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Greetings one and all! First of all, welcome to NovaRo. I am known as Wolv and I mostly main support classes. Here is an introduction and guide to my favorite and most played class in the game, the Minstrel. Minstrels, or Maestros depending on what server you are in, are some of the most essential classes to have in a party and can have the same importance as an Archbishop in terms of allowing your party to conquer instances. The Minstrel's most iconic skill remains to be '''A Poem of Bragi'''  [[File:Bd_bragi.png|frameless|24x24px]] which can be accessed early on the second stage Bard class. It is so iconic in fact, that Minstrels are often referred to as '''''Bragi''''' and alternative accounts have been made for " '''''Bragi''''' " slaves.  
Greetings one and all! First of all, welcome to NovaRo. I am known as Wolv and I mostly main support classes. Here is an introduction and guide to my favorite and most played class in the game, the Minstrel. Minstrels, or Maestros depending on what server you are in, are some of the most essential classes to have in a party and can have the same importance as an Archbishop in terms of allowing your party to conquer instances. The Minstrel's most iconic skill remains to be '''A Poem of Bragi'''  [[File:Bd_bragi.png|frameless|24x24px]] which can be accessed early on the second stage Bard class. It is so iconic in fact, that Minstrels are often referred to as '''''Bragi''''' and alternative accounts have been made for " '''''Bragi''''' " slaves.  

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Greetings one and all! First of all, welcome to NovaRo. I am known as Wolv and I mostly main support classes. Here is an introduction and guide to my favorite and most played class in the game, the Minstrel. Minstrels, or Maestros depending on what server you are in, are some of the most essential classes to have in a party and can have the same importance as an Archbishop in terms of allowing your party to conquer instances. The Minstrel's most iconic skill remains to be A Poem of Bragi Bd bragi.png which can be accessed early on the second stage Bard class. It is so iconic in fact, that Minstrels are often referred to as Bragi and alternative accounts have been made for " Bragi " slaves.

For some people having the Minstrel play 321.png A Poem of Bragi is enough, but I will share with you the knowledge I have gained from several experiences throughout the game. There is more to a Minstrel than simply being a bragista and when I am done with this guide, I hope that you will share my love of the class.

Fair warning, this guide is meant and tailored for NovaRO, I cannot promise the same results for other servers.

Job Base: Male Archer
Written By: Wolvero
Job Bonuses
7 5 7 9 8 1


Official Maestro Illustration

The Minstrel class is only accessible by male Archers. This is because the Performer Class set of Bard and Dancer are gender locked. Males can only be Bards, and females can only be Dancers. With that said their play styles have some similarities but have access to different skills. As most of my experience is only applicable to the male line, I shall only cover the Bard class.

Minstrels are also one of the few classes that rely on other party members of the same Class ( i.e. Wanderer or Minstrel ). A lone Performer Class in a party will lose access to very powerful skills that are under the Ensemble or Chorus skill trees. For example, performers have skills that can add at least a 5% Ranged damage increase or provide at least 15% elemental reduction for defensive capabilities. Having multiple performers in the same party can definitely boost the overall power.

The role of Minstrels mainly involve providing song buffs that increase the party's overall damage output and help support the Archbishop in keeping the party alive and running. With the right build Minstrels can dish out reliable sustained damage that can help hasten the death of MVPs and large mobs with their offensive skills dealing about 100k to 150k on average in mid to late game.

With that said, Minstrels can also act as a secondary source of DPS(Damage Per Second). While the damage may not be as great as damage-oriented classes ( i.e. Rangers, Rebellions, Warlocks, Guillotine Cross, etc etc. ), Minstrels have access to skills that can rival the damage output of damage-oriented classes and kill end-game mobs.

Personally I play a Minstrel that also provides secondary damage rather than simply being a Full Support Singer Minstrel. Also I tend to have stronger levels of damage than some not so excellently geared Rangers. Not to brag ( Get it? ), but Minstrels can have greater Damage with 2418.png Severe Rainstorm than 2233.png Arrow StormRangers if only stats are considered into the equation. It's just easier for Rangers to get extremely high damage because they have access to better gear PvM wise. Also Rangers don't build for support while Minstrels are often criticized if they don't just stick to support skills.

Cast Time vs. Cast Delay

Before I go into any major details for Minstrels, I'll need to explain what the difference is between Cast Time and Cast Delay.

Cast Time

Cast Time involves the amount of time your character spends between the command you provide for the skill to be used, to the actual time the skill will be performed. Cast Time for the Renewal system of Ragnarok Online involves 2 parts: Fixed Cast Time and Variable Cast Time.

Variable Cast Time is the portion of your Cast Time that can be reduced by the Intelligence[INT] and Dexterity[DEX] stats. It is possible to achieve 100% Variable Cast Time reduction purely on stats alone. This is the equation:

 100% Variable Cast Time Reduction = 2X[DEX] + [INT] = 530 

While this does indeed look like a daunting number, it is quite possible with the right number of stat boosting foods such as:

There are other ways to increase your stats, however I will not be covering them in this guide.

Cast Delay

Unlike Cast Time, Cast Delay involves the amount of time a character can cast another skill. Each skill provides a certain period of Cast Delay that will prevent the character from casting any other skills. Cast Delay should not be mistaken as Cooldown as Cooldown refers to the set time the same skill can be used repeatedly without affecting other skills. For example, Minstrels have a skill called 2413.png Metallic Sound which has both a Cooldown and a Cast Delay. Once it has been performed, a certain period of time will prevent the Minstrel from using any other skills that they may have. That is Cast Delay. After Cast Delay is over the player may then cast any other skills that he or she may want. On the other hand Metallic Sound also has a Cooldown which prevents the Minstrel from casting Metallic Sound again until the Cooldown finishes.

Unlike cast time, you cannot decrease Cast Delay using your stats.

Extra Note

There's an additional source of delay that may add to Cast Delay which is called Animation Delay. Animation Delay is the actual time the character performs the skill, hence the name animation. This can be decreased based on your attack speed and Agility[AGI] stat however I will not go into detail on this guide.

Stat Influence

In this section I will explain the importance of each stat to a Minstrel although I will not cover the general effects of each statistic in great detail. In the past stats affected Minstrel songs but with a big overhaul job change, stats no long influence the song skills of bard.

