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(Okay, template done, adding id tags to every skill of every skill template (yes, RIP me))
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<includeonly>https://static.divine-pride.net/images/skill/{{{id}}}.png [[Template:{{{class}}} Skills#{{{id}}}|'''{{{skill}}}''']]</includeonly><noinclude>
https://static.divine-pride.net/images/skill/{{{id}}}.png [[Template:{{{class}}} Skills#{{{id}}}|'''{{{skill}}}''']]

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{{Skill Info|class=<class name>|id=<id of skill>|skill=<name of skill>}}

NOTE - Class names available to be used with this template can be consulted here

Example #1: {{Skill Info|class=Novice|id=1|skill=Basic Skill}} results into 1.png Basic Skill

Example #2: {{Skill Info|class=Rune Knight|id=2007|skill=Dragon Training}} results into 2007.png Dragon Training