HP boost when used with Temporal Boots.
Heroic Backpack [1] Garment Loyalty Shop, Monster Hunter, Battlegrounds A great garment if refined to +7 or +9, gives a nice boost of both ATK and Ranged Damage.
Card Wakwak Card Card Monster drop For further ATK increase.
Card Menblatt Card Card Monster drop For further ranged damage increase.


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Hero Silverleather Boots Shoes Prize of Hero For ranged attack bonus.
Card Green Ferus Card Card Monster drop For a max HP increase.
Card Verit Card Card Monster drop Slightly less HP than Green Ferus but also gives you more SP.


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Pendant Of Maelstorm [1] Accessory Nightmarish Jitterbug A great accessory for it's large +6% ATK Ratio increase while also giving you +1 in all stats.
Physical Enhancer Ring [1] Accessory Geffen Magic Tournament A good alternative for Pendant of Maelstorm, gives you a tiny bit less offensive power but also gets rid of the possibly annoying auto Maelstorm cast.
Str Glove [1] Accessory Eclage Quests A much weaker accessory but still works as a much cheaper replacement.
Card Gold Scaraba Card Card Monster drop For further ATK increase.