Stat Notes
Strength [STR] STR is mainly used to increase Physical Attack[ATK] as well as carrying capacity. This is the least important statistic to have for a Minstrel whether you are going for a more offensive or supportive build. To be more specific STR is the stat that primarily affects ATK when using melee weapons. ATK when using bows and instruments are also increased but not to the same extent as it does with melee weapons such as Daggers.
Agility [AGI] AGI is the primary stat used for increasing Attack Speed[ASPD] as well as Flee. AGI also helps decrease Animation Delay. As a Minstrel keep this stat in mind but do not worry about prioritizing it. While FLEE is indeed important for Minstrels, the main draw of this stat is its ability to increase the Attack Damage of 2418.png Severe Rainstorm. But I will cover that in more detail at the skills section.
Vitality [VIT] VIT is important for providing status immunities like Stun and is the primary stat that increases your Health Pool[HP] as well as your Physical Defense[DEF]. This stat is VERY important for Minstrels. The class is no good to the party dead and Minstrels are often the last characters standing in a party. Make sure to place a lot of stat points in this.
Intelligence [INT] INT is the main source of Magical Attack Damage[MATK] and Magical Defense[MDEF]. INT also increases Maximum SP pool which you need to cast skills. INT is THE most important stat for Minstrels. Not only does it increase a Minstrel's ability to survive Magic Attacks, it also ensures that Minstrels can USE their skills. Minstrel skills DRINK SP faster than most classes and the base SP pool that Minstrels get is small, often plateauing between 2000 to 3000 without the use of Cards and equipments that increase MaxSP. Trust me, though this sounds large it is not enough for the amount times the skills must be used.
Dexterity [DEX] DEX is the primary source for Ranged Physical Attack Damage[Atk] as well as Accuracy[HIT]. DEX also reduces Variable Cast Time. DEX is important as Minstrels are Archer classes and 2418.png Severe Rainstorm is a Physical Ranged source of damage. Keep this into consideration in any builds.
Luck [LUK] LUK is there to provide a lot of benefits such as status immunities and also provides increased Atk and MAtk, increased HIT and FLEE. This is a bit more complicated but Minstrels do benefit from the increased FLEE and for those who make Crit builds for fun. Keep this in mind but don't focus on it.


Archer Job Skills

The Archer Class Skills are pretty straight forward and there's only a few of them.

Note: Archer class gives enough skill points to make sure that only one of the skills cannot be maximized.
Skill Possible Max Level Notes
46.png Double Strafe 10 Basic single target damage output that can be powerful for early game leveling. Can also be used late game if the Minstrel needs to provide some form of additional Damage. Uses 2 arrows when activated.
47.png Arrow Shower 10 Basic Area of Effect[AoE] damage source that also provides a Knockback effect. Although the damage is slightly weaker than Double Strafe the AoE and Knockback effect more than covers the weakness. I personally love this skill as it helps provide survivability to the Minstrel. It's also a better leveling tool than Double Strafe as it only uses 1 arrow and provides breathing room for the Minstrel to survive and run away.
45.png Improve Concentration 10 Provides increased Dexterity and Agility Stat when used. Extremely useful and must always be on.
43.png Owl's Eye 10 Adds a passive and permanent Dexterity Stat bonus.
44.png Vulture's Eye 10 Adds additional attack range for Bows. 1 additional tile range per level. Can be useful in a lot of cases, but this is arguably the least important skill to maximize for a bard.

Bard/Clown Job Solo Skills

Now we get to the fun part. The skills in this stage are crucial even in late game.

Skill Possible Max Level Notes
304.png Adaptation to Circumstances 1 This skill is a pre-requisite to all the other bard skills. The skill cut down sp usage of bard songs by 20% is really great to have for lower levels when bard sp is still extremely low. It stacks with Encore so you can pretty much stop worrying about sp if you only use one song.
318.png Frost Joker 5 It's a very fun skill to have as it can freeze all enemy mobs, party members, and the bard using the skill. It has a 40% chance of successfully freezing anything but it can be quite nice in keeping mobs at bay if the bard has a way to keep itself from freezing.
315.png Music Lesson 10 Increases the effects of Bard songs, ability of the Minstrel to have increased MaxSP, and increases the Atk damage and Attack speed of Instruments. This skill is very important and must always be maxed in order to provide the best song buffs possible.
317.png Dissonance 5 This skill is a pre-requisite to the Bard songs and some of the Minstrel offensive skills and has limited use for PvM. The damage it provides is negligible but is useful for detecting hidden enemies at times. Apply skill points on this to access the more important skills later down the line. I've heard that it's very nice for PvP but as this is PvM this skill won't see much use except for helping take aggro away.
320.png Assassin Cross on Sunset 10 Provides an ASPD bonus to all players within a 31x31 range by 20%. This skill is vital as classes like Genetic and Guillotine Cross depend on this buff to reach full 193 ASPD while still being able to gear for high damage. Always take this.
322.png Apple of Idun 10 Increases MaxHP and provides a big 20% boost to received healing. This is very important to help with overall survivability of the party, and also provides a massive damage increase to Rune Knights that build for Dragon Breath. Fair warning, while it does increase MaxHP it doesn't give the party the Full HP immediately so they will have to be healed by Priests or use recovery items to fully benefit from it. This skill can make or break parties as it can be used to help prevent a party wipe. With this skill on simply having the AB's in the party use 1 Culoceo heal and sanctuary can prevent a party wipe.
319.png Whistle 10 Adds Flee and Perfect Dodge. Useful to help prevent deaths and keep the tank alive. Not as commonly used as the other songs but it does have good utility for keeping up flee based characters.
321.png A Poem of Bragi 10 Provides Cast Delay and Cast Time . This is the MOST important skill to have as a Minstrel. Always Max this skill. The ability to continually utilize skills without having to wait for the Cast Delay to resolve is crucial to a successful Instance run. Sometimes dungeons become impossible without the effect of Bd bragi.png. In every build, ALWAYS have this skill.
305.png Encore 1 Using this skill allows the Minstrel to replay the last song ( 317.png Dissonance, 321.png A Poem of Bragi, 319.png Whistle, 322.png Apple of Idun, and 320.png Assassin Cross on Sunset ) that was used at half the sp cost. Very important for early game and even late game to some extent due to the low sp pool that Minstrels have sometimes.
316.png Musical Strike 5 This is a pre-requisite skill for the Minstrel's more powerful offensive skills. The damage to musical strike scales with the player's level and hits 2x like the Archer's 46.png Double Strafe.
394.png Arrow Vulcan 10 Most powerful 2nd class offensive skill of Minstrel. It is a solo target damage skill that fires a concentrated burst of "9" strikes using 1 Arrow.

While on it's own the damage is very lackluster the damage is increased massively with the equipment combination of Ukulele of Newoz [2] and Hero Ring of Newoz [1] . The damage of the skills scales up with the player's level so it can provide a very solid damage source. Keep in mind that the skill forces you to stand still, so I'd avoid using it when you're surrounded.

