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==WIP and examples==
==WIP and examples==
Rage<br>Weekly Quests<br>High End Hunts<br>MH skills<br>garronath<br>nysori<br>mh equipment
class updates in [[List of Skills]]<br />
equipment guide<br/ >
mh consumables/foraging<br />
MH skills<br/ >
garronath<br/ >
nysori<br/ >
Rage<br />

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Welcome to my hideout. I'm Hatsumei or Hatsu or whatever really, and I know too much about this game'm glad to meet you!

This page will probably contain opinionated/not totally accurate information, don't take everything here (primarily math) as gospel. If you need proof, ask Arias.

Wiki Contributions


2003 Ragnarok Veteran, quit mid 2010 from official servers, hopping from server to server for a while. Started playing again in NovaRO on august 2018. A bit rusty regarding newer content. Still, people regard me as being very knowledgeable about the game, so feel free to ask me anything, I'll try to do my best to help (not really).

You can also contact me via Discord (Danx#6413) or in-game (Hatsumei).

Contrary to the popular belief, the name Hatsumei does not come from that anime character. Hatsumei (発明), in japanese, means invention; I've been using this name for a while, since my main class is Genetic and I found it to be very fitting, as it is the creation class.

Favorite BGM

Listed by BGM number:

[BGM 16] Labyrinth

[BGM 39] Theme of Aldebaran

[BGM 51] Believe in Myself

[BGM 91] CheongChoon

[BGM 94] Theme of Rachel

[BGM 100] Abyss

[BGM 101] AbSolitude

[BGM 102] Erebos Prelude

[BGM 111] Good Morning

[BGM 122] Ethical Aspiration

[BGM 129] Fireflies Heaven

[BGM 148] Melt Down!

[BGM 163] From the Grave

[BGM 164] Lost souls

Homunculus AI on the New Client

yeah yeah I know, old copy pasta Homunculus AI does not work properly on the new client. The AI's ability to automatically acquire targets does not work, neither it will anymore. This is an official kRO change, not a bug, and does not have a "fix" on other servers.

Thanks to NovaExt, this feature has been re-enabled here on NovaRO !!!!

AI Troubleshooting

Some AI problems can be common occurrences, such as AI.lua errors, Homunculus not attacking and others.

  • Follow these steps if you're having any technical problems related to AI:

Make sure your game client is updated and follow all the steps below, in order, if you're having any technical problems related to AI:

  1. Close the game;
  2. Go to your NovaRO installation folder;
  3. Delete the folder "AI";
  4. Download this file, and extract it to your NovaRO installation folder;
  5. Install all the VC++ Redistributables listed below. This step is extra important.
  6. In-game, make sure the AI is set to "Customized". You change it by typing /hoai, followed by @refresh;
  7. Make sure your Homunculus is not in passive mode. You can alternate between 'Passive' and 'Aggressive' mode with the shortcut Alt+T;
  8. Now read all the steps again and make sure you did it all.

With all that, it is worth to note that AFK leveling for Homunculi is highly inefficient DEAD and you shouldn't really do it anymore should NEVER do it, unless you like wasting your time.

Homunculi now obtains a copy of 25% of all experience you get as a Geneticist, including quests and bonuses from HE Manuals and whatnot. Mind you that it will not receive any EXP while dead or Rested.

Check out the Homunculus FAQ as well.

Great ways to level your Homunculus fast

  1. MVP hunting
  2. Bloody Branches
  3. Instances, such as:
    Endless Tower
    Endless Cellar
    Infinite Space
    Central Laboratory
  4. Gramps
  5. Eden Board Quests
  6. Tomb of the Fallen

Random Information Dump

Homunculus skill points requirements
Before S 18
Sera 30
Bayeri, Eira, Dieter 35
Eleanor 41

WIP and examples

class updates in List of Skills
equipment guide
mh consumables/foraging
MH skills