Keep in mind though, that you can still use other skills while your character is on the animation for 394.png Arrow Vulcan. For example, after 394.png Arrow Vulcan you can cast 2418.png Severe Rainstorm to deal some extra DPS.

489.png Tarot Card of Fate 5 This skill is mostly for fun in PvM as the effects aren't as great when compared to their effects on players in PvP.
396.png Marionette Control 1 This skill is complicated and seems to be broken, it is supposed to add half of the Minstrel's stats to the target however no stat can exceed 99 but in some cases it does allow the stat to increase higher than 99. This is mostly used to help Genetics make potions and is not really used for PvM.

Bard/Clown Job Ensemble Skills

Ensemble skills are the abilities Bard/Minstrels can only use if they have a Dancer/Wanderer in the party with them along and having them both at close proximity to each other. Both the Bard and the Dancer must be within 4 tiles from each other for the skill to activate. In the past both partners must have the same song, but with the job update that is no longer necessary.

Only 1 ensemble song can be active at any time

Ensemble Fatigue

Now while ensemble skills are powerful, once casting the song neither the Bard nor the dancer will be able to use a skill for a short duration regardless of who casts the ensemble skill.

Skill Possible Max Level Notes
313.png Invulnerable Siegfried 5 Provides Elemental Resistance up to 15% as well as Status Effect Resistance of up to 25% for 'Sleep', 'Curse', 'Stone Curse', 'Stun', 'Freeze', and 'Silence.' Very decent defensive song and one that is useful to have in an elemental attack heavy instance like 'Demon God'
309.png Drum on the Battlefield 5 Provides a Set Atk and Def boots. up to +40 Atk and +75 Defense=
310.png The Ring of Nibelugen 5 This is the Tarot Card buff skill to the Ensemble songs. This ensemble songs can randomly give one of the following buffs: Aspd +20%, Atk +20%, MAtk +20%, Max HP +30%, Max SP +30%, All Stats +15, Hit+ 50, Flee +50, Reduce Sp consumption of skills b 30%, Increased HP recovery by 100%, and Increased SP recovery by 100%. It's VERY random and you can't tell what is provided to you unless you are staring at your stat screen.

It can be VERY helpful for Alchemists with it's +15 stats and it does have some rather nice buffs. The only issue is that it's hard to tell what buff is applied.

311.png Loki's Veil 1 Prevents all skill use from players and monsters except the caster and only works in WoE.
308.png Eternal Chaos 1 Nullifies all Defense of all enemies around the player and only works in WoE.
306.png Lullaby 1 May leave all enemies around caster asleep but does not work on boss monsters. It's a fun skill to use but don't be reliant on it.
312.png Into the Abyss 1 Nullifies gemstone requirements of skills.
307.png Mr. Kim a Rich Man 5 Boosts Overall EXP gain. Amazing skill to have for leveling characters. It is simply a must for leveling a character past level 175+
487.png Special Singer 1 Now this is not an Ensemble song. Rather, 487.png Longing For Freedom can ONLY be used if the Bard and Dancer has the Ensemble Fatigue debuff. If this skill is activated, the caster will be able to bypass the wait time and can use other skills. It's the only way performers can remove Ensemble Fatigue without waiting for the full duration. I highly suggest grabbing it

Ensemble songs are amazing. Use them as you deem fit and always keep at least one Ensemble song active at any time.

Minstrel Job Solo Skills

Skill Possible Max Level Song Group Notes
2418.png Severe Rainstorm 5 N/A This is the best AoE skill of Minstrel. Using 20 arrows a large Area get's continuous damage for a set period of time. As a skill with base affects, it is more powerful than a Ranger's Arrow Storm Skill Arrow Storm.png. The main difference is that Arrow Storm deals BURST damage, while Severe Rainstorm Deals continual Damage. This can be used when using ether a Bow or an Instrument and cannot change to other weapons while this skill is active.

Damage wise using 2418.png Severe Rainstorm with an instrument yields stronger damage as it scales more with instruments rather than bows.

During the duration of the Skill, bow skills such as 46.png Double Strafe, 47.png Arrow Shower, as well as certain Minstrel attack skills like 2414.png Reverberation, and 2413.png Metallic Sound may be used when equipped with a bow.

If equipped with an instrument Bard skills can be used during the skill's duration.

2414.png Reverberation 5 N/A Reverberation is one of the main Attack skills Minstrels can use. It deals both Melee Physical Attack Damage, and Magical Attack Damage. The damage is dealt in 2 bursts, 1 for Physical Atk and 1 for MAtk. It functions similar to a ranger's trap and has a 3x3 AoE. This is nice to use against MVPs who are busy attacking the Tank of the party.
2417.png Dominion Impulse 1 N/A Used to activate Reverberations placed on the floor. Can be useful to trigger the Reverberations early and to clear off any Reverberations from Monsters
2413.png Metallic Sound 5 N/A Like Reverberation, this skill can be used while singing. This is the "Nuke" skill of Minstrels. By itself the damage is low, however if equipped with 1 or even 2 Sound Amplifier [1] the damage scales very high at the cost of more sp. I personally love using this to finish off wounded enemies and is a great damage source. It can easily become the strongest damaging skill the Minstrel can have in their arsenal in terms of Magic damage.
2412.png Voice Lessons 10 N/A Extremely important skill to have as it MaxSP and SP recovery per level. Like 315.png Music Lesson, 2412.png Voice Lessons also increases the effects of most songs. Always leave this at Max skill level.
2423.png Circle of Nature 5 B This is a skill that increases Hp recovery of the party. Extremely useful for cases where the party has to deal with damage continuously.
2422.png Deep Sleep Lullaby 5 B Requires Never use this skill for PvM. It has a long cast time, and can also make your fellow party members fall asleep. Might be useful if the Minstrel is going solo as 2413.png Metallic Sound damage increases on targets that are in Deep Sleep. Most maps have this skill disabled.'

Consumes 2 Throat Lozenge per cast

2419.png Poem of the Netherworld 5 N/A Extremely useful skill that traps enemies. Creates a musical note on the floor similar to Reverberation that immobilizes and prevents a target from moving. This skill also works on hidden enemies. Consumes 1 Throat Lozenge per cast.
5007.png Frigg's Song 5 N/A Similar to 322.png Apple of Idun, this skill increases MaxHP. Both MaxHP increases stack so it's possible for a player to receive over 50% increase in their MaxHP. On its own 5007.png Frigg's Song also provides a small hp regeneration (180hp per second) overtime. Consumes 1 Regrettable Tear per cast. This skill is very important and the HP regeneration over time does not consume sp so is much more useful than 2423.png Circle of Nature.
2421.png Death's Valley 5 N/A Death's Valley is the Resurrection spell of Minstrel. In exchange for 10% of the target's sp, they will be resurrected. If the target has no sp, then they will be resurrected with 1 hp. 2421.png Death's Valley can also be used to characters wearing undead armor or those cursed with skills that normally prevent Archbishops from using Resurrection spell on them. Useful for emergency resurrections though I'd suggest letting the AB handle that part and only use Death Valley.png when necessary.
2420.png Siren's Voice 5 N/A This is the main escape skill of Minstrel. Once this is cast monsters have a chance of "Falling in love with you" and will not attack the caster until they get damaged. Also very useful to get rid of 2423.png Circle of Nature if it is unwanted.
2424.png Improvised Song 5 N/A This is a skill for WoE/PvP as it removes the effects of Chorus songs, including once that affect you from other performers.
2381.png Windmill Rush 5 Minstrel Chant Increases the ATK of the caster and the party members by 20 on max level + an increase based on the caster's base level. Additionally, Windmill increases movement speed.
2382.png Echo Song 5 Minstrel Chant Provides Def+ 30%. Cast this whenever the party is in trouble and isn't capable of dealing lot's of damage even with 2381.png Windmill Rush
2383.png Harmonize 5 Minstrel Chant This skill forcefully reduces all stats of the target by 30. It also affects the caster so be very careful when using this skill.
2425.png Gloomy Shyness 5 B This is a PvP skill mostly. It increases FIXED cast time and increases sp consumption by 50%

Minstrel Job Chorus Skills

Official Alternate Outfit Minstrel

Chorus skills get their own branch because like Ensembles, they need to have a partner in the party. The main difference in Chorus skills however, is that gender does not matter to use them. It is possible to have at least 2 Minstrels or 2 Wanderers to cast the skill rather than requiring a Minstrel + Wanderer combo although having that pair allows for a more varied skill set along with the potential to use ensembles.

Chorus skills are on of the main reasons why having at least 2 performers is great in a party.

The main disappointment is that Chorus Skills do not stack as they belong to the same Song Groups. They can also interfere with other none Chorus skills that are part of the same Song Group.

Skill Possible Max Level Song Group Notes
2426.png Great Echo 5 N/A This is 1 the only damage dealing Chorus skill. It's a pretty fun skill to use because whenever it's cast all the affected targets within it's area of affect do a somersault and then get damaged. It deals damage to a 9x9 area with about 5500% Atk. It's pretty amusing to watch both players and mobs get flipped. On a more serious note, this skill consumes 10 Throat Lozenge per cast. Though it's not used often, it CAN deal quite the large amount of damage.

Another important thing to note is that 2426.png Great Echo deals Ranged Physical Attack Damage so if the Minstrel already wore gears for 2418.png Severe Rainstorm then it would be a possible to turn this into a powerhouse skill.

One just needs to be careful about the Cast Delay and Cooldown that it creates.

2428.png Dance with Warg 5 Chorus This Chorus increases long range damage by 5% and reduces FIXED cast time by 70%. This is an amazing skill. Always have this on for parties that utilizes long range damage and for casters who do not have fixed cast time reduction gears.
2427.png Song of Mana 5 Chorus Regenerates up to 20% of the party's sp and massively increases sp recovery rate by 250%. This is an excellent skill to have as it can help decrease the dependence of the party to the Sorcerer for SP issues.
2431.png Lerad's Dew 5 Chorus Increases Maximum HP by +17%. Very straightforward and very potent. Consider this skill for people who want more hp in the bank.
2430.png Saturday Night Fever 5 Chorus Never use this in PvM unless you wish to troll your party members. It essentially acts as a berserk spell towards everything in the Area of Effect. Not worth using. Uses 5 Throat Lozenge
2432.png Sinking Melody 5 Chorus This skill has a pretty decent chance to fail though its main effect of draining sp and lowering the INT stat of enemies does not help too much in terms of PvM. The main draw you can argue for this song is that it increases the MAtk of members in the AoE. The effect is small though so other songs may be worth more depending on your preference. Can only be used in WoE.
2433.png Warcry From Beyond 5 Chorus This skill also has a pretty high chance to fail. It decreases maximum HP and Str of those in the AoE. Can only be used in WoE.
2434.png Unlimited Humming 5 Chorus Increases magical elemental Damage by 20%. Great for a party with magic as the main dps source. Needs 5 Throat Lozenge
2429.png Song of Destruction 5 N/A Can only be used in WoE. Doubles the damage received by the players around the caster for at least 10 seconds with the duration increasing based on Music Lesson. Think of this as a Temporary 78.png Lex Aeterna that affects all those around the caster. This is extremely dangerous and can easily cause the enemy players to be wiped. Needs 10 Throat Lozenge to be used.

Equipment and Cards

The general rule of thumb when deciding for Minstrel equipment is either "How can I survive?" or "How can I dish out more damage?"

In the past it was mandatory for Minstrel to reach "150" Int due to Poem of Bragi, but now that is not the case as songs do not get affected by stats.

For offensive roles go focus on Magic if you wish for Metallic Sound, or go for Dex and Ranged damage if you wish to go for physical skills like Severe Rainstorm, Arrow Vulcan, or Reverberation.

I'll be listing some general core choices for gears as well as a budget gear build. Keep in mind these are only my recommendations so feel free to use anything else that I haven't listed if they strike your fancy.

For equipment that are the easiest to get for new players I will place a BUDGET quote on the beginning of the description.



Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Old Maestro Song hat [1] Upper Bio 5 old Headgear This is a very helpful, albeit difficult to obtain, hat to use. It does help increase Arrow Vulcan Damage which is necessary to make it pack a really big punch in renewal, and 2418.png Severe Rainstorm gets a very nice boost. It will be weaker than a +7 Lyrica Hat [1] unless you have a higher refine rate at about +10 but that can be very difficult. Instead get the bonus damage for 2418.png Severe Rainstorm at a weaker percentage while having bonus to MaxHP and MaxSP. It also increases long ranged damage by 1% per upgrade so a +7 would provide 7% increased physical ranged damage.
Wing Headphone [1] Upper and Mid Master of Coin in prontera main office If you can get this into at least a +7 refine then your reverberation damage will increase by 30% and combos nicely with the 50% reverb damage increase of the Card Playing Ferre card and Card Singing Ferre card. Also decreases Metallic Sound CD by 2 seconds at a higher refine level so that can be nice. It's very fun to spam Metallic sound especially if you have Sound Amplifier [1]
Maestro Song Hat [1] Upper Provided Upon Promotion Budget This is the very first thing provided once the character turns into a Minstrel. It's really a very decent hat that provides what the Minstrel needs. +1 INT, +1 LUK, a whole 5% increase in Ranged Damage and even a small 10 sp reduction towards 2381.png Windmill Rush. It's essentially the best starting hat the Minstrel can get.
Asgard Blessing [1] Upper NovaRO Shop in Main Office This headgear is one of my favorites, not only does it provide +2 to every Stat, it also provides 5% damage reduction from all elements. For extra benefits it also provides 2%HP and 1%SP regeneration every 10 seconds. Every SP regen is welcome.
Phoenix Crown [1] Upper NovaRO Achievement once reaching lvl. 175 This is mostly here for the hard +2 Int boost, the card slot and the fact that it's very easy to get.
Gray Helmet [1] Upper Ghost Palace Instance Budget On it's own the helmet provides decent Holy Resist but it truly shines if you have the full Gray Armor Set ( Armor of Gray [1] , Cloak of Gray [1] , and Boots of Gray [1] ) as the set gives a monstrous amount of Holy resist, +15% Neutral Resist, and a chance to use level 3 2210.png Drain Life against mobs that Physically Melee Attacks the Minstrel.
Feather Beret [0] Upper Feather Beret Hat Quest This is for situations dealing with Demi-Human mobs, particularly if the party is going to Biolabs, Endless Tower, or Wolfchev instances.
+7 or +9 Fancy Feather Hat [1] Upper Master of Coin in prontera main office This is arguably the best hat for straight up ranged damage and for Severe Rainstorm when equipped together with +7 or +9 Leather of Tendrilion [1] . Extremely expensive but completely worth it.
Lyrica Hat [1] Upper Cash Shop This is for the more offensive oriented builds. The base effect reduces fixed cast time by 5% per level of Voice Lessons which means that it will always give 50% fixed cast time reduction due to how Voice Lessons are always maxed out. The main draw for me here is the increased damage to Severe Rainstorm at +7 as well as the reduced sp cost when refined to +9.
Ancient Decoration of Rift [1] Upper Infinite Space Instance By itself this headgear can be enchanted for increased magic damage which is extremely nice. Additionally if it is equipped with Ancient Armor of Rift [1] , it makes casting Uninterruptible.
Reginrev Wings [0] Mid Cash Shop Mostly here for the 3% resistance to Water, Fire, Undead, and Ghost property.
Monocle [1] Mid Owl Marquis and Owl Viscount Budget One of the only mid headgear with a slot.
Black Frame Glasses [1] Mid Cash Shop Provides 1 Int and 2 MDef. It also has a slot if you use 1 Spiritual Auger which can also be located in the Cash Shop.
New Wave Sunglasses [1] Mid Custom Headgear Quests Reduces After Cast Delay by 10%
Rainbow Scarf [0] Lower Cash Shop Mostly for it's Int+1. If the Int is not needed anymore then feel free to grab other headgears.
Card Blue Acidus card Card Blue Acidus Great for it's ability to increase sp recovery and the small sp boost it gives. Pretty nice for early game and can still be useful late game if no other cards are available.
Card Carat card Card Carat Here for the hard +2 Int. The 150 sp is nice though it only affects headgears refined +9 - +10.
Card Incubus card Card Incubus Generally a useful card to have slotted though I'd suggest to only use this if you have an Armor with Card Succubus card
Essence of Evil Int 3 "Card" Temple of the Demon God Instance Best source of Int at the cost of Str.
Essence of Evil Vit 3 "Card" Temple of the Demon God Instance Best source of Vit at the cost of Agi.
Card Verit card Card Verit Great for increasing both HP and SP.
Card Sohee card Card Sohee Probably the best for sp regeneration if that is what you are looking for.

Body Armor

Item Way to obtain Notes
+7 Abusive Robe [1] Honor Token Can be quite tedious to obtain but it's one of the best source of damage when dishing out physical attacks. Pretty expensive and is generally more for late game builds but when built right it can give some rather nice enchants like one that would give Dex+7
+7 Lava Leather Suit [1] Magma 3 This will be the go to choice for damage
Excelion Suit [0] Charleston Crisis Instance This suit is great for more defensive builds and for SP recovery. Actually for Full Support builds an +7 Excelion Suit [0] with the enchants for Recovery 202 it becomes practically impossible for you to run out of SP.
Diabolus Robe [1] Satan Morroc Budget Generally a good all purpose armor for Minstrel. Can also be Enchanted.
Hero Taget Suits [1] Bios Island and Morse's Cave Instances Budget Easy to obtain and sold relatively cheaply on the market; this armor provides a great 5% increase for both hp and sp and a solid +1 to all stats.
Ancient Armor of Rift [1] Infinite Space Instance This is here for the same reason as Ancient Decoration of Rift [1] as it can also be enchanted with +4 Int. The Uninterruptible casting helps with certain skills that have a Fixed Cast Time.
Tidung [1] Leak MVP mob budget Pretty nice for overall tankiness. The +10 MDef along with the 5% reduction from Attack Damage by Mobs is great to have.
Armor of Gray [1] Ghost Palace Instance Budget On it's own the armor provides decent Holy Resist but it truly shines if you have the full Gray Armor Set ( Gray Helmet [1] , Cloak of Gray [1] , and Boots of Gray [1] ) as the set gives a monstrous amount of Holy resist, +15% Neutral Resist, and a chance to use level 3 2210.png Drain Life against mobs that Physically Melee Attacks the Minstrel.
Anti-Magic Suit [1] Geffen Magic Tournament This is a nice source of Mdef with a solid +10 along with the +5% MaxHP.
Geffen Magic Robe [1] Geffen Magic Tournament Gives a nice 10% sp cost reduction and uninterruptible cast time at the cost of increased Variable Cast Time by 15%. If the armor is upgraded to +7 then the sp cost reduction becomes 15% and reaching +9 decreases Variable Cast Time by 5% so the armor would provide only 10% Increased Variable Cast Time.
+7 Flattery Robe [1] Honor Token Expensive but this is the overall best source of MAtk for 2413.png Metallic Sound builds.
Sarah's Battle Robe [1] Sarah and Fenrir Instance This is probably the best source of MAtk for a Minstrel that wants a powerful 2413.png Metallic Sound and 2414.png Reverberation if a Flattery Robe [1] cannot be afforded.
Card Succubus card Incubus Generally a useful card to have slotted though I'd suggest to only use this if you have a headgear with Card Incubus card.
Card Clock card Clock The chance to cast Auto-Guard is very welcome.
Card Peco Peco card Peco Peco Hard 10% Hp increase.
Essence of Evil Int 3 Demon God Instance Best source of Int at the cost of Str.
Essence of Evil Vit 3 Demon God Instance Best source of Vit at the cost of Agi.
Marc Card Marc This card prevents freezing status. Usually the best card for the slot.


Item Way to obtain Notes
Leather of Tendrilion [1] Tendrilion Drop When refined to either +7 or +9 this Garment provides the highest boost the Severe Rainstorm when worn together with Fancy Feather Hat [1]
Excelion Wing [0] Charleston Crisis Instance This Garment may not have the slot for cards, but you can enchant it with Recovery 202 and Def Supplement to either make your Mins a never ending SP battery, or Defensive Wall. It's pretty nice to have.
Giant Faceworm Snake Skin [1] Faceworm's Nest Instance The main thing Minstrels want for this is Int and Vit Stat bonuses.
Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1] Nidhoggur drop Probably the best garment for sp economy which Minstrels can need.
Airship Manteau [1] Airship Assault Instance Decent defensive garment due to the 10% neutral resist it provides.
Card Menblatt card Menblatt Very solid Ranged attack bonus.
Card Alphoccio card Clown Alphoccio Extremely nice MaxpHP and MaxSp boost.


Item Way to obtain Notes
Physical Enhancer Ring [1] Geffen Magic Tournament Great for physical damage bonus when enchanted. Can be very pricey.
Magic Intensifier Ring [1] Geffen Magic Tournament Best in slot for magical damage bonus when enchanted. Can be very pricey however.
Pendant of Maesltrom [1] Nightmarish Jitterbug Instance Cheaper option than Physical Enhancer Ring [1] but it's still really great with it's +6% Atk and +6% MAtk bonus. It also casts a skill that protects you from AoE spells. It also give +1 to each stat.
Sound Amplifier [1] Creamy Fear Great accessory which effectively cuts variable cast time by half and also increases Metallic Sound Damage. Without this accessory, metallic sound will be a lackluster skill since it already has a long cooldown. You can usually by this from player vendors as they often sell them in bulk.
Hero Ring of Newoz [1] Nightmarish Jitterbug Instance Budget Useful only if you pair it with Ukulele of Newoz [2] for Arrow Vulcan. Otherwise, ignore it and just use Sound Amplifier [1] .
Hero Ring Bios Island and Morse Cave Instance Very useful, albeit a bit more expensive than others, as it has to potential to give up to +5 int along with increasing MAtk, Atk, Def, Mdef, HP or SP depending on enchants. Really great if you want it.
Broken Chip 01 [1] and Broken Chip 02 [1] Last Room Instance VERY powerful given that having both accessories can give up to +12 int and +12 Str. Consider it strongly if you are in need of more int or if you want more damage with the Str it gives.
Medal of Honor(Archer) Battlegrounds This one is still a decent pick and gives nice bonuses
Card Singing Ferre card and Card Playing Ferre card Nightmarish Jitterbug Instance These two cards are great as a combo to increase damage in general. When equipped together the cards provide a big 50% damage increase to both Reverberation and Metallic Sound.
Essence of Evil Int 3 Temple of the Demon God Instance Best source of Int at the cost of Str.
Card Revolver Buffalo Bandit card Revolver Buffalo bandit Great Damage source especially when combined with Card Shotgun Buffalo Bandit card


Item Way to obtain Notes
Temporal Dex Boots [1] Old Glast Heim Instace This set of boots really helps with casting and makes Severe Rainstorm Instacast provided that the variable cast time is reduced by 100%. I suggest Hawk Eye enchant for damage, and Speed of Light or Lucky Day for defensive purposes.
Temporal Int Boots [1] Old Glast Heim Instace This is more for those interested in raising up Metallic Sound damage. Reckless Magic is my main suggestion for enchantment on this one.
Essence of Evil Int 3 Temple of the Demon God Instance Best source of Int at the cost of Str.
Essence of Evil Vit 3 Temple of the Demon God Instance Best source of Vit at the cost of Agi.
Card Sohee card Sohee Probably best for sp regeneration.
Card Verit card Verit Great for the Maxhp and Maxsp increase

Set Equipments

In this section, I'll place armor combinations that I believe will only be beneficial if the equipment set effect is present.

Set Name Set Bonus Location Notes
Verus Chip Set Str+8 Int+8 Last Room Instance Very Nice Bonus that can be achieved by having both Broken Chip 01 [1] and Broken Chip 02 [1]
Atk +50, MAtk +50, Movement Speed +40% Last Room Instance This effect happens if Runaway Chip [1] is equipped together wih Broken Chip 01 [1] and Broken Chip 02 [1] . Fair warning, Runaway Chip [1] decreases MaxSp unless it's upgraded to +9 refine.
Ulle's Armor Set Decreases 10% SP consumption Monster Drop Pretty simple to obtain and is often sold at a cheap price. It's a nice leveling equipment set using Ulle's Cap [1] and Odin's Blessing [1] .
Airship Set MaxHP +25%, MaxSP + 25%, and Increased Movement Speed. Airship Asssault This is a solid choice for leveling and is fine to use till other gears are collected. The equipments include Airship Manteau [1] , Armor of Airship [0] , and Boots of Airship [0] .
Ferlock's Set MaxHP +25%, MaxSP + 25%, and Increased Movement Speed. If overall refine is 30 or greater, additional +5%MaxHP and +5%MaxSP Airship Asssault This is the upgraded version of the regular Airship set and can be quite fine to use in the end game. The equipments include Ferlock's Manteau [1] , Ferlock's Armor [0] , and Ferlock's Boots [0] .

Extra Note

A fun build you can try is having both the Ferlock's Set and the Full Verus Chip set to create a very fast walking Performer. With both Movement Speed buffs you can cross distances very quickly allowing you to provide your musical buffs to a scattered party, or to reposition quickly. Keep in mind that you'll be sacrificing a Temporal Dex Boots [1] but this is still viable.



Item Way to obtain Notes
Harp of Nepenthes [2] Nepenthes Drop This is an expensive but very decent level 4 instrument with 2 card slots. A good enchanted Harp can let the Minstrel use different gears and cards for either damage or survivability. It's enchantable via Malangdo Enchant
Thanatos Violin [1] Ghost Palace Instance BudgetVery easy to get and gives a solid +6 Intelligence boost on it's own along with +6 Vit. The main downside however is that it eats hp every time it get's unequipped. It can be enchanted with different useful enchants and is a level 4 instrument that can hold it's own in late game. It's always a solid pick.
Berserk Guitar [0] Salamander Drop This is a more situational instrument. I mostly use this in Sarah and Fenrir instance as it makes the Minstrel achieve 193 aspd every time. Just be sure to have plenty of Luk to get some accuracy.
Contabass [2] Nightmarish Jitterbug Instance Pretty solid instrument choice for Metallic Sound centric Minstrels. Second only to Thanatos Violin for solid MAtk bonus.
Ukulele of Newoz [2] Nightmarish Jitterbug Instance This is the instrument that will give you the best 394.png Arrow Vulcan Damage, though the effect will only occur when wearing Hero Ring of Newoz [1] . The 2 card slots do provide some extra versatility as well. It's also a level 4 instrument.
Crimson Violin [2] Violy, Evil Nymph, Miyabi Ningyo, and Kavach Icarus Drop Only worth it at +10 and above. Gives decent damage for 394.png Arrow Vulcan and 316.png Musical Strike. Ukulele of Newoz [2] will still out-damage this instrument when it comes to Arrow Vulcan damage, but the Minstrel won't be forced to use Hero Ring of Newoz [1] .
Vicious Mind Violin [1] Sky Fortress Instance This violin is extremely powerful IF you can get it to at least +10. It has a wide variety of powerful enchants and deals considerable amount of damage. If you can get a +10 or +15 then you are set for late game.
Green Whistle [1] Antler Scaraba and Alpocchio drop Similar to Harp of Nepenthes, Green whistle can be enchanted with Int stats while also decreasing sp cost of 2381.png Windmill Rush per refine level. Just a word though, use this only for leveling if you have no better instrument. I personally do not recommend this for late game builds of any kind. Still, feel free to try this out if you wish. If you have a good enchanted one, then go ahead and use it.
Card Archer Skeleton card Archer Skeleton budget simple and solid boost to 10% ranged attack.
Card White Knight card Old Glast Heim Instance Extremely powerful card especially when in a combo with Card Khaltizburg Knight card on the shield
Card Bio5 Trentini card Bio 5 mob Best card to boost up Severe Rainstorm Damage


While Instruments are a better choice, bows are still a good choice of weaponry for Minstrels. Here are some Bows that are pretty nice to use. Keep in mind that Bows can cast Severe Rainstorm, Metallic Sound and Reverberation, but you cannot use any Minstrel/Bard songs.

Item Way to obtain Notes
+15 Crimson Bow [2] Owl Baron, Bow Guardian, and Kavach Icarus Drop Arguably the best bow when it comes to pure damage, though the difference in damage when compared to Bow of Storms [1] is pretty small so this isn't entirely a requirement.
Bow of Storms [1] Nightmarish Jitterbug Instance While the damage potential isn't as high as Crimson Bow unless refined to at least +15, Bow of Storms is still an extremely great bow that adds a large amount of damage. The best part is that it lowers 2418.png Severe Rainstorm cooldown by 2 seconds which is quite a lot of cd reduction. It does increase the sp cost by 15 though that's not too much of an issue.
Thanatos Bow [1] Old Glast Heim Instance This bow will not grant the Minstrel the same damage as Crimson Bow and Bow of Storms will. What it will do however is arguably more important. It leeches sp. I cannot stress enough on how important this can be if the Minstrel lacks SP pots. 2418.png Severe Rainstorm hits multiple times and gives plenty of sp to the Minstrel every time the bow decides to do so. Ths is very nice to have, especially when leveling.
Elven Bow [1] Gargoyle Drop Probably the next best source for ranged damage though it won't give the same levels as Bow of Storms and Crimson Bow. Must be used with Elven Arrow to provide great damage. It must also be highly refined.
Mystic Bow [0] Queen Scaraba, Boss Alpoccio, and Boss Trentini Drop This is a pretty odd one. It decreases 2418.png Severe Rainstorm sp cost by 10, gives +4 Int, and also gives 100 MAtk. It's pretty neat in it's own way. Nice bow to use for leveling if access to Thanatos Bow is cut.
Rudra Bow [0] MVP Sniper Cecil, High Weapon Box This is another amusing one. It gives +5 Int and let's the Minstrel cast level 1 Heal and level 1 Cure. It's safe to say that it's meant for Full Support Minstrels.

Honestly this is more for gimmicky bows, but it can still be fun to use.


Item Way to obtain Notes
Mad Bunny [1] Cash Shop Great source for damage from a shield
Valkyrja's Shield [1] Valkyrie Drop Arguably the best overall shield for protection with it's massive 20% elemental reductions
+7 - +9 Immune Shield [1] Loyalty Shop or Monster Hunter Still a very good shield to use for a lot of different runs, especially great for it's Neutral resistances
Platinum Shield [0] Sword Guardian A shield that can provide a 40% chance to reflect spells, have a built in 15% reduction against Mid and Large monsters, and 10% from undead monsters, a DEF of 95, and an MDEF of +5... What's more to like? The only downside to this shield is the lack of a card slot.
Gray Shield [1] Ghost Palace Best Shield to Use against Holy element. It is also the best shield for Mdef builds.
Card Hodremlin Card Hodremlin Great for it's overall 15% damage reduction from small, medium, and large monsters. The +30 PDodge that can happen is a great plus to. Use this for overall resistances.
Card Khalitzburg Knight Card Old Glast Heim This is an even better version of the Hodremlin card as it gives a solid +20 DEF and gives 25% reduction towards Medium and Large enemies. It doesn't provide the extra PDodge but it does provide a Damage boost if paired with a Card White Knight Card

As stated above, I have not listed all the possible equipment and cards one can use. These are simply some recommendations I can provide.


Song Buff Stacking

Since the update on performers, performer buffs that belong to a "Song Group" can be buffed in the following set-up:

Song Group Songs
Bard song 320.png Assassin Cross on Sunset, 322.png Apple of Idun, 319.png Whistle, 321.png A Poem of Bragi
Dancer song 330.png Service for You, 327.png Humming, 329.png Fortune's Kiss
Ensemble song 313.png Invulnerable Siegfried, 309.png Drum on the Battlefield, 310.png The Ring of Nibelugen, 307.png Mr. Kim a Rich Man, 308.png Eternal Chaos, 311.png Loki's Veil
Minstrel Chant 2381.png Windmill Rush or 2382.png Echo Song
Wanderer Chant 2350.png Swing Dance or 2351.png Symphony of Lover
Chorus 2428.png Dance with Warg, 2427.png Song of Mana, 2431.png Lerad's Dew, 2434.png Unlimited Humming
2423.png Circle of Nature Can be casted on it's own
5007.png Frigg's Song Can be casted on it's own

Remember that only one song per song group may be casted at any time.


Just as I said before this will be builds for PvM and are also examples. Feel free to simply use them to get an idea on what Minstrels can do and change it to your liking.

Either way however you MUST have the following skills: 321.png A Poem of Bragi and 320.png Assassin Cross on Sunset. These 2 songs are arguable the most powerful buffs in the game and is why parties want to have a Maestro in the first place.

No matter what type of play you want to do, unless it's for solo PvM runs, a party will not welcome you if you do not have those 2 songs to eliminate the Cast Delay and increase ASPD (Especially for parties that have Dorams as the main damage dealer).

Pure Performer

This build is for individuals who wish to focus on nothing but the Minstrel's support role. With this set-up the main focus is being able to live through monsters and always keeping up important song buffs. Besides that, just make sure you keep a close eye on your party's health bar and assist the AB in resurrecting fallen allies.


  • STR 50 ~ 90
  • AGI 90
  • VIT 120 ~ 130
  • INT 100
  • DEX 90 ~ 100
  • LUK 1 ~ 10 - Or perhaps reach 0 with something that lowers luk to prevent the Curse debuff.

Skills Build Consideration

Pure Singer Maestro
2nd Job Skills 3rd Job Skills
PPB.jpg PPM.jpg

The main goal in this build, like mentioned earlier is to primarily survive and keep all the songs buffs up as often as possible. At end game all possible song combinations MUST BE up. In my build I have 1 level off Assassin Cross of Sunset but feel free to allocate a point here instead of Apple of Idun if you wish. Use Poem of Netherworld snares to trap and stall Enemy mobs, Siren's Song to keep mobs off of you and don't be afraid to cast a cheeky Frost Joker if you want.

Make sure to cast Encore and Adaptation to circumstances to help sp economy. One great tip is to cast Song of Mana then switch immediately to Song of Warg

Hybrid Physical Damage

This is a build for the more experienced players. DPS will only be viable with good endgears at endgame but with that said, it's is still a very viable build to have, especially when leveling. Stack up on ranged damage and get either Dex or Agi boosting gears. Remember that Severe Rainstorm scales very high with an Instrument and with Agi.

On lower levels it's better to use a bow when doing Severe Rainstorm as bows typically have better damage earlier. Instruments would be better late game with more experience points.


  • STR 1 ~ 30
  • AGI 120
  • VIT 90 ~ 100
  • INT 90 ~ 100
  • DEX 120 ~ 130
  • LUK 1 ~ 10

Skills Consideration

Hybrid Maestro
2nd Job Skills 3rd Job Skills
HPB.jpg HPM.jpg

Use Severe Rainstorm on big scattered mobs, especially when the mobs are going for your support players. Don't be afraid to draw in the aggro as you have the tools necessary to survive and kill them. If nothing else it's better for you to be the one to act as a meat shield as the dps kill the mobs on the back. With that said be very careful in not taking the lure'd mobs from the tank. In those cases it's better to cast Arrow Vulcan for single target damage.

Use poem of the netherworld to trap mobs and use that to either run away or finish them off. One thing I do want to mention is that while you are doing damage, primarily you MUST ALWAYS KEEP YOUR SONGS UP. What separates a good experienced bard player from a new one is the ability to deal damage while having every single song up. This includes resurrecting fallen allies and switching to necessary songs.

Overall however, have fun with this build.


Lv 1 - Lv 99

  • Lv 1 - Lv 30
    • Archers are pretty simple to level, kill a few Porings, Fabres, and Lunatics till you get Archer job then proceed to wack a few more low leveled monsters till you can use double strafe and proceed to kill Zombies and Skeletons in Payon Dungeon. Equipping 1 Fire Arrow is sure way to level quickly.
  • Lv 30 - Lv 71
    • Make sure to have 47.png Arrow Shower at max level and use 1 Fire Arrow to kill large mobs. Be careful when doing this at an earlier stage as they can kill the Bard if you get surrounded. If you wish fro a starting set of equipment when you get between Lv 50 - Lv 59 you may go join Eden group and do Instructor Boya's Eden Equipment Quest in Orc Dungeon: Talk to the Eden Group Member outside of Orc Dungeon before you start hunting Orc Zombies and Orc Skeletons. When you've completed them, report to the Eden Group Member then to instructor Boya. You will receive your second set of Eden Equipment from Administrator Michael in the room behind the Blue Door. The Blue Door is located just above a red haired NPC named Reno.
  • Lv 71 - 79
    • When you reach level 71 come back to eden and talk to the Eden quest board labeled: Mission [ 71 - 85 ] and take Wraith and Evil Druid Quests. Afterwards do Instructor Ur's Eden Equipment Quest in Glast Heim. Make sure to use the warper and choose Glast Heim -> Glast Heim St. Abbey. Talk to Johan to get the quests and proceed to kill all the mobs you come across. You can kill most mobs there with 1 Fire Arrow as well.
  • Lv 85 - Lv 114
Now around this level range it is ideal to have a dancer partner and continually cast 307.png Mr. Kim a Rich Man as that 60% increased Exp bonus is extremely nice to have
    • Level range to join the first bracket of Gramps quests. Note that Gramps quests are rotated at the start of every month. You can also hunt them outside of Gramps map. Use the @whereis (monster name) command to find out where a monster spawns.

In gramps quest, Severe Rainstorm can be very helpful and is a great source of a big AoE damage though do keep in mind that the cast time won't be fast unless you dumped all of the stats into Dex and Int. Still, it's great to use in case you want to deal damage in a Massive Mob that your lurer bring in.

  • Lv 91 - Lv 99
    • I highly suggest doing Siroma, Stapo, and Roween quests here as they are the fastest and easiest to do. Though I would really just focus on gramps.

Lv 100+

  • Lv 145 - Lv 175
    • Level range to join the third bracket of Gramps quests. Though keep in mind this is where your damage falls behind unless you have good damage gears and have elemental advantage.
  • Lv 145
    • Minimum level to access Sarah and Fenrir.
    • Additionally, I advice to join instances that people are are creating such as Old Glast Heim and ask them to place exp on share. The nice thing about leveling Minstrels is that as long as you have a high enough INT stat (Roughly 120 to 130 Int) your 321.png A Poem of Bragi will be good enough to do the minimum job that parties want you to do.
  • Lv 160

  • 175 - 185
    • This is the level range for the fourth bracket of Gramps quest.
    • Instead of gramps you can also join Magma 3 parties and hopefully get a Lava Leather equipment.
    • As a minstrel you can easily join up a Bio 5 party as well and get some nice cards and monster drops that are for